Uneven Surface, Rounded Tip, Bridge That Looks Warped, More Visible and Slightly Flared Nostrils - Los Angeles, CA

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I had my first nose job a year and a half ago. I'd...

I had my first nose job a year and a half ago. I'd always had a thin bridge and small nostrils that were completely invisible on the front view. The only thing I didn't quite like about my nose was how the nasal bone connected to the frontal bone. It wasn't smooth but instead looked as if it was "jutting out" from below the almost flat root. My request to the first surgeon was simple - a much higher nasal root to balance things out. The surgeon said he would use septum and suggested that he could also give me a more defined tip. Who wouldn't want a more defined tip?

After removing the stint about a week post-op, I saw that my new (and just a little higher than before) nasal root skewed to the right, which made the tip skew slightly to the left. The tip was more defined but upturned, which made my nostrils visible. When I told the surgeon that the result was a far cry from what he was told to achieve, he said he couldn't find enough septum.

I went to a different doctor for revision a few months later. This time around I repeated that the nose had to be perfectly straightened and that I wanted a much higher nasal root, a higher but thin bridge and a delicate tip. Everything was done using ear cartilage. When I removed the splint, the nose bridge looked warped and was worse than before. There was a huge bump right under where the nasal root skewed to the right. Yes, the nasal root STILL skewed to the right. Except the bridge also skewed everywhere this time. Although the nasal root came out crooked the previous nose job, there was still a pretty conspicuous, defined midline. This time around it looked like the surgeon just shoved in ear cartilage without taking time to carve it. It almost looked zigzag-ish in direct light. The bridge was at least twice thicker than before and my nose tip looked more bulbous and it had never looked bulbous before. My nostrils were even more visible than before and looked stretched and slightly flared even though the surgeon said preop that he would lengthen it!

A few months later I went to the same surgeon as an attempt to salvage my botched nose without forking out many extra bucks. He tried shaving down the very thick nose bridge through my nostrils. My nose bridge is slightly thinner, but not half close to how thin it used to be and the midline is forever gone.

Many months after the third nose job, the nostrils somehow look bigger and more visible than before, the surface of my nose looks and feels really uneven, which gets worse as the swelling goes down. Is this usually the case with Asian rhino? Is this scar tissue or poorly carved cartilage or a result of shaving it down? The ear cartilage was supposedly wrapped in fascia prior to insertion for the second rhino. Could shaving down the bridge "mess up" the fascia?
I'm unsatisfied and the next revision would be to 1. really straighten out nasal root, bridge 2. hide, narrow the nostrils 3. lengthen tip, create a chiseled delicate tip that will sit at about the same level as the columnella.

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