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I just had the procedure today after doing my...

I just had the procedure today after doing my online research and reading all of the comments here.
First I'd like to say that I'm so glad people mentioned the pain here-because the recent article in VOGUE really played down if it was uncomfortable. Let me just say it was at times pretty brutal. They gave me 2 vicodin (1000 mg) and a Xanax and had me wait 30 minutes before starting. I would rate the pain a 7 on a scale from 1 -10. I did get a little panicky at certain points because it was so uncomfortable and I wondered if I was making a mistake having this done by a nurse practitioner at a 'MedSpa' and not a DR.

The nurse did half of my face to show me the difference mid way thru..also she told me if I ran my tongue on the inside of my cheek I should feel that it was tighter (and it was)

I'm home now and look like I may have swelling under my eyes and the beginning of some bruising. Not sure if this may be due to having had some Restalyne under my eyes from 10 months ago or not. My face def. feels tighter and my brow slightly lifted and eyes more open. I'm really excited to see how this heals and progresses.

I've previously done the Aurora laser for texture and pigmentation and the Titan twice before (a couple of years apart) I was very happy with the Titan, but was encouraged by the DR's comments on this site about 'patient satisfaction' for Ulthera being so much higher then the Titan. I will def. post my results as they progress.

It's been 5 days since the treatment..under my...

it's been 5 days since the treatment..under my eyes still looks slightly swollen..there was some light bruising over the weekend..but nothing that made me look like I'd been abused or anything. I have to say I am really surprised how noticeable the results are so far. My eyes are my 'problem area' --with dark circles and a little age showing with a heavy brow area..all of this is v. improved. I don't know if my dark circles are gone because i'm still swollen..but I'll take it.

My jawline and neck feel very tight. I don't know if this is still just soreness from the procedure or not..I asked my husband if my neck and jawline were too tight and he said 'there could never be such a thing'

I've also noticed a slight improvement in the texture of my skin..already my pores appear a bit smaller.

Having had other lasers before (as I documented in my original post) I am very satisfied by the results so far..and if this was all the improvement I saw..i would be happy now...to think there may be more improvement over the next 3 months is crazy. I will keep posting.

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still waiting for the final results..I was a little nervous it was a nurse practitioner and not a dr..so I will wait to see.

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