Finally! 20 Year Wait Completely Worth It! - Los Angeles, CA

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I am 6 days post op on a TT with lipo on the...

I am 6 days post op on a TT with lipo on the muffin top area. I have had a little "pooch" since 9th grade as my body settled into its big girl form. Since I'm short-waisted it always seemed like my ribs ended about where my fat accumulation place began. I was never really fat, just "big boned." I had 2 girls 17 months apart when I was 25-27 years old. And that was the end of my "pooch." Now it was a full blown "butt in the front (BITF)," and my biggest source of self doubt. I worked out until a nice instructor told me the only way to get rid of the tummy was to have surgery. That I could be anorexic and still have my pooch. So sadly, I stopped trying. I still never was truly fat, but as I aged (44 now), I noticed my BITF starting to sag just like all other skin on my body. I was now starting to almost tuck the edges of my belly into the thighs of my pants!

I have learned to dress with flowy tops and strategic jeans, but I haven't worn a belt since high school and I'm not sure I've ever tucked a shirt in. You know that cute style where you tuck the front part of your shirt in and leave the rest hanging, with a cute belt? I WANT TO DO THAT! Not a great reason for major surgery, but there you have it!


So, my girls are now 17 and 18, old enough to understand my reasons without taking to heart there might be something wrong with their bodies too (why I waited till they were older). And so I did it!
I just got to see my results for real for the first time today when I took a shower. First one! 6 days po, and it was wonderful. And I love my results... really really love it. I know its early days yet, but I am feeling really good. Minimal pain, almost upright, bruising not too bad, a little swollen - and with some cute person's belly stuck in the middle of my body! Surreal! And so completely worth it!

I figured it was about time I updated my review...

I figured it was about time I updated my review and pictures. I'm 8 weeks post op tomorrow. I would say from 5 weeks on its been pretty clear sailing with everything getting easier day by day. I don't feel overly swollen, and I'm not really watching what I eat... in fact, I better start watching it or I'll gain my lost weight back!!! Since surgery I've lost about 10 pounds. I'm a size smaller in bottoms, but not all pants fit right yet.
I had lipo along with my TT on my flanks (is that the muffin top area?) As you can see by my pics, I'm still having an issue with the muffin top. It is nowhere near as bad as it was, but I'm hoping its swelling still. If its not swelling, I think I'm going to be a little disappointed. One side is more "swollen" than the other, another reason I'm going to give swelling the benefit of the doubt for a while. I really hope I'm not lopsided. I can really tell its uneven in anything form fitting. Oh well.
On the bright side, I love my results in general. I love tucking in a shirt, wearing a belt, not deciding what clothes I'm wearing based on whether I want to bother with a "squeezy thing" (my term for body shaper). So life is good!
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