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I ma 35 years old and a single mother of a 13 year...

I ma 35 years old and a single mother of a 13 year old daughter and 11 year old son. Like most of you pregnancy did a number on my body, but about two years ago i went through a major depression and gained more weight. Im 5'5" and 230lbs. No one believes im that big but it all on the scale. My personal trainer says I carry my weight evenly on my body. Well i think this now protruding stomach and extra skin would say different. I have been thinking about a tummy tuck for quite some time about 3 years to be exact. I recently (november) moved from Birmingham, AL to Bakersfield, CA ( job). This past month I really started to research plastic surgeons in the area. I am planning to have my tummy tuck in LA, and have been to see two plastic surgeons there already. The last of which I felt more comfortable with. Like a few other ladies here i started looking at TT journeys on youtube and was led to come to this website. I am so glad I did. I have learned so much information from each of you that have gone on this journey. I feel better about the anxiety I have been feeling lately. I am putting my deposit down this week ( i think) and will decide on the best time to go forward. I am focusing on a change to my eating habits first so that i maintain what I gain from the surgery. I started a juice fast to break some bad eating habits and so far it has been great. I have a personal trainer that i use 3 days a week and recently began doing tennis drills the other 2 days a week. My birthday is in September and I would like to have my surgery after, since i have a trip planned. Im giving myself till then to drop another couple pounds. My biggest concern has been finding the right surgeon in such a big place that I know nothing about. How do you know you have the right one? I mean this is my body im talking about..I finally found a little relief seeing another young lady from LA who looks a little like me ( body wise) that is going to have the procedure done also. I must say mine is a little more expensive( 14,000)I may have to go see her surgeon!! LOL. Anyway, Im looking forward to sharing my journey and having the support of so many like me. I havent posted any pics yet, but will try to tomorow..

2/27/13 So, I took a step back from researching...

So, I took a step back from researching physicians. I needed a break because I was overwhelmed. I went to see a doctor that had some great lipo reviews. Dr. Yoho, was the first doctor I felt totally comfortable with. He also told me he doesn't think I need a tummy tuck. He said he does lipo that he has coined as no scalpel tummy tuck and it works really well on African american patients due to our thicker skin. He showed me pictures and videos of patients who went through the procedure. There were a couple ladies just my size who looked phenomenal! I left that day feeling great! Since that time I have begun to feel not so sure..I need help! I don't know if its fear of having the procedures or fear of picking the wrong person. My doubts in this doctor are that he is not a board certified plastic surgeon. He is a physician that practiced in emergency medicine before going into cosmetic surgery. He's been in cosmetic surgery over 20 years and seems very knowledgeable. He has a book that he wrote about cosmetic procedures and he has patients to read it to fully understand what they are getting into. The thing that sold me with him was the fact that he took a lot of time talking to me and even came back when I watched some videos on a tablet to see if I had thought of anymore questions. When I finally left the consult room to go back to the lobby, it was packed and never once did they make me feel rushed.

One other thing i'm not quite sure about I didnt see any BBL pics and i want that in conjunction with the lipo. I once again feel stuck. I guess that means i havent found the surgeon for me yet... Im thinking i may need to travel out of town. I want someone who does great BBL and knows how to sculpt African american women. Anyone on the west coast had this done and can help me with information about it!??? I would be very restful.. if you have been to Dr. Yoho or Dr. Younai please also share your experience.. Thanks!! t

Decided to let the tummy tuck pursuit rest for...

Decided to let the tummy tuck pursuit rest for some time while I made a concrete decision on what I wanted. Through some pictures and reviews of doctors here I finally decided who I would get my procedure done with. Im set for May 30 tentatively. I have to get my bloodwork done and get my iron up first. We came up with a plan to have lipo done with a fat transfer to buttocks..then once healed and after I have list the amou of weight I want to lose..have the tummy tuck done. Im very confident in the doctor and decision I have made. It has taken over a year to feel totally at peace with my desires to improve my my new journey starts now! I hope to have the support of others like I have seen for some. Its such a blessing to have somewhere to share your triumphs, and challenges, especially when u dont have family support

been gone too long

Hadn't been here in a while. Still very confident that I'm going to dr. hughes, but I decided to do my weight loss first, to make sure I don't lose the donk once I have it. I have been looking into wls due to being diagnosed as diabetic . It took me awhile to come to terms with the diagnosis, and I was very depressed about it. I'm now feeling better, have my diseas


sorry wrong button ... I have my disease (diabetes) under control and have gone to my informational session. pray for me! Soon as I lose the weight I'm dr. hughes bound!!
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