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I got this tattoo in August of 2014, and only...

I got this tattoo in August of 2014, and only months later, am beginning the removal process.

It's kind of a long story, but in short, the numerals are incorrect (my fault), and due to spacing issues/blowouts in the linework, unfortunately it can't be corrected to my liking.

I just started treatments with PicoSure last week. My Doctor is optimistic that we'll only need 5 sessions, but I have a gut feeling that this thing is going to be stubborn and that I'll end up needing more than that. There is also one line that blew out and had some mild scarring even after healing, which is my biggest concern. I'm worried even if the ink disappears, the skin will still be scarred.

Post my first Picosure treatment, everything seems to be going okay. I started blistering about 10 hours after the procedure, and those lasted for about 5 days. There is still some deep redness directly around the lines of the tattoo, but other than that it's looking pretty good. The scarred line looks a little angry still too, but it might just be because it's a slightly different texture due to the way it healed. The area still stings a little, but nothing I wouldn't assume is normal.

Now that the blistering has healed for the most part, I can say that so far I cannot tell a difference, one week after treatment #1. Am I supposed to start noticing changes over the next couple of weeks? I know it takes time for your body to break up the ink, I guess I just assumed I would see SOMETHING right away, just so I know it worked. :)

11 days post Picosure treatment #1

Alright, so we're 11 days past my first Picosure treatment. The results are subtle, which I expected on a new tattoo, but I definitely see a difference! To me it looks like the tattoo has faded very slightly. Instead of the harsh black linework, it almost looks blue-ish now. It is especially noticeable in the light. I see a tiny bit of darker pigmentation around the last "X," but from what I've read that most likely won't be permanent.

Feeling discouraged...

I've been feeling pretty discouraged over the last few days. It's been three weeks since my first session, and while it did look lighter after the initial peel, now it looks just as dark as ever. In certain lighting, I'll glance at it and see a difference, but for the most part I don't think it budged.

I know it's normal to not see real results for the first treatment or two, but it's very frustrating to see others with great results after just one treatment. Of course everyone is different, and our bodies are going to react differently depending on a number of factors, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. It's just a very painful procedure to have to go through and not really see anything upfront.

The good news is that my skin is completely healed and aftercare went well, so hopefully they can turn up the intensity on my next visit. Next appointment is December 18.

Second Picosure Treatment finished

I went for my second Picosure treatment about a week and a half ago. My doctor turned up the intensity to 2.83 joules/3.0 mm. Not entirely sure what that means, but it hurt a heck of a lot worse than the first time! Luckily this is a small tattoo, so it was over quickly! The blisters were a bit bigger this time, although I'd say the overall pain during the aftercare was slightly less, which was nice.

I can definitely see some fading after this session. It's still a long way from being gone, but it did lighten up a shade or so. In the light, it looks more blueish gray than harsh, thick black.

Another office near me called to offer the boost mode with their Picosure. I really like the doctor I'm seeing though, and asked him about the boost mode, but he said he hadn't heard of it and that Picosure is the best option for treating tattoos, and if there was a way to make it more effective, he would do so.

I didn't want to push the issue, but I'm still very curious about the boost. Anyone tried it? I kind of want to try it if I can, as I've read it can be good for stubborn black tattoos. So I'm not really sure what to do, because I already started the treatments with this office before the boost was even available. Maybe I'll try it at the other place for one treatment, and if the results look about the same, go back to the other place? I don't want any office to think I'm cheating on them, haha, but if there is a better option for my money, I want to try it out, you know?

One week past third treatment...

Well, it's been one week since treatment #3. I tried a different clinic this time, and was pleased with my treatment there. I left the bandage on for about 36 hours after my session, which I found reduced the blistering, and in general, I felt considerably less sore and in pain than I had with my first two treatments.

The two women who helped me confirmed that my tattoo has a ton of ink in it, and said the frosting she saw made it seem like it was my first treatment, due to the amount of ink. Pretty discouraging, but at least they are being realistic and aren't over promising that it will be cleared any time soon. I know I'm going to need at least 10 treatments. I am seeing a bit of a change, but nothing significant...basically it now looks similar to other tattoos I've had for nearly 10 years, rather than a fresh tattoo. It's not much, but I guess it's something.

I also wanted to say: I am done discussing my removal with anyone except on this website, my boyfriend, my parents, and my therapist. The reactions I get when telling people I'm having it removed make me so angry, and I can't handle it anymore. Things like, "Why don't you just get a coverup?" "Why don't you just fix it so it's more how you like it?" "Ugh, that SUCKS...are you sure you can't just fix it?" "Geeze, that's so much money and doesn't it hurt really bad?" "Why are you getting it removed?" "But you were so excited to get that tattoo!" "Why," "why?," "WHY," "WHY???"

I know people mean well, but it's so frustrating. I've had to go back to therapy because of this whole thing. This was not an easy decision, or something I took lightly. I went to 4 different consultations. It is expensive. It is painful. I have suffered emotional trauma. So hearing, "well why don't you just fix it?" is so irritating. Obviously, if that was the best option, I would have done it. I'm not freaking fixing it because I've decided to remove it! It's my choice, my money, and my body.

Sorry for the rant, I just hate having to justify a very difficult decision I made to anyone. I've had 3 sessions. I'm not just going to go back and "fix" the tattoo at this point!

For now, I'm saying Picosure is "NOT WORTH IT"

I have had 3 treatments so far, and have seen zero results.

In some lighting, I can tell it looks a little more bluish than black, but 95% of the time, it looks exactly the same, maybe just a little fuzzier around the edges.

I knew this was going to be a long process, but I thought I'd at least see SOMETHING after 3 times. I really have no choice but to continue treatments -- I'll keep going with it for years if I have to, but I can't say I'm happy with the results.

Anyone else not see ANYTHING after 3 sessions?

A new development...

So, next week is supposed to be my fourth laser treatment. I took a photo of my tattoo today, and while I can see that it has lightened up slightly, I so far haven't seen the results I'd been hoping for. Also, there is some scarring in the tattoo that happened due to the artist going too deep, and I've come to terms with the fact that the skin on my arm will never be exactly how it was before. I of course don't know for sure, but I wonder if they even can remove the ink fully on the badly scarred lines.

I happened to be scrolling through Instagram, looking at tattoo removal photos, and I saw a photo someone posted of two tattoos they had -- slightly larger than mine -- that had been cut out of the skin and stitched back up. Not in a scary, nightmare-ish, Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of way...they were just two precise, thin lines. I looked up the clinic, and to my surprise, they are in my area! Literally just blocks away from where I work!

I called today, and found out it is a plastic surgeon's office. I am going for a consultation next week, but the information I was given over the phone seems very positive. They explained that they use plastic surgery techniques (which makes sense, haha), so the scarring tends to be very minimal, and sometimes people do opt for some laser treatment on the scar down the road, but most times it isn't even necessary.

The pricing is consistent to about what I would pay for the remainder of my laser sessions (assuming I need anywhere from 8-12 more), possibly a little more, BUT -- I'd be DONE! No more appointments every 8 weeks (do the math and I've got nearly 2 years of laser treatments left), no more looking at this tattoo every day, or wearing long sleeves all the time because I feel self conscious. I can handle a scar. I have two decent sized ones from a couple of accidents that I have never ever thought twice about. Going forward, I am much more comfortable having a scar than having this tattoo. If people were to ask, I feel I might even be able to make light of the situation ("I literally had a tattoo cut off of my joke!"), whereas if people ask about the tattoo, my current reaction is feeling sick to my stomach and heightened anxiety.

I realize cutting a slab of skin off of my body is a pretty drastic step, but so is frying your skin every other month for the next couple of years. Neither situation is ideal. At this point I need to decide which is the lesser of two evils for me.

I wish I could go back to that day when I got the tattoo, and had the courage to say, "You know what? Not today." But I cannot. My skin will never be the same. I hate that I feel self-concious. I hate that I can't stand catching a glimpse of my arm in the mirror. I hate 100% of this whole situation. I hate that the best solution for me is surgical removal, but as I said, learning to cope with a scar seems a lot more realistic for me than learning to cope with having this tattoo, which I still haven't been able to do.

Of course I still need to go to my consult to get the rest of the details, and finalize what the payment will be. Financially, the benefit of the laser is that you pay per session, essentially making monthly or bi-monthly payments, but for the surgery, you must pay upfront. Again, not ideal, but I think I can make it happen. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Now I am torn, and feeling unsure...

I had my consultation with the plastic surgeon last Thursday, and scheduled the excision procedure for 2 weeks out. The doctor and staff were very nice, and seemed optimistic about the procedure. They said I will obviously have some scarring, and that the skin on my arm might feel tight for a while afterwards until the skin has a chance to stretch out and adjust. A few things that have me uneasy:

1. They did not offer to show me any before and after photos of tattoo removal. To be fair, I didn't ask, but I think I am going to request that they send me some before I go through with it. The idea of a big scar right on my forearm is freaking me out a little. Granted, the tattoo freaks me out on a daily basis, but which will be easier to live with??

2. They said one risk would be that the internal stitches can rupture if too much stress is put on the area, especially during the first week of the procedure. I work 2 nights a week at a high volume restaurant. The surgery is going to be very expensive, and I really can't afford to miss any of my shifts, and I'll have to ask my managers if it would be okay for me to take it easy during my first couple of shifts afterwards (3 days after and 5 days after). They are pretty understanding and I think they will work with me, but the idea that this can even happen worries me.

3. The scarring is supposed to be pretty minimal -- they don't use any external stitches. However, it will be longer than the tattoo itself, which is already nearly 3" long. So basically, I'll have a 4" scar on my forearm. It's easy to say I'd be more accepting of a scar than the tattoo, and to an extent I most definitely believe that...the scar is just going to be SO long, on a very smooth area of skin. Of course there are laser options down the road, silicon sheets that are supposed to work pretty well, vitamin E oil, Mederma, etc...

At this point I just need to figure out which is the lesser of 2 evils, I guess. Part of me wants to go for the excision, but another part says to try one more laser just to see. Although, is it wise to throw any more $$ into laser treatments, if ultimately I end up surgically removing it? I just have no way of knowing, which is the hard part.

I just don't understand why my tattoo has barely budged after 3 Picosure sessions. The doctor I saw the other day was surprised to hear that I'd had it lasered at all. I know there are some on here with some pretty stubborn tattoos, but after 3 sessions you would think I'd have seen SOMETHING. I am so sad and don't know why this isn't happening for me :(

I also need to stick to my guns and stop mentioning the whole tattoo removal thing to anyone. People have the dumbest ideas for what I should do (sorry, but it's true, haha). The most common ones are trying to fix the existing tattoo, just learning to live with it, or covering it with something different. A coverup isn't out of the question, but I need the LASER to work before I can consider that option, because of how dark the ink is. Fixing the tattoo can't happen -- I hate it so much I couldn't even imagine keeping it. I even see Roman numeral tattoos on OTHER PEOPLE now and get anxiety. Haha.

I am so glad I have this outlet here. The anxiety and worry weighs so heavily on me, and it's just not something anyone who isn't experiencing it can relate to. I told my mom I haven't even curled or flat ironed my hair in months because I'd be forced to look at the tattoo in the mirror in the process, and she thought that was absolutely ridiculous. Obviously I wish I didn't feel that way, but I do.

All of your stories have made me feel better to read through. Even if I don't always comment, I am rooting for everyone on here very much and hope you all receive whatever outcome you desire!

Right now I am so torn :(

Photo Update

This is what the tattoo is looking like these days...second picture is before any treatment. So discouraging :(

Another Photo Update

This is with the same lighting. There is absolutely zero change. I can't believe it.

5 days past my 4th session...

I'm doing my best to hang in there, and take things one day at a time, but it is really hard.

I had my 4th session last week. The prospect of excision started to freak me out a little bit -- it's not off the table completely, but the reality of how long the scar was going to be (probably about 4", over half the length of my forearm) was getting to me...I also contacted the Dr.'s office, and asked for before and after photos, and they said they didn't have any to show me. I realize this might be legit -- I imagine it's not easy to get someone to come back in after 6+ months for some 'after' shots when they've already moved on and are busy living their life. I asked if they had something, ANYTHING, that might give me an idea of what to expect scarring-wise. They said they could probably send me some photos of like, injuries they reconstructed or something like that (I can't remember what it was exactly), but they never did...and I've been too scared to ask again because I don't want to be annoying or a bother, or a waste of their time should I not go that route...I just wanted a better idea of what I was getting myself into.

Anyway, on top of that, I had this feeling that if I switched to the Q-switch laser, things would start to change. I can't explain it, I guess I just caught like this surge of optimism and was feeling much better about the whole laser process. From reading the reviews, a lot of people get that breakthrough around treatment #4. I was careful not to get my hopes up too much, but I couldn't help but think I was just around the corner from some real results. Not to mention, I got a package of 5 Q-switch treatments for $245, which, at my clinic, is essentially two treatments for free.

When I arrived, I expressed that I was feeling discouraged that my tattoo hadn't budged much. They supported my idea to try the Q-switch (which was originally their idea, actually), and said okay when I told them I wanted them to turn it up as high as possible and to not be conservative with it. The guy who applied the numbing cream said that the doctor in their office had done tattoo excision before too. I asked if I could get more details, and he said he would see if he had some time to talk to me about it.

When he came back in, he said the doctor said I was NOT a good candidate for excision -- that it was simply too much skin, and that he "wouldn't touch it." I asked how desperate I had to be to at least get him to agree to meet me and hear my story, but the answer was a pretty solid no. Then the guy was like, "Well hey, it's only your second treatment!" Which is not true, it was only my second treatment at *their* office, but fourth overall. The guy assured me I should see results this time, regardless of which laser I went with, and I have to say -- I believed him!

The woman who did my treatment assured me she turned the laser way up, and even with the numbing, it hurt like hell! Luckily it is over with so quickly. She explained I may have some intense blistering, but I said that didn't bother me.

I actually didn't blister much at all, although I will say this session in general does seem to have been a little more intense on my skin. I'm 5 days out, and the tattoo is still raised, kind of firm to the touch, and the worst part is, it periodically breaks out in hives (I actually experienced this for the first time BEFORE this last session, but now it does it on a daily basis). I've read that this is normal, but holy crap, it is unpleasant.

Now, for the part you've all been waiting for:


I feel so let down. I really REALLY had such a good feeling about this one! Plus I waited ten weeks, which I thought was supposed to help.

It does look blurrier, which I guess is something, but not very, oh hey, it's still just as dark as ever, it just looks even shittier now! Awesome.

I am truly at a loss right now. I ordered a leather cuff/bracelet to wear on the daily that should cover the whole thing, but I'd very much like to NOT have to wear that every day because I feel like I'm going to look ridiculous because it's like 3.5" long. LOL.

Like I said, excision is not off the table, but now I'm spooked out even more about it, given the fact that my "second opinion" of sorts gave a resounding NO. I obviously don't want to get myself into an even more regrettable situation. :( Plus my dumb ass bought a package of 5 Q-switch treatments, so I guess I'm kind of stuck for the time being. I mean, worst case scenario, I can foresake the $245...or maybe if I explained I wanted to go a different route elsewhere, they could credit it towards a different treatment in the future or something.

Whew -- sorry to be a debbie downer...I really, truly believed that this time would be different, but now I'm more discouraged than ever. I wish I had better news to report.

1 week after treatment #4

It seems blurrier around the edges, but the color somehow seems darker to me?? I don't even know how this is possible :(

11 days post #4...

11 days post #4...

3 weeks past 4th session w/q-switch...


I wear this every day now...

It's just not easy.

I've been having a tough time again lately. I feel like I get so hopeful when my sessions are over and as I wait for everything to heal, but inevitably 3 weeks or so afterwards, I am back in the same position. No fading, no progress. And no money, because I spent it all on laser treatments that don't work.

I really don't know if I can handle any more of this. I'm worried I'm not strong enough. I want the excision so badly, but I worry about the scarring and the "tightness" everyone keeps mentioning. I was looking up the microneedling treatment today as well...that might be an option, but again, it seems to scar quite a bit, and I think it's a newer procedure. I might try a consult, though. That will make a total of 6 consultations so far on this journey...geeze.

A cover-up is out for now as well. I just don't want anything, and I don't want to feel like I'm forced to pick something to wear on my arm forever. I would be concerned that I would be even less happy with the result, which I can't even imagine given how awful this has all made me feel.

I purchased a leather cuff bracelet that hides the tattoo pretty well -- I posted a photo of it here. That's made me feel a little better, but today someone I don't know very well was trying to be funny (I assume) and asked if I was wearing it in honor of Xena, and started making warrior princess jokes, to the point where I had to excuse myself from the conversation...I mean, really? I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings so I can't hold that against him, but I just could have cried. I am doing my best to cope, and now even my coping strategies are getting poked fun of...I can't win! (I know in my heart it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, but regardless, it's no fun to hear in the moment when you're finally starting to feel a little better)

I want my arm back. I want myself back. I feel ugly. I feel I've lost myself. I know I am more than just some freaking ugly black ink on my arm, but I still can't stop these feelings. I try to focus on other things, that I feel good about, but to be honest, I'm having a tough time all around right now. I'm struggling with work, with my relationship, I'm having issues with one of my pets, my family is far away (I had to stop talking to them about this whole thing anyway...I mentioned it was hard for me to spend time flat-ironing or curling my hair anymore because that just means I have to look at the tattoo in the mirror, a very real feeling I have, and I was basically told that was ridiculous) -- it's just a lot. It's overwhelming.

I wish I could go back to that day, when I totally had an out and insisted on staying and getting the tattoo anyway. I wish the artist would have listened to me when I asked for the lines to be a little thinner and more feminine looking, rather than so big and bulky. I wish he hadn't dug into my skin so deeply that I got blowouts on some of the lines. If that hadn't happened, maybe it could have been fixed. Maybe it could have been fixed anyway, but I knew pretty early on I was never going to be able to convince myself to like it.

I had a dream the other night that the middle number had faded away was a really great dream, if only it could come true.

Excision it is...

My excision has been scheduled for the end of June. As of June 25, I will no longer have a tattoo on my forearm.

I will admit I am absolutely terrified, and have a lot of anxiety about how the scar will heal and what it will look like. The girl who works with the plastic surgeon even advised me to stop doing research online (honestly at this point I think I have seen literally everything out there regarding this procedure, haha), to stop over thinking, and to just trust in the doctor and in the process. She reminded me that the doctor will be with me every step of the way, and that he is committed to making the scar as minimal as possible. They will even include a couple sessions of micro-needling post-op.

Truly I wish I didn't have to go through this. It is expensive (2 grand...I'm sure I could shop around and pay less money with a different doctor, but after 5 consultations total between the lasers and the excision, I don't really have it in me to go on any more consults and talking about the same thing over and over again, just to maybe save some money) and naturally I am worried about healing and scarring. But, I really don't have it in me to go through years of laser treatments. I of course don't know for sure, but I could totally see my tattoo as one of the ones that takes 30+ sessions to remove, and I just can't do that. I'd rather commit to healing a scar for the next year or so than worry about going to the laser clinic every couple of months with minimal results each time.

I have plenty of other tattoos, and always said to myself I would never get a tattoo on an arm. I should have stuck to my guns and gone with my gut instinct. I can't imagine hating anything as much as I hate this tattoo, but sure, I am worried about trading the tattoo for a scar. But, there are pros, cons, and risks to every tattoo removal solution. My tattoo itself is already scarred from the artist digging in too deep in some places, so even if full removal is possible, I'd be left with scarring anyway. A cover up is risky too -- after this, I'm not sure I could trust any tattoo artist again.

I recently saw an excision photo on Instagram, from someone who's tattoo is in the exact same place and the exact same size as mine (even a little longer, I think), and it looked really good. That's really what sealed the deal for me, I think.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Haha. I am going to make a conscious effort from now until the procedure to stay away from the "what if's" and "worst case scenario" thoughts. I am still in shock a little that it's come to this, and scared half to death, but, as the Dr.'s office put it, I need to trust that I am in good hands and just go with it, one day at a time.

One more month!

Well, this is my last month with this tattoo! Excision is still set to happen at the end of June.

I've grown much more confident in my decision over the past few weeks...I think scheduling the procedure far enough in advance has allowed me to sit with the decision and become more comfortable with it.

Also, I met someone in "real life" who had gotten two excisions himself! A co-worker came by our work a couple of weeks ago with some friends, and he complimented me on my leather bracelet/cuff, saying at first he thought it was a tattoo. My friend said it was to cover a tattoo I hate, and I brought up the excision, and as it turned out, he had it done twice, both on his arm. The one on his upper arm still looked red and angry, but he told me not to pay attention to that one as he hadn't cared for it at all since it was on the back of his arm, and kind of out of sight, out of mind. The one on his wrist looked great though -- if he hadn't shown me, I never would have noticed it. And he said he took very good care of it. Which is of course what I will do with mine!

I wish I could have asked him more questions, but I was working, unfortunately. But it was really cool to run into someone in person who spoke highly of the procedure!

Scheduled excision, now I think I'm finally seeing fading??

Oh god...just when I scheduled my excision, and have actually began to look forward to it, oddly I feel like I'm seeing fading?!?!

Now I am so torn! I really don't want to obsess over this for a couple of more years as it fades. One thing's for sure: nothing about the tattoo removal process is easy!!

Excision this morning... tattoo is gone!!!

Excision this morning cont'd

Alright, well the excision happened this morning. I have been resting at home all day since. So far, I have experienced virtually no pain, which is crazy to me, and I don't even know how that's possible, but hey -- I can't complain! The entire process took about an hour and a half from start to finish. It's pretty straightforward -- the layer of skin is removed, the incision is stitched on the inside with stitches that will absorb over the next 6-8 months, and then the outside layer is stitched up -- with internal stitches that weave through the skin, to minimize the scar. I think I have a couple of tiny external ones too. I'll get all of them removed in 10 days. As my doctor, tech and I were chatting, I mentioned that I'd been unsuccessful with the laser, as I suspected the tattoo artist went very deep into my skin. After he removed the tattoo, he found that there was excess ink well below the dermis, and confirmed that the artist went way deeper than any of us would have thought. He actually had to scrape the extra ink away, because if he had left it, there is a possibility that it would have shown through my skin after healing! He also said that because of this, I most likely never would have seen results from the laser, which explains why I didn't see any progress in the first place, and also reaffirms my decision to go through with the surgical removal. I was also told that there would be some tightness in my forearm, since we did just remove a whole chunk of skin, and, he said that my left arm would likely be slightly thinner than my right arm as well. This is all until the skin has a chance to adjust and stretch out, but he did say it wouldn't be uncommon to notice these things for a very long time. I do feel a little bit of tightness, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. My left arm is still a little swollen, but so far it seems to match my right arm and does not appear thinner. I wonder if that will change as it heals, but so far, so good! So yeah, that is pretty much it. The actual process was very intense, lots of adrenaline and nerves, but luckily the doctor and tech were really nice and made conversation throughout the procedure which kept my mind off of it. Needles don't bother me, but I don't like blood, so they draped a towel loosely over my eyes, which made me feel better. At one point I felt very nauseous, I think because I swallowed two large pills beforehand, to help prevent infection, but they brought me ginger ale and chocolate and luckily the feeling passed. The scar looks like it is going to be pretty long -- almost 4 inches, from what I can tell. I have silicone strips and silicone tape on deck, and will be starting microneedling treatments with my doctor in about a month to help the appearance as it heals. I'll admit, I think the scar is going to end up a little longer than I was expecting, but honestly that isn't really worrying me much right now because I AM SO RELIEVED THAT MY TATTOO IS GONE. So, there you have it. I will update with my progress, and actually, I may start a new topic that will just focus on my excision, so it will be easier to find for those looking into surgical removal. I have photos of my arm immediately post-procedure, and also photos of the actual tattoo after it was removed, if anyone is interested! I didn't want to post them here publicly because they're a little gnarly, but if anyone is considering it and would find them helpful, let me know.

10 days post...

So, my stitches came out today...I snapped a couple of photos before my doctor applied another round of steri strips. I think it's looking pretty good! Still some bruising, but it looks like it's on its way out. Feeling relieved and happy so far!

3 weeks post photos

Here is my arm at 3 weeks post surgery. It's still a little bruised at one end, but other than that it's looking pretty good. I have more steri-strips on for the next 2 weeks, and after that my doctor is going to do a microneedling treatment or two to help the scar along. I also have silicone sheeting I will start using at that point as well.

Overall I am very happy with my decision and how everything is looking so far!

5 weeks post

Here is my arm 5 weeks post procedure. There's some redness you can see in the photo, but that's just from scrubbing the excess glue from the steri strips. I had a microneedling session right after I took these photos to help promote healing and to help the scar along. The ends of the scar are still raised from the doctor says these will likely go down in time, but if they persist he says he will take care of them for me. Not sure exactly what that would entail but hopefully it works itself out before we get to that point.

Overall totally happy with my results, and highly recommend this procedure to anyone who qualifies and finds a good surgeon.

8 weeks post...

10 month update

10 months post surgical excision

14 months post

Scar is almost completely blended in to my skin. The two little pucker marks on the ends are still there from the stitches, but I'm not too worried about them. If they weren't there, the scar would be virtually invisible.
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