Goodbye Arm Fat and 'Bat Wing', 30 Year Old Female Getting SmartLipo Triplex on Upper Arm - Los Angeles, CA

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My upper arms began getting large when I was about...

My upper arms began getting large when I was about 17 years old, I recall sitting in Language Arts and the guy behind me asked me why my arms are so big... I joined a gym that month and began trying to work on my body. Although I dropped a few sizes, my arms remained large, and have stayed large through my 20s. I have the 'bat wing', the large fatty wing-like feature that hangs below your arm, and since I live by the beach, I'm ready to take the next step to get rid of it.

Smart Lipo completed! Very detailed description of experience...

This morning was my SmartLipo procedure, I was not put to sleep for this, so I'll give a quick detailed explanation.
I entered the office feeling rather calm, I changed into a medical gown/bra/panties/hairnet and the Doctor came in and marked my arms, and gave me Ativan, Lorazepam, Vicodin, an antibiotic, and something to prevent nausea. I was immediately walked down the hall where the lipo room was, it was cold and filled with medical equipment, suddenly the experience got very 'real' and I became very nervous... 2 medical staff girls greeted me and instructed me to lay down. They told me to lay flat and keep my hands resting above my head, and then scrubbed my arms with some brown disinfectant. The Doctor came in and got right to it; he began by taking a scalpel and making a small hole in the back of my arm near my elbow, then then inserted the cannula (rod) through the hole to inject the numbing medicine... of course, I wasn't numb yet so I felt this part, and it was a very strange and foreign feeling, like something is sliding through you, but not in a terrifyingly painful way, just an odd sensation.
As the Doctor injected the liquid numbing agents, I could feel cold wet sensations in my arms, and after a few minutes of sliding the rod back and forth through various parts of my arm, he switched arms and the numbing was complete.
Once I was numb, the Doctor readied the laser, inserted the laser cannula through the same hole in my arm (it looked like a long silver rod with a laser on the tip), and began zapping my fat cells. The laser was far more comfortable than getting the numbing medicine, as my arm was quite numb, and it was satisfying knowing he was lasering away my fat ;) When the laser zapped a fat cell, it makes a popping noise... so this experience was filled with the music of your dying fat! Yay! He lasered for 26 minutes then switched arms, and lasered my left arm (my bigger arm) for about 31 minutes.
Once he zapped my fat cells, he switched the mode of the laser and began the skin tightening... the experience was very similiar to the lasering of the fat cells, except there was no popping. He inserted the laser cannula back into my arms over and over, toning & tightening the skin inside... I would say this lasted for approximately 20ish minutes.
Last, and certainly not least, is fat sucking time! I was looking forward to this part the most, as I couldn't wait to see how much fat is removed from my bat wings! The doctor inserted a rod into my arm holes and a very strange sensation occurred within my arms, and shortly after, I could see my fat going through a clear tube into a jar. The entire experience, I felt very little sharp pain, but during the fat sucking I felt 1 or two sharp seconds of pain, they weren't bad enough to make me flinch or say anything, but they certainly perked me up!
After sucking quite a bit of fat out, the doctor was having trouble reaching the pocket in my arm pit, so he cut another small hole on the back of my shoulder and went in through there, and did that on both sides. I'm glad he chose to cut an additional hole, rather than leaving the extra behind.
After sucking the fat & liquids from both arms, he had me sit up and checked my result... he explained my skin may take a week or even months to shrink down, and to wear a compression garment. I thanked him and he left.
The 2 girls then helped me drain my holes, cover them with maxi pads, wrap them in bandages, and then they dressed me in my compression garment.
I took a picture of how much was sucked out of me... it looks like about 900 cc, but without the liquid at the bottom it's around 800cc. Amazing!
I went home and was not hungry at all, I drank water and took my prescription medicine. After about 5 hours, I noticed a blood-tinted stain on my shirt and realized my drain bandages were soaking through my compression garment... it was a LOT of drainage, I wasn't quite prepared for all of it, actually. The facility applied about 10 maxi pads to my 4 holes, and they were soaked through! So I went to CVS and got a pack of maxi pads, Undid all the bandages and redid everything with fresh pads, then put on my compression garment... let me say this: you will need help with this part! I could not have done this without my sweet husband, he has been such a huge help.
I took photos of my arms AFTER I redid the bandages, so they look weird and bulky, but you can see that my arms are smaller already. I will try to take a picture of just my arms soon.

Comparison Picture

Not the greatest comparison, but it gives you an idea on how dramatic the results are. I'll post better pictures soon!

Drainage has nearly stopped, feeling a little achy but love my results!

Today was my first full day after having lipo. I had to sleep on my back last night because sleeping on my side hurts, I also slept very light because the pain pills kept me in a "not asleep but not awake" state of mind most of the night.
When I woke up, my arms were noticeably achier and more sore than yesterday. I slept with maxi pads (like female menstruation maxi pads) under my compression garment all night, and so my garment was extra tight and uncomfortable... the first thing I did after waking up was remove my compression garment. Phew! What a relief, but jeez do you drain a lot of liquid... I had about 6-8 pads on me, and most of them were soaked, it really blew my mind because I didn't know I would drain this much.
I examined my drain-holes and noticed only 1 of the 4 holes were still leaking, so I simply taped cotton to the 3 that were healing, put a maxi pad over the leaky one, and then slipped on my compression garment. I needed assistance putting the compression garment on, because my arms were quite sore; I'll add a picture of what my garment looks like, although I heard so many women complain of it, it's actually comfortable to me. I also want to note-- I had significant bruising today, basically my entire 'bat wing' area has purplish-red streaks up and down it, and even readjusting my pillow makes my arms ache.
Basically, I rested my body/arms all day, it felt especially good to lay in bed with a pillow under each arm. At the end of the day, I desperately longed for a warm shower, and though my elbow was still leaking, I took a quick shower and rinsed my body and shaved... as I was lathering my body, my mind just sort of went into routine-shower-mode, until I touched my upper arms, wow! Those were not the arms I've soaped my whole life, I could really feel a significant amount of fat gone from my arms! I carefully examined my new arms with my fingertips, it was like being introduced to my new body for the first time, the big full bulgy roll of fat that extends around my upper arm is now flat and smooth. Since my lipo, I have been trying to avoid examining my results, as I know that the skin takes a bit to shrink up... but I can actually feel the results already.
After showering, I examined my new body in the bathroom mirror... I could see that the large roll of fat towards the back of my upper arm is gone, and when I put my hands on my hips I actually have a space between my arm & torso now. I am so excited, and it's even more exciting knowing that as I heal and time goes by, my arms will continue to shrink and the skin will contort to my new smaller arms.
I must add, I feel more confident now that I have in years, and possibly in my entire life. My two main problem areas my whole life, were my upper arms and my lower abdomen... and now they are both fixed (I had a mini tummy tuck 3 weeks ago). I will share a few pictures from today, and once I stop draining, I will do naked comparisons! ;)

Update Week 2

Hi! It's been a week or so since I updated, I just wanted to keep this going in case it's helping anyone out. I had a MAJOR difficult time with pain/recovery/healing on Day 5-6, so I phoned my Doctor and he saw me... this is when I found out he lasered my arms TWICE, which totally explains why my pain level was much higher than average. He told me after he removed the fat and lasered them, my arms were still pretty saggy and the excess skin was 'hangy', so he lasered them again. I was relieved to know that he made a quick judgement call mid-surgery and decided to re-laser them, it made me feel more confident with him, like he wanted great results just as much as I did. He's a keeper.
With that being said, holy moly at the pain! I was told I could return to normal life within days, I am currently 2.5 weeks in and still cannot completely lift my arms. When I stretch towards the ceiling, it feels as if my arm fat/muscle is glued in place and to be honest, I am not even comfortable lifting my arms above my forehead right now. I have found ONE other review where a girl was experiencing this, so I know this isn't completely crazy, but I do think I had quite a bit of fat and my arms are still knee-deep in the healing process. The great part is, when I wave, there is no flab or 'wing' that jiggles, my arms are tight, like SKIN TIGHT.
I want my review to be completely honest, so I'll name any cons I've experienced:
#1. Recovery time is much MUCH longer than I thought. For the first week or two, it felt as if the inside of my arm was one giant scab, and every time I moved my arm, the scab would open... umm ouch! After a week or two, that feeling dulled down to just an extremely tight "bruised" feeling, with random areas in the back of my arms that are highly sensitive to touch. As days go by, I can feel everything is healing, but I wasn't aware the pain would be this intense.
#2. The back of my arm is NUMB. Another side effect I had NO idea would happen, when I run my hand across the back of my upper arm, I can hardly feel it, and when I do feel it, it's extremely sensitive and easily hurt. Again, the pain is getting less intense as time goes on, but it freaking hurts. So prepare.
#3. Hard areas where the lasered area is healing. I've read this is normal as well, and could even take months to heal, but if I press into the area where my wing was, I can feel the area is harder/denser than the soft top of my arm. This bothers me absolute ZERO PERCENT because I'll take denser arms over flabby wings ANY DAY, however, I believe this will slowly disappear and my arms will feel normal in the next 6-8 months.

And of course, the ever-so-popular complaint of the compression garment. Yes it's annoying, I wear it almost 24/7 (I take it off to shower, to wash it, and give myself a 15 minutes break almost every evening). This compression garment is my BFF though, it holds everything in place, without it, my arms feel less protected and less secure.
So, that's the 100% truth of recovery during week 2. I LOVE my new arms. I was seeing a difference in my before/after picture... until I went to my doctor's office and he took updated pictures, WOW. I see the difference now. These are my official before/after pictures in his office, check out the difference!

Helping your skin adjust and shrink back into place

I knew when I got this procedure, the #1 complaint for arm lipo is the skin not retracting, leaving you with wrinkled saggy arms... that fear is the reason I went with SmartLipo instead of traditional lipo, because the laser helps tighten the skin.
I want to talk about the skin for anyone who may experience sagging, or fear it. After having lipo in my upper arms, my skin was so tight that I couldn't lift my arms but a few inches, however, I knew I would have to slowly stretch the skin so I could reach above my head. At around week 2, I tried exercising for the first time since my procedure (just a light jog with my compression garment on), and that night I noticed some wrinkling about 1-2inches wide in the middle of my bat wing. I worried because I read nightmare reviews about wrinkling and sagging post-lipo. I continued to wear my compression garment, and noticed after the next week or so, there was a little more wrinkling around the back of my armpit, and where my wing was. Even though I knew wrinkling was very normal & common in arm lipo, and I had very little, it still stressed me out, so I brainstormed.
I stopped wearing my compression garment after 3 weeks, and next focused on the wrinkling. I bought 3-pound handweights, some Nivea 'Skin Toning & Firming' Gel, and some coconut oil & lotion. I began applying the Nivea gel 2x a day, along with coconut oil & lotion, to keep the skin mousturized & nourished; then I began doing small arm exercises with the 3lb weights, just slowly moving my arms and toning the muscle & skin.
In just 3-4 days, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the wrinkles, and there is no doubt that they will quickly fade as I continue strengthening my arms with the weights and using rich moisturizers & gels.
I just wanted to share this helpful treatment idea with anyone who is struggling with wrinkles, or maybe has a fear of them... I was able to treat mine, so don't be discouraged by reading reviews! I think they are totally normal, and if you try to tighten & tone, you will see them disappear. Also, keep in mind, I JUST had this procedure 3 weeks ago! I'm still a baby, I'm not technically fully healed for another 6-8 months or so, so be patient:)
Also, in my opinion, even if the wrinkles stayed, wrinkles are 10x better than having flabby bat wings in my world, I would take wrinkles any day over what I had before.
I will add a picture of the wrinkles & the 2 products I'm using, and I will add an updated picture of my 'problem area' next week to show you how well my treatment is working. I also have the option of having laser treatment at my doctor's office, however, because of how dramatic of a difference I've seen in just a few days...I truly think my arms will healing smoothly. If anyone has experienced this, tell me your story!

Arms healed perfectly, 110% in LOVE with my new summertime arms!

Okay, it's official, for the first time in my life... I love my arms. I have been wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops, and it's so relieving to finally be confident in my body. As I mentioned in my last post, I had some concerns about my skin not 'popping' into place and having sagging skin, but I'm so excited to say that those concerns are gone! I think the wrinkling was caused by the compression garment, because days after I stopped wear the garment, my arms became smoothe as a baby's butt... not only did they smoothe out completely, but I am almost to the point where I can fully lift my arms over my head! This has been a significantly harder healing time than I anticipated, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, I love my arms.
As I mentioned, I've been wearing sleeveless tops already, and I used to kind of feel my armfat 'bat wing' when I was stopped at a red light or just lounging around (I don't know why, it just made me even more insecure!), and now there's nothing to feel! No fat to play with or pinch or hate, just smooth slim arms.
So as far as the outer appearance goes, I'm 110% satisfied, now let's talk about how they feel on the inside... remember, I got SmartLipo, I had major lasering performed inside! My arms are still very much in the healing process, I'm almost 5 weeks post-lipo and I still can't really feel the back of my arms, meaning, they are basically numb to touch. It's really strange rubbing my arm against a pillow or the seat of my car, because the sensation feels like whatever material I'm rubbing against... if that makes sense? When I touch the back/under/wing of my arms, the flesh under the skin still feels rather hard & tough, but it is definitely softening. I notice more and more sensation each day, and less pain... there is not a constant aching pain, it's more like, I don't want the area to be touched, because the pressure feels magnified (for instance, when I hold my baby on my hip, I have her wrap her arm around my shoulder instead of arm, because her grip is just a little too strong, but I can pick her up just fine... if that gives you a sense of the level of pain).
I am doing normal day-to-day chores, carrying grocery bags, doing laundry, moving furniture to clean... but I would be hesitant to, say, catch a baseball, I'm just taking it easy right now.
I want to post a few pictures showing how smooth my arms are, and how high I can lift at this point.

Quick update

I'm 2 months post-op and things are going well, I still have occasional spurts of numbness/pain/tingling, but each week I feel it less & less. The back of my arms, especially above my elbows, are still very numb to touch, but sensation is slowly coming back.
At this point, I'm trying to work on arm exercises to tighten & tone my arms, I've even lost 23 pounds since my procedure, the lipo gave me a giant leap of confidence & inspiration to finally get myself into shape. I've worn sleeveless tops all Summer, it's such a nice feeling to not constantly worry about your arms showing... now I can actually breathe, relax, and enjoy myself when I'm out! I do sometimes worry if people can tell I've had lipo in my arms, but I think that's all in my head.
I'm currently being considered for a major television show about plastic surgery, if I don't get chosen, I'll post an updated picture on here (although to be honest, my arms look almost the same as they did last month). I will update again soon with fresh pictures though!
I must also add, I've gotten countless messages & comments from people who tell me how inspiring I am, I've even had someone take my photos to a Doctor as their "goal" picture, I am just completely overwhelmed with joy... I wanted to share my story on here to help others, because this site helped me, but I never dreamed I'd be such an inspiration. Thank you all so much!

1 Year Update

I just wanted to keep everyone updated, it has been almost exactly one year since my SmartLipo on my arms. I must say, my life was changed the day I went in for this procedure... my insecurity about my arms kept me from being myself, it RULED my life, I couldn't be me. I no longer felt those chains after leaving that day! YES recovery was painful. YES it took weeks, even months to lift my arms. YES I WOULD DO IT OVER AGAIN! It was totally worth it. I have my life back, I can wear what I want, I can finally be ME!
I have lost about 35 pounds since the lipo, mostly in my stomach, my arms basically look the same lol! I have never been so comfortable in my own skin. I am CONFIDENT for the first time in my life, it feels amazing, no words.
A few real, raw comments: my arms are NOT tight, they are not toned and athletic and fit... but they are normal looking. You can pinch the skin, you can see stretch marks... but the flab is gone, and that's all I cared about. I need to lift weights, I think that would make them tighter, but at the end of the day... my arms look like everyone else's, I don't get nervous about them, or feel embarrassed about them. It's nice. I'll add some pictures of me today.


1 year post-op comparison pictures... amazing! I can even see my confidence in the after pics! Keep in mind, I lost THIRTY FOUR pounds over the year, so my confidence & slimming is from my arm lipo, tummy tuck, AND weight loss.
Dr. El Asmar (SmartLipo at Vermont HealthCare)

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