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I'm 5'4" and 113 lbs. very small on top but have...

I'm 5'4" and 113 lbs. very small on top but have had wide thighs since I was little. I workout 6 days a week and my bottom half just doesn't match the top. I'm super nervous as I don't want ripples or dents and but really would love to finally have legs that look like legs not stumps. I barely ever wear shorts! It's time to try....I asked to be out under as I don't like needles so I probably wouldn't handle bet awake well!

Pre op done

Had pre op. A little nervous. Hoping this works as a 'body contouring' procedure as I feel like I owe it to myself to at least TRY to have thighs that match the rest of me.... Took my rx's in and got day of instructions. Nervous for sure

Day before- why am I so nervous!?

I mean, people do this right? I CAN really work right? I've had wide thighs my whole life.... No matter how thin I am. It would be amazing to have them leaner..but I'm really getting nervous! I had 2 c sections... I felt like it can't be worse than that right?! Ugh.

Day of....trying to be positive and not too nervous

I ate breakfast around 630 am as I go in at 230. I would LOVE to take a Valium right now and am considering asking if I can :) I am going to be asleep for this- they're doing inner and outer thighs and flanks. Not a ton to take out more sculpting I think... Gonna to be very thorough when I see Dr beforehand. Anyone have reviews on general Aanasthesia for this? I assume they still numb the spots before they do anything right? Yikes my mind is all over the place...?!?

On the other side of this!?!

I made it. The worst was the IV as I don't do well sometimes. Got lightheaded but stuck it out. He drew on me, I voiced my concerns, hopes, and then I went to bed;)
I woke up in recovery- I'm pretty loopy. Had the garment on - it's not too bad (yet anyway) pain is more like soreness but not terrible (yet anyway. Hope it doesn't get worse!!) I'm super sleepy and am propped up with juice and pain pills next to me in one of our guest bedrooms. Can't really tell how anything looks so I'm going to try to snooze and see how things go in the morning! Still can't believe I did it...

Any tips for swelling/ bruising?

I'm day 1 after the procure... I have bromelain, arnica tabs., And vitamin c... Any tips on how to fight the swelling or bruising??

Day 2 after procedure

I'm doing ok I thjbk. If I don't take anything for pain it's hard to move around (really stings) so I'm taking half doses of hydrocone every few hours. I haven't taken the garment off yet and I really want to shower and see what the bruising and everything looks like. I thought I could shower today but for some reason thought I had to wait till day 3. It's hard to see results right now as I have a lot of padding on under the compression garment. Waiting see what I look like is hard right now!! :)

Day 2 after smart lipo

Still pretty sore .. Getting in and out bed hurts and stings. I'm getting around but VERY slowly. Trying not to take a lot of pain meds if possible... What day seems to be when you can get around better? He took 1100 cc's total... I did thighs and flanks. Still so sleepy and would love to shower :)

Day 3 post smart lipo

Trouble sleeping so I thought I'd post. Showered last night- the bruising isn't horrible but you can def tell the areas are soft and swollen. One spot by my inner thigh burns when I move... I read that's normal? Still moving super slow and still pretty achey. Anyone know what day this generally starts to subside? I can't imagine going back to work after a couple days like I read some people do. Yikes...:)

Day 3.... Just threw up?!

I thought Id been doing ok... Sore but not too sick. Some sharp shooting pains in certain areas which isn't fun but I'm wearing the garment that's all I can do. But then I had to finally go #2 (sorry I'm adding this as maybe it's relevant?) and after I got so lightheaded and nauseous and BAM. Puked liked 6 times. Mostly liquid... But is this normal? Now I'm just work out and afraid to eat or drink :(

Day 4..... Still crazy sore???

It's the morning of day 4, and im STILL crazy sore to the touch. Def swollen too- near my flanks and around Outer thighs. Inner thighs are covered with foam pads so I can't really see much there. Can I start taking Aleve or ibuprofen yet? When does the soreness/swelling start to subside? I don't think I drained that much the first night but peed a ton so I assumed that was flushing the fluid out. Is this normal?? Nervous....

Going on day 5- took pads off for 1st time!

Holy crap! Ok so if you have these spongy pads on your thighs- don't wait till day 5 to remove them! Wow did that suck! No joke I was whimpering....apparently you can take them off when you shower. Good to know. Geez.
That being said- wow. There is a total difference. Still pretty swollen, but even my husband was like 'omg. It like, WORKED.' I will try to take pics shortly....

Day 5 pics

Going on day 6... Still crazy sore :(

Now, I haven't been taking my hydrocodobe during the day, so that could be why, but the tylenol? Not even touching it. I'm going on day 6 and I feel like I can barely walk or sit. All the reviews say the worst is the first day or two... I'm MISERABLE. Is this normal? My ps said I can do ibuprofen on day 8.... I honestly can't wait. Am I the only one? Does it ever get better? I'm pretty sad right now :(

Day 7 update

So today has been 1week! I finally realized taking the hydrocodone was making me nauseous so I stopped taking it even at night. Only taking Tylenol made the last few days rough.... But today I don't feel sick so that's a plus! Moving like 5% faster every day- the bruising has shown up but I'm taking arnica and using article cream. Still moving pretty slow- avoiding getting bumped at ALL costs- but I can shower and get dressed and do a little more by myself today. I will try to add pics also- have my post op tomorrow so will know more then as well. Swelling still in flanks the most... Would love to see what this will look like when I'm healed and can resume normal workout and routine. Def still see a difference though!

Day 11.... ITCHING!!?

So the good news is though I am still moderately swollen (not horrible), I can walk around a bit better, tie my own shoes (slowly).... But the ITCH!? The incisions under my butt (for outer thighs I assume) are CRAZY. I can barely sleep!!
Why do they itch so bad? Are they heaking? Does this last long? I'm
Not kidding this is no joke ????

Day 12 Post thighs and flanks

Good news- moving tiny bit better each day. Swelling and Bruising also tiny bit better each day :) But- my groin incisions. Pink and a little inflamed- like they're irritated. Normal? Any tips? I did cortisone and gauze for now.... I think the CG rubs against them.

2 weeks out! When is swelling at its worse??

I feel like day 4 when I first looked it wasn't as swollen as it is now?! It's not horrible- and I can still tell a difference... But my flanks are SUPER sore and swollen. Like all the way to my hips. Is this the whole it gets worse before it gets better? Is that normal? Lymphatic massage tomorrow so I hope that helps EVERYTHING. I'm anxious to see how it looks at 6 weeks...:)

2 weeks out pics...

Here's some pics. I think the swelling picked up a bit as I've slowly started getting back in the gym. I mean really- when the hell is working out going to be a GOOD thing again? I seriously hope going through really makes a difference and i see it at the magical 6-8 weeks :)

3 weeks PO smart lipo thighs and flanks!!

Here's my 2 cents. I totally see a difference! But there is swelling. On my flanks especially. Bruising juuuust about gone. Dr told me today not to weigh myself till 6-8 week mark. Would the swelling cause that much gain? My shape looks SO much better... Do I try a water pill?
I also advise anyone looking to do this to buy arnica gel and tabs, get lymphatic massages after, and prepare to be SORE. Like painful hard to walk sore. The first week is tough.... But if you want this I say go for it :) will add more pics soon...

6 weeks post inner outer thighs and flanks

Super happy :) a little lumpiness on outer thigh but was told that's normal and time and massage will help, so that's what I'll do. Looks so much better in a bikini and SO much better in my clothes and shorts. Flanks are still sore that takes a while apparently. Will post some pics in clothes but took a few today...????????

8 weeks out! Smart lips on thighs and flanks

So here's the good:
My thighs don't touch anymore....
My love handles after 2 kids are much much smaller....
Clothes fit WAY better
I don't feel like I need to wear heels with shorts!

The cons:
My flanks are still a little numb/ sore....
One of my outer things has a couple lumpy spots ( it looks better and the lumps are small but they're there)
There's a little uneven-ness but nothing too drastic where people would notice much

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I wish I knew then what I knew now about recovery... And I wish I had done it years ago! ( it's probably better that I waited until after kids though)
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