31yrs Old Single Mom of 3.... Smartlipo on Upper and Lower Abdomen N Flanks - Los Angeles, CA

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I will be going in tomorrow for my surgery.......

I will be going in tomorrow for my surgery.... super excited n not at all nervous. .. I will post some pics tomorrow off before n update as I go along after the lipo procedure. ... so little about myself I am a single mom of 3 beautiful kids and after having my last baby by emergency c section. .. a little pouch formed under my belly that I didn't expect. ... no matter how much I work out it stayed n never went away. ... I couldn't wear nice right dresses n bikini because of the little pouch that stuck out n made me feel so self conscious. .. so I finally decided to do this it's a lot more money than I wanted but I hope it's gonna be worth it!

Post op day 1

So today was the day.... went in for my lipo @1pm. After taking care of some paperwork the patient coordinator took me to a room to change. I had taken some vicadine and antibiotics and couple more pain reducers earlier and she said we would wait for it to kick in. I changed into the paper bra and panties and covered myself up with paper jacket and laid down.... didn't feel nervous but more curious on what will happen next. I sat in the room for good 30 mins for the meds to kick in... and doctor came in little after 30 mins to draw on my stomach. He said that we may not have time for flanks but I asked him to try bc what if I hate the procedure and don't want to come back for it. Lol so he said he will. My abdomen was small he said but lot of fat underneath it all. So I was then moved to the operating room. Small but clean. They sanitized my belly and flanks n doctor came in shortly after to start. I asked alot of questions n I asked them to play music to Keep me calm. The doctor was very friendly n we begin talking as he started. He first gave numbing shots to each location where the incision will be made for the entry point. Then he used a scalpel to make a tiny hole. I gotta say this sting a bit especially near the rib area. He made about 7 incisions. And then he told me he will be puthing numbing liquid. Now the feeling of the cathater going inside your skin is not the greatest. It felt really uncomfortable. N the numbing liquid want all that noticeable. He numbed each area with the liquid and some areas hurt to numb n some area with lot of fat hurt less. So after he was done numbing the entire area he said he will begin the laser part. It took a bit of time to heat up the Laser. And la set cathater was inserted. It made a lot of crinkin noise the whole time. It wasn't too bad. If I had areas that hurt he inserted more numbing liquid to comfort me. The laser part lasted a long time. And he took his time which i am thankful for. And then it was the suctioning. It felt weird to have fat sucked out n since the numbing liquid was_wearing off he stopped several times to give me more to help me be comfortable. After that we were finally done doctor asmar took his time and the whole procedure took 3 hrs but I'm glad he got everything
He took out 900cc of fat from my stomach n flanks. It was crazy to see that much fat. After I was wrapped up in maxi pads n more pads n more pads n then compression garment. It felt right but it was good. He said that It will have to be worn for 3 weeks. I will swell after about a week bc of lipo n then I will be good. When I got home my dressing was shocking wet n sipping thru the cg. Shop I had to take everything off n wash them. I almost passed out doing it but it had to be done. .I posted one pic that I took... the liquid was still draining n didn't look too pretty .. I will post my before pic and day pic tomorrow. . . N more details goodnite

Post op day 2 and Before pics ...

Got these from l doctor today... my before pics... I haven't took any new pics today but will do eventually... day 2 is soreness... pain is not too bad I haven't taken any vicadine just some tylenol. I can walk and move around. Went to target n drove around... but still feeling a bit tired and gets little sting of pain on the side now and then. I feel a little more swollen today. Leaning forward n bending over is hard and I feel like I am walking lopsided.... but once again not too bad... something I can definitely deal with... the draining seemed to have slowed down.. except for the two at the bottom and the little area below belly button feels like it's full of liquid ... possibly remaining fluid... and feel kinda lumpy still... I am hoping that swelling will go down fairly quickly... I'll post some pics later on today if I take any.

Day #2 pics

So here are couple pics I took.. my abdomen is tender and is quite bit swollen... hoping it would go down in double days....I will post update tomorrow as well on the progress.... it feels more bruised up but I bought some arnica cream that's suppose to help with it... I can't use it until my draining is done so hopefully soon enough may be tomorrow....

Day 4

Day number 4 post op... I am feeling discouraged... I woke up with big lump right under my ribcage and I am literally Yellow purple and blue all over.... looks like I got beat up really badly.... not feeling attractive or skinnier... feel hideous and ugly... Arnica cream doesn't seem to be helping either.... I want all the bruises to go away then at least I can bare it.... I cried in the bathroom after I looked at myself.... I am hoping I will get better soon.... this is not what I was expecting...

Day 10

Had first post op visit today with doctor. I am so uncomfortable right now bc of all the lumps. .. it feels like hard playdoh spread along my abs.. and I don't like the feel of it. .. doctor says it's skin swelling n will go down in next couple weeks. ... I don't much curves in fact I feel fatter bc of garment I have to wear.... I am glad my bruises are gone. ... only small patches left. .. the pics re from few days ago. .. before lumpiness began. .. now most bruises are gone altho the drainage locations still sting n has scabs... will post pics in few days or tomo whenever I have time. ...
Dr. Imad El Asmar

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