Skin Feels Really Weird After Ultherapy - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi, i had ultherapy done 1 1/2 months ago to my...

Hi, i had ultherapy done 1 1/2 months ago to my entire face. My skin has lost a lot of volume so far but was scares me the most is that the skin itself feels like tissue paper, sort of numb and tingly and underneath, the fat feels almost like giggly foam. It is the weirdest feeling and I am getting really scared. Anyone has felt this?

Every day is worst. :(

Got my Ultherapy September 29th. My face keeps skrinking. When will this stop?
It got sunny yesterday so I put on my sunglasses. OMG! The shrinkage is so obvious. I looked like a little girl with my mom's glasses on. So I looked for pictures of me with my sunglasses and found one from May. I tried smiling on the picture I just took for comparison purposes. What will happen to me in 3 months? I am so depressed now.


Difference between May and today. And I am 10 pounds heavier today than in May. Face should be bigger, not smaller.

Any doctor to comment?

I am desperate. I thought doctors give advise here? Or am I posting on the wrong place?

Adfitional photo today.

Even thinner today. In just 2 days.

About Ulthera

See photos.


About PRP and stem cell

Working hard to fix damage

I think what I am doing is working. Crossing my fingers is not temporary!!!!!!! My skin still feels very thin and like a mask though. Better but i have not gotten the elasticity and thickness from 3 months ago. But I think the PRP I have been doing will start working on that in a few weeks. This is what I have done in the last month trying to repair the damage from Ultherapy. Finally this week I am seeing the improvement. I will keep you posted. I know many here are looking for relief like me. So this is what I have done.
2 PRP treatments (under de skin - injected. A total of 4 cc of PRP divided in 2 sessions).
Along with the PRP also micro-needling.
Weekly intravenous vitamin C and Bs. And orally every day.
1 30
Session of Led Light Therapy so far.
Plus oral collagen and regular moisturizer.
This is it.

Thinning skin

I was just asked if my skin is now tighter. Definitely NOT. I am posting pictures. I would have not been able to do this 3 months ago. My skin was thick.

Ultherapy Fat Loss

I have seen several articles from doctors confirming that Ultherapy can cause fat loss. I just ran into this web.
If you are going to do Ultherapy. Please research your doctor, confirm his/her experience and maybe, do not have the procedure done at the highest Level.

Ultherapy markins

I just realized!! Looking at the pictures I just posted, that my fat loss is consisten with the markins of where they passed the Ultherapy. I had not noticed the line on my photo. Until now!. :(

Still changing.

I am depressed. I can totally see exactly where is fat loss. Where it ends. I thunk that is my bone structure and teeth underneath the skin. I want to cry. :(

10 Weeks since Ultherapy & 3 weeks +since PRP

A few days ago I got excited about my volume starting to come back after the PRP. I think my excitement came a little to soon. Right after my post the volume started coming down again and I was able to see the marks Ultherapy left on my face where most fat loss has occurred.
I am being told by some of you that the results of the PRP dont start to show up until 3 to 5 months after. I am hoping this is the case. I have had 2 PRPs. 2 days apart about 3 weeks ago so I guess I need to be patient.
For the ines that are thinking of doing Ultherapy, please keep in mind that fat loss is a big side effect aside from other negative effects such as burns and nerve damage, muscle shrinkage. I can feel the muscles under my skin really tight. I am real. This is truly happening to me.
It did not happen the first time I did Ultherapy 3 years ago. Maybe it happened on a small degree and I was so excited with the tightening that did not notice. But it is happening this time. I have been damaged. And in case you ask, my face has not shrank because of tightening. I do not have tightening. On the contrary. Good luck to all. Beware please. I will keep posting changes.

Recap of last 3 pictures plus my before

Pictures so you can see progress.

Side by side

Side by side

Photos NOT smiling

1st Photo - September 2015 pre-Ultherapy
2nd Photo - December 2015 after Ultherapy

X ray of a Chin

I am being asked how come my chin has shrank so much. I do not think it is because the bone has shrank (although I don't know. Maybe) but because everything in between has melted. Here is a picture of my daughter's xray. Taken by her ortho. Her teeth had grown to the front. Look how much there is over the bone. That is probably what melted on me? Or maybe the bone shrank as well. My cheek bones have shrank as well.

I think chin is still shrinking?

Chin may still be shrinking....

Thinning skin after Ultherapy

The lighting is not regular in the first picture but I wanted to show how much my skin has thinned. You can see my veins through when before you could not!

November 9 - NO Veins

Found pictures of a month ago. Since my face is morphing I have been taking all kinds of pictures. Barely veins!!

Newest picture with glasses. Against prior.

I think my face is even thinner than a month ago. This is today. And the Prior ones again for comparison. :(
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