23, Broken Nose, Considering Surgery. - Los Angeles, CA

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This isn't a review this is more of an "I'm...

This isn't a review this is more of an "I'm thinking of getting a nose job" post.
I've always had an issue with my nose after it was injured during some play wrestling with an ex boyfriend and after that I noticed it got crooked. It always bugged me how I looked like a different person from both side of my face.
Then I broke it a year ago from getting head butted to the face, got it supposedly popped back into place by a nose surgeon but I feel it looks even worse. I just want the bridge thinned out like the way it was, and possibly to straighten the nose since it leans to one side due to a collapsed nostril. I don't necessarily mind the slight bump I have in the profiles, I think they're unique and give my face character, it's just the oblique angles I can't stand. I know it's so vain of me, but I'm pissed that my nose looked halfway decent before and now it's been altered negatively. I'm just concerned if it's worth it or if I should just leave it alone, because I don't want it to turn out worse than it already is or turn out fake looking. I noticed that broken noses seem hard to fix.

more pics

it's ironic how the before pic is better than the after pic in this case :'(

I'm trying to get my old nose back if that's even possible.
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