Consultation Review: $500 Consultation Fee - Uncertain Expectation

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My experience with Dr. Goldberg's consultation was...

My experience with Dr. Goldberg's consultation was fairly interesting.

I live in Miami and flew over to LA especially to consult with Dr. Goldberg about possible revisions on a few botched eye surgery that were done else where. Before I went to meet with Dr. Goldberg, I have sent several emails with photographs as well as contacting Christine (his scheduler) to let her know that I am flying over specifically for this consultation - I especially emphasize the point that if there are procedures that are not possible - DO LET ME KNOW so I don't have to make a trip over there and waste my time and money.

When I met with Dr. Goldberg - I asked a question that he never answered in my email - “can I have the inner corner of my eyes turned up” -- he said no - it is a procedure done on those who suffered severe facial damages. So in effect I could have saved the entire trip because that was primarily my goal.

My over all impression of Dr. Goldberg's consultation style was somewhat over powering. It may have something to do with the fact that he is very self assure. But when he strenuously disagreed with what I told him about the procedure of what previous doctor had done even though I was there at the previous consultation and the fact that the previous doctor had DRAWN on a piece of paper his surgery design intention – to turn down the outer corners of my eyes –I felt it was very strange that Dr. Goldberg can be as véhément. I didn't want to argue - nor was that the purpose of my visit.

I find this interesting particularly because i have seen two other eye experts already who had made the observation that the outer corners of my eyes had been turned down.

Another interesting point about my consultation was that Dr. Goldberg had said that he needed to examine me in person when I sent him my photos via emails. But when I was there in person – we spent the majority of our time examining at the before and after photographs.

I was charged $500 for the consultation only – Plus traveling expanses I spent over $1000 on this trip. Out of all of the eye experts – I came out feeling most uncertain about the outcome in this consultation.

taken back when Dr. Goldberger said most people be thrilled with the result like my surgery

Just remembered - I was rather taken back when Dr. Goldberger said most people be thrilled with the result like my surgery - i mean... for someone as experienced as he is to not see the terrible asymmetry is a big concern for me
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