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Hi, I'm going to do a review on some generic...


I'm going to do a review on some generic Retinol, I wasn't sure it was real stuff or not but I am on day 4 for my face (not neck yet) and the flakes and redness and peeling are so bad that I had to not use it for day3 and day 5 (today). I'm doing this for wrinkles, and will put it on my neck starting today so we can see if it is getting rid of the neck wrinkles or not. I used Retin A before when I was in college for acne and it burnt my skin and scarred me, my skin is sensitive so I am hoping the Retinol is gentler, not sure of the difference between retinol and retin A.

However, Nutrogena used to put retinol in their healthy skin makeup foundation, and I swear that's what kept my skin looking younger than everyone elses besides sunblock, not smoking, diet, and maybe my omega3 chia seed/walnut consumption. (I'm close to 40 with few wrinkles). also, when I was in college, I had met a lady who had like no wrinkles at age 45-55ish (?) and she told me she had been using prescription strength retinol for 10 years. So because Nuetrogena has (I believe) long ago taken the retinol OUT of their makeup, and I don't have a lot of money to visit Derms and get prescriptions and get the prescription Renova or whatever it is, I bought a generic Retinol A .05% cream and I'm testing it out. I sure hope this does not result (like the retin A) in horrible results.

For the past two applications I had to mix a pea size of the retinol cream with moisturizer and then apply it and yes I am letting my skin dry 20-30 minutes before putting it on which is hard when it feels so dry. my eyes look crepey and horrible right now, when I smile, super dry.

The pix I took today do NOT show the massive flaking I have been going through which makes me look like a leper. What I did was use a washcloth to gently buff off my skin then I used a really heavy waxy aloe vera cream (kind of like a waxy cold cream) to keep the moisture in. I do not have any acne problems since taking Accutane but you can see the retinol has given me a little flare up, its not exactly pimples, it's just little irritated halflings which I'm assuming the retinol is pushing out or something, since I NEVER have acne anymore. :-) hope this helps... we will see.... would be really thrilled if my neck lines somehow plumped up and disappeared - will start putting the retinol on the neck tonight (so this is before pix for the neck, day 4/5 for the face)

Day 6

OK I have done one day on my neck and my face was hurting so much even sunblock hurt that I have left two days OFF the retinol cream. so today, my skin is not shedding that bad and is totally glowing and smooth.. hehe. can't wait to get back to it and try to get thru the shedding phase. My face feels tighter and the pores look smaller, will take pix in a few days... no hope the neck wrinkles will disappear, seems too good to be true but will try anyway

Day 2 on Neck

Just an update on neck area, posting a photo to show what's going on. as u can see it seems to be working because it's giving me mad red blotches all over my neck. not that I'm happy with them but I'm happy something seems to be happening. as for my face I'm back on day 1 after a 2 day break. doing it only at night now and even still sunblock burns - using gentle zinc block, SPF 50, UVA/UVB from the local drug store

Day - 3 or 4 on neck

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My neck looks like a LEPER!!!!!!! it's all red and blotchy and the blotches are SUPER ITCHY and the more I scratch the worse it gets! I'm totally laying off the cream for the next two days! I'm in itch torture! I'm back on the face, its not peeling as bad as the first time, it mostly shows some flakes at night and in the morning which I buff off with a washcloth. And even funnier, my friend saw my face results and so she ran out and bought some generic retinol too - only SHE got 1% gel - LOL................. I told her, she's INSANE! lol. we will see - she thinks I am exaggerating, LOL LOL LOL...................

Photo of day 3 or 4, shoot I think its 4, loosing count

Just posting proof of what I said above. SO ITCHY. covered in thick greasy moisturizer to try to stop the flaking, peeling, blotching, itching, I am totally backing off


I think my phone might be letting me do an update yay. Sorry I don't have any pictures okay so here is my story. I definitely went through a really bad period Where my skin was looking really weird... I don't mean flaky it was pill like a really weird greatest speller


Stupid phone sorry as I was saying my skin was PALE like a really weird PALLOR. Definitely felt and looked older much older. I noticed it on my friends too they looked terrible. Then even when the paleness went away I still felt I look older and I didn't know why. I wondered if it was because my skin was smoother so suddenly now I can see all of the sags where's before maybe rougher skin was distracting me from seeing that? Anyway now I forget to use it all the time. I'm on and off with it I think I might use it at least once every 3 days and often more. I'm putting a little on the back of my hands and my neck still. Right now I'm happy with it because I feel like my skin looks more dewy. Today I thought my neckline look smaller but I might be imagining it. I'm also back to face exercises and by the way zoom did not work for me. I think my zoom doctor cheaped me out on time it was a groupon.


Even tho my skin looks more dewy its actually more dry which I don't like. And its definitely changed my skin color or tone, to be more even I think. Which im liking.My makeup looks killer when not flaking lol

Couldn't keep up the regime


I couldnt keep up the regime, maybe I could have if I diluted it, with some lotion, but I gave up just too much flaking and redness. However, i can safely say the generic stuff I bought was real and very powerful :-) So save ur money!
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