40 Y/o Talked into Under Eye Fillers - Los Angeles, CA

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I have decided to not post my picture as I am...

I have decided to not post my picture as I am having BA revisionary surgery soon and wish to remain as anonymous as it is possible.
I was really happy about my under eyes area, despite my age I looked 5-10 younger. I sure had some fine lines but in general I looked fine. As for eyes I had no bags, or hollowness. I went to the doctor to have some filler injected unde my lips so the uder lip muscle wasn't so visible when smiling, which he said was possible. He proceeded to talk me into having 1 ml filler under the eye to get me back to my early 20s, and I let vanity take over.
To me vanity starts when I decide to take action even though I am aware there is no problem to fix.
Anyway, I did what I did, and I truly dislike the result.
Given I enjoed the way my eye area looked before procedure, and considering I only enjoy it now when the light is cast at a certain angle I reckon the procedure is a failure.
My face looks flat. I saw a picture of Putin online today and couldn't help feeling I look alike:/ ( Panama papers:)
It looks ugly, and unnatural.
Besides, the filler is also below the semi-circle that make under-eye area, and it is visible unless the light is at a certain angle , which doesn't always happen. I said to the doctor that performed the procedure I now look like an overweight smoker who's a lush. I never had problems with puffiness so it sucks to look like that after the procedure that was supposed to make me look good.

I believe that even though I only received 1 ml under both eyes it was way to much as I had no hollowness.
As for 1 ml under both corners of the lips, I don't feel any discomfort, and reckon the rsult is ok. The are is just slightly thicker which is invisible to the eye but which hopefully can set the muscle back at least slightly.

As a mature woman I don't beat myself up over wasting time, and money to only feel, and look, worse under my eyes.
I have decided to believe that hyaluronic acid is a tissue moisturizer so must be giving me some 'nourishment ' anyway.
The more time passes by, besides, the better I will look as it will be getting absorbed so tehre's no point in me crying over spilt milk.
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