Getting Porcelain Veneers Has Made Me Scared of Going to Dentists Forever. Worst Decision I've Ever Made - Los Angeles, CA

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First of all, I regret having my veneers done...

First of all, I regret having my veneers done every day after I had the procedure (had them done in 2008). Second, my experience made me extremely frightened in going to any dentists for check-ups (I never had any problems with dentists before and was very comfortable with dental visits, too comfortable that I could actually fall asleep on the dentist bed), I believe it's a different story for others, but I'm very sure if I could decide again, I wish I never had veneers done, PERIOD.

I still regret my decision to this date of my life. Why? I simply don't like the look of how these fake teeth look on me because they are long, bulky, protruding outwards, all these just because it fits the "beautiful smile standards" however it's just NOT ME. Bigger teeth, wider smile just aren't good for me (I'm an asian female), I look really ugly with long and bulky teeth. I used to have smaller teeth, come to think of it, I really miss my old teeth, actually everyone looks the best with what their parents give them. NOW I fully understand it, because my small teeth do fit really well with my thin lips.

Well I cannot speak for everybody, because some people really do have serious cosmetic problems with their teeth and they feel happy after they have veneers done. BUT if your teeth are not that bad, you should really consider all the consequences of getting porcelain veneers (high maintenance costs in future, the extreme PAIN during the first surgery, and the PAIN that you will experience when you need to change your veneers in future, PLUS the fact that your natural teeth will get chipped down to a point where you need to have veneers ALL YOUR LIFE, not to mention about infections/other medical problems that might appear after you have veneers done).

I REALLY regret having my natural teeth chipped, it's not good to chip down your teeth when your teeth aren't really having any medical problems. I would like to find a dentist who actually LISTENS to a patient's concerns, not just some money-sucking monster who just cares about his own aesthetics and does anything based on his knowledge/expertise in cosmetic dentistry. I know the technical skill is very important, but listening to your customers is the most important , and it's an art to combine your knowledge to match what your client wants. The feelings I got from this dentist is that he ONLY cares about the money, constantly persuaded me to get more teeth done (I had TEN DONE for god's sake), more different procedures done given the fact that I was just a fresh grad and I had to take a dental loan for the expenses.

I know I was responsible for this decision, but to me, his indifference on my feelings, my physical pain during the procedures, actually made me really scared of going to dentists now, because he wasn't gentle at all, he was very, very harsh on my gums, and was extremely impatient in the whole procedure because he sensed that I didn't feel satisfied. If I were the dentist, I would treat my customers as at least like a human being. I'm really sick of doctors or dentists who just care about money, I paid around 12000 to be treated like this!! And I'm not even satisfied with his attitude nor my veneers, and to this date I'm still paying my loan unhappily.

Because of a new job I moved to another country right after I got my veneers (BAD IDEA, NEVER MAKE A DECISION THIS RUSH). I wanted to be a new me before I started out a new path/chapter of my life, so I decided it was time for me to do something to my teeth, because I was never really proud of how my teeth looked. This relocation didn't leave me enough time to get them fixed or discuss my concerns with the dentist. However, I did tell him I think they were too long, and bulky right after the procedure, as they looked hella different from the temporaries that I had before!!! He insisted they look perfect, but I thought, wouldn't a responsible dentist care about his/her patients' concerns more than anything? I don't care how much you loved your art, but I didn't like them at all. He said I will get used to the new "me", and sent me home. I trusted him, figured maybe I should give it 1-2 days.

When I got home I got really depressed and unhappy about the results, I kept thinking why I had to endure all this pain, spent all the money to get something that I actually hate and feel depressed about!!! I gave him a call and we had a talk, he was already very impatient. At that time I had to leave LA for a week for a training on the new job in NY, THEN will fly to another country for the job. He told me he will "take care of things" if I still don't like them after the NY trip, (later I realized that he KNEW i would have no time and he didn't even bother to spare one more second with me). I said ok, because there was really nothing I could do, then I left for NY the following Monday which was 2 days later. I knew I wouldn't have enough time before I headed to another country, so I tried to find a cosmetic dentist in that country on the internet, found one. After I landed, I just went to the new dentist, had him chipped the teeth, got rid of some bulkiness, it got better, but I still couldn't really close my mouth completely because the teeth are somehow "protruding outwards", to this date, I still feel the veneers on one side (I used to have a "vampire" tooth on the left), I thought I would get used to them but no, I still haven't! Which means they don't really fit my mouth, I think I looked horrible and was very conscious about my new "look".

After the trip to the new dentist, I felt a lot better, at least he DID listen, and he made them look more "natural"! However, he didn't manage to do too much "chipping" because he said it would damage the veneers and that they might crack at the end. I was concerned too so I just let my teeth be this way until now. I'm wondering if it's possible to still have them chipped down for a little bit? Can you actually tell how small my original teeth were by having an x-ray? Is it safe to chip down more? Because I know my original teeth were nowhere this long and big, so I wonder if it's ok to chip the teeth down or thinner? Is it necessary to have to redo every veneer to achieve a similar look to what I had before?! Is there actually any dentist who can try to do something that I WANT? I'm trying to get the old photos/documents from the dentist in LA, so I will have a clearer picture of what I had before. And is it necessary to ask for the cast/model of my original teeth contruction? Do they keep things like that? Or they have soft-copy in their computer? I didn't know what I wanted exactly, but now I know what I want, I just want to know if I need to spend a fortune to have the veneers redone? Or it's ok to just make some minor fixes to them? PLEASE, give me some honest feedback, thanks!!!!!!!

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