Going with Picoway as soon as Dr gets it - Los Angeles, CA

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I have two all black tattoos I want removed. I've...

I have two all black tattoos I want removed. I've seen a lot of individuals on this website who have all black tattoos they are removing with the Picosure laser, and I see a lot of doctors saying its the best.

My big problem is that the Picosure laser is does NOT operate at the ideal wavelength for the removal of black colored tattoos. It's an Alexandrite laser that operates at 755nm, and while black ink will absorb this wavelength, the 1064nm is the BEST wavelength for the removal of black tattoos. 1064nm is aborbed the most and also penetrates the skin the deepest.

Now where does Picosure help? Well it appears from all the pictures that shorter pulses (in the picosecond range) do efficiently and more effectively break the tattoo ink particles.

Here is my dilemna, why treat a black tattoo with a picosecond laser at the wrong wavelength? If many of you have tattoos, why not wait until a picosecond ND:YAG q-switched 1064nm laser comes out? And there is good news, because one is looking to come out in Europe soon and waiting FDA approval here in the USA.

I've decided I will wait for the new picosecond laser from Cutera, called Enlighten. Its a ND:Yag q-switched picosecond laser (532nm and 1064nm). That 1064 nm wavelength is absorbed the MOST by black inks and that wavelength penetrates the skin the deepest. Add to it that it is also a picosecond pulse duration, then it will be the best choice for black tattoos.

Anyways, just thought I'd share my thoughts because I can see amazing fading in so many of these photographs, but just based purely on a minimal understanding laser mechanics and wavelengths, I know that these black tattoos were done with picosecond ND:yag q-switcched 1064nm lasers it would have much much much better progress. Food for thought. Best of luck, great progress to everyone.

I'll try to hold out for the Cutera Enlighten (or any other picosecond 1064nm laser) before I get my tattoos removed too!

Decided to do Picosure with the BOOST upgrade

Well, I have been holding out but now I have decided to remove two black tattoos, one on my finger and one on my forearm...both partially involve an ex's name and its time to remove them.

I am going to be one of the first patients to receive the Picosure laser with BOOST upgrade...which reduces the picosecond pulses from 700ps to 500 picoseconds...which apparently increases the photoacoustic effect by 75%.

I will post my before photographs over the weekend, and I will keep you all updated on the progress! BEST :)

Long time no talk---but choosing a new path

Hi everyone-

I've spent most of my time commenting on your posts so now I'll update mine. I decided some time ago to hold off going with the Picosure. Since my tattoo is all black, I wanted to wait for the new picosecond 1064nm q-switched lasers to come out. AND they are finally here....thank god. Once my physician gets the new Picoway laser, I'll be going with that and will update my progress with that new laser with pictures and all. Sorry for the long break, and excited to start removing this tattoo!!
Dr. Alex Kaplan

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