Not Extremely Optimistic, but I Am Hoping for the Best! - Los Angeles, CA

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I have tried 4 different times to cover this...

I have tried 4 different times to cover this tattoo. It started off as something sorta of small and has grown into a half sleeve that I absolutely hate. My plan is to fade it to where it is almost gone and then do my homework and research and get an amazing artist to put a awesome tattoo over it. Wish me LUCK!

a few more weeks, a few more thoughts..

so I have a few more weeks before my consultation and the negativity still lingers around like thick, los angeles smog! I have been so down about it literally since the second I got it done and I am not sure if I can ever trust a tattoo artist again.I can't wait to see what my first session of pico has in store for me!

the day is drawing near!

I am only two days away from my consultation and I am super stoked to finally hear what the doctors have to say about my tat! I am hoping they say it'll only be 4-5 sessions before I can get it covered. I am already researching tattoers in the Los Angeles area and there are so many excellent artists, it's extremely refreshing. I am currently looking at Jeremy Swan's shop, Broken Art Tattoo, in Los Angeles, CA. Wish me luck everyone!

1st session down! Very pleased!

I went in for my consultation and ended getting treated on the same day. I am posting pictures tomorrow! 750 for the entire treatment of my half sleeve.

let me clarify

it is 750 per session, not for the entire removal.

1 week post first treatmeant

this is one week after my first treatment. not as much fading as i would have liked, but i know its a process and im staying positive!

side by side comparison

my tattoo is extremely dense. so i don't think there will be a major difference till after the 3rd treatment, but we just gotta stay positive!


I have been noticing that about 2 weeks after my first treatment my tattoo is as light as ever! I am so pumped. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! my next treatment is scheduled for Feb 1st!


I want to post some more pics, but they just aren't doing the pico justice. The tattoo looks much lighter in person than any pictures I have been taking. I will post some more shortly, but they aren't as impressive as the real product.

Forearm tattoo is the next to be lightened

When I go in for my next treatment I am going to knock out both tattoos in the same day. I am really hoping the pico will tear right through the ink on my forearm so I can easily cover it up. Just wanted to update you guys on my plans for the future! happy holidays!!

5 weeks!

This is the latest picture of the tattoo. Very dense and some mild fading. I am staying extremely optimistic though! I have my next treatment coming up in 3 weeks on 1 Feb. The pictures aren't really doing it justice, but I wanted to upload for the community! Keep your heads up guys!!

side by side photo

here are 3 pics side by side. excuse the awful paint photo editing


i am just waiting on some cash flow to start before I go in for treatment #2. I am so stoked about this whole thing. The pico is just an absolute monster. I am almost 2 months post treatment number 1 and there has been a significant amount of fading everywhere! I can't wait to go in and get both my tattoos treated. I am excited what my tattoo future holds for me. Today is a good day!

old pics of my current disaster

i am uploading some older pictures of my current disaster. i can't wait to have this thing off my arm once and for all!!! the journey is long, but the reward is worth it!
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