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At 37 years old, all I can say is, "Better late...

At 37 years old, all I can say is, "Better late than never" but I also know just how difficult it was to try and find the best plastic surgeon. My journey took time, hopefully you can read my recommendation and save yourself any additional and unnecessary agony. I'm also very cautious about any type of operation and live by the motto: "Better safe than sorry" for as asymmetrical and prominent that my ears were, in the wrong surgeon's hands, they could be much worse.

I've dreamed of having Otoplasty since I was a kid. Relentless teasing and jokes followed me even into adulthood. I've always had prominent "Big" ears, but in addition to that I also had my left ear "yanked out" in a fight when I was 15 that made that ear noticeably asymmetrical in-person and oddly even worse in photos. The angle of my left ear was dramatically different from my right due to a missing antihelical fold or antihelix which would need to be re-created.

The morning of my otoplasty procedure, I was to pick up my antibiotics and vicodin at the pharmacy before coming to the office. Conveniently, my prescriptions had been called in for me in advance by Dr. Svehlak's office, also conveniently the pharmacy is on the ground floor of the Sunset Cosmetic Surgery building. Upon arrival, photos were taken from every angle. As instructed I took 1 antibiotic and the procedure was done under local anesthesia. I slept through the operation, only waking up from time to time to check in then back to sleep. The entire procedure only took a few hours and I didn't feel a thing. I went home with instructions to return the next day to make sure everything was evolving properly. I was impressed that Dr. Svehlak would come in on a Saturday to check my sutures and how I was feeling. I mentioned that the vicodin was making me nauseous and he promptly had his office call in a prescription for percocet instead which agreed with my stomach more.

My left ear was more sore and swollen but I could see the very natural antihelix fold that had been created. I refrained from the gym for 2 weeks as instructed. I consumed only fresh-pressed vegetable juice for the next 12 days which helped my body heal very quickly. After a week Dr. Svehlak removed my dissolvable sutures from the small incisions behind my ears. Now 6 weeks later, my ears are still a little sensitive but they appear completely healed. I'd say I'm 90% healed. I resume my daily exercise and swimming. I wear a simple velcro surgical head wrap to bed each evening still (and probably will continue to do so for a few more months.) My ears look so great, so natural, and I feel so great. I always used to wear a hat or a beenie cap to disguise my "goofy" ears that just distorted the proportions of my face. Now I'm a new man!

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After years of researching plastic surgeons and various methods; Worrying about selecting the right doctor; Feeling bad and embarrassed about my ears, I'm now happy to pass on my first-hand experience to anyone who has found their way to this site. Do yourself a favor, look no further than Dr. Steven Svehlak! Set up a consultation appointment now for yourself or your child and then book a date for the best gift you will ever give yourself or someone you love. After finally narrowing down the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, I decided on Dr. Svehlak. I can't be any more thankful and happy that I did! Everyone at Sunset Cosmetic Surgery was really lovely. I never felt any pressure or awkwardness and the entire staff is empathetic and real with you. In my initial consultation with Dr. Svehlak we discussed all the variables of my situation as well as the step-by-step order of correcting and balancing my ears. I must say that I know I asked a lot of questions but Dr. Svehlak answered every one of them patiently, professionally, and succinctly. I got that "feeling" that Dr. Svehlak was the right man for the job. Believe it or not, out of all of my other consultations with plastic surgeons, Dr. Svehlak was the only surgeon to take out a measuring device to estimate how much each ear needed to be set back. Also, without me mentioning to him first, Dr. Svehlak confirmed my own thoughts regarding correcting my right ear first because it involved the least work, followed then by correcting the left ear to match it. My left ear, as I mentioned before, needed to have a natural fold created in my ear bowl that was missing. After that antihelix was created from the backside of my ear, permanent sutures would reinforce the natural curved fold that the Dr. would sculpt. After my consultation with Dr. Svehlak was complete, I went into another office to get an estimate of what my procedure would cost. This was handled very smoothly and classy, and very fair I might add. Over the years of getting estimates for my Otoplasty I was given prices ranging from $9K to $6,500. It's never been about the money, but the dramatic swing of some surgeon's offices felt like I was being gouged. That's why I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that my surgery performed by Dr. Svehlak was quoted at $4,500 complete. Although I was ready to "pull the trigger" on preceding with my surgery, I wanted to reflect on all of it for 24 hours. (Also, I had another consultation the next day that I had set up months in advance.) Again, there was no pressure from anyone and they were very understanding to my needing to think it over more. 2 days later I called Sunset Cosmetic Surgery to book my otoplasty procedure with Dr. Svehlak. I initially set up a date for well over a month away, but I asked that if any cancellations should occur, that would free up the Dr.'s schedule, I would be more than ecstatic to come in sooner for my procedure. And what do you know, the next day I was informed that an early morning slot on August 3rd had opened up and would I want to advance my surgery. Yes! Although it was just a week away I knew the time was right. I was given all of my instructions for preparing for my surgery and I felt that the attention to my understanding was very thorough. Dr. Svehlak, I am thankful, grateful, and humbled by your ability and precision. You are amazing and you are truly the combination of skilled surgeon and exacting artist. If I had it to do all over again, I'd do it just the same, only sooner!

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