I say, " New Life ", you say TUMMY TUCK- Los Angeles, CA

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34 yr old 3 kids ages 3, 4 and 14...

34 yr old 3 kids ages 3, 4 and 14. after years of battling with this excess stomach fat, i've came to the conclusion after meeting with dr. saul lahijani in beverly hills... i am all go for june 17th at 8 am. i am so excited for this procedure yet very nervous as i have never had any type of surgeries or anesthesia before *fingers crossed*. i plan on taking numerous pictures , posting numerous updates on my pre/post op procedure and give helpful hints on what to expect and not to expect through my personal journey. again, i look forward to speaking with all whom have had this procedure done and all that are right along with me preparing for this life changing experience :)

Before pictures

Here are some before pictures my surgery date is exactly two weeks from today June 17,2016.

Ready to Feel Pretty Again! Bye Bye Tummy

My surgery date is June 17th feeling a bit anxious but so excited to get this done I've been waiting a long time! through diet and exercise I cannot battle this excess fat around my stomach I have taking initiative to finally go through with this tummy tuck I've posted before pictures and I will post pictures after the procedure is done

10 day post op tummy tuck w/muscle repair

Here are my post op day 10 photos !
Still have quite the swelling going on but overall I'm happy with how my midsection is turning out.

Side by side before and after tummy tuck w/muscle repair

Before and after photographs
Top photos are 10 days post op
(Mind you I still have significant swelling going on, hoping to have this diminish soon )

2 weeks 4 days post op

Top photos 2 weeks 4 days post op. Bottom photos 2 week mark. You can see the significant swelling that's gone down in just 4 days!

6 weeks post op

6 weeks post op liposuction to the flanks and muscle repair if I'm starting to exercise lately but it seems like my body is not yet ready for all that! I think my 3-month mark I'll be ready to get back into the gym. Overall I feel great mornings are best there's no swelling going on but come evening time...... it's swell hell! I really can't wait to get back into my regular workout routine I'm excited to see how much I can define my new six pack abs.
Los Angeles Physician

Doctor patient experience was phenomenal he answered all questions pertaining to my procedure. He mentioned I would have good results having a tummy tuck verses my initial consult on getting lipo done. I met with about 5 doctors and felt most comfortable with Dr. Lahijani (very down to earth). His office surgery coordinator Lulu is very nice and personable and makes things run smoothly. After throughly thinking if this was the right decision for me I've opted to go ahead with the tummy tuck, MY SURGERY DATE: 06-17-2016 @ 8AM. I've posted some before photos and plan on posting post op pictures thereafter .....

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