My Labiaplasty Experience - Los Angeles, CA

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I have been bothered by my labia for almost as...

I have been bothered by my labia for almost as long as I can remember. When I first heard about this procedure 15+ years ago, I knew it was for me. Fast forward to earlier this year and I had finally saved the almost $10,000 it would cost for the procedure (labiaplasty + clitropexy with one of the best doctors in the world). I am sure I could have gotten this procedure done for less, but did not want to have to worry about the outcome. I will provide more information regarding my surgeon and ratings and such when the recovery is all said and done. Given the amount I paid and his reputation, I am hoping and expecting the best!

I traveled out to LA last Thursday to get the procedure done (about 3.5 hour flight from my home). I went by myself and did not actually tell anyone I was having this done. I had mentioned it to my mom a few times over the years, but she was not supportive of "cosmetic" surgery. I am also too embarrassed to talk about this with my friends and am currently single (and have been for a while due to the insecurities resulting from my labia). Needless to say, I was pretty terrified going through this on my own. My surgeon and his staff were very comforting though and made the experience a bit less scary.

I had the procedure done under general anesthesia, and the surgeons staff arranged for an aftercare nurse to stay with me for 6 hours after the procedure. I would highly recommend this even for those that have people with them as having a nurse who is familiar with the recovery process is very reassuring!

I had my procedure done at 7:30 am (day 1) and spent the remainder of that day and the entire two following days in my hotel bed only getting up to get ice, food, water, bathroom, etc. I was in a moderate amount of paid (mostly when moving), but the painkillers seem to help. I also had a drain in and was thus unable to shower which was somewhat annoying, although, given my limited mobility, probably for the best. Going pee was not so bad, however, I was extremely constipated and unable to have a bowel movement for almost 4 days. I am guessing this was due to the pain killers and probably also my fear of staining my muscles and ripping a suture. Walking is also very uncomfortable (I have to waddle like a penguin), and I have to be in a very certain position to sit comfortably. Aside from that, things are going ok.

Day 4 - I returned to my surgeon's office for the post op and to get the drain removed. He says everything looks great which is reassuring. Today is also the day I have to fly home and I am still waddling! Walking through the airport I am very self-conscious and uncomfortable, but thankfully I am in another city and won't ever have to see these people again. The flight was better as I was able to sit relatively comfortably. So glad to finally be home!

Day 5 - the itching has gotten much worse but Claritin seems to help significantly. I am still mostly laying in bed reading/watching TV, but did run to the pharmacy (driving is very uncomfortable as it is difficult to sit in my comfortable position and use the gas/brakes!) As far as how things look down there, a little scary which is what I expected. Swollen and slightly bruised. Despite this, I can tell that there has been significant improvement. I have read enough about the recovery process to know that the swelling is normal, but really hoping things start to at least feel a bit more comfortable soon. I still have 6 days off work, so I am hoping for significant improvement between now and then. One thing I am sure of is that I am glad I took extra time off work. Most docs say you should be good to work in just a few days if you have a sedentary job (I do), but I personally don't want to have to waddle into work and make excuses for my goofy walk!

Day 7

Today I felt better than I have since getting the surgery. Was up moving around a lot more, although definitely still walking funny. Things still look about the same, very swollen. There is not so much pain anymore, more just a bit uncomfortable and nervous about tearing. There seems to be some dried crusty blood/scab by my clit, however, the area is wayyyy to sensitive to touch and clean. I have been rinsing with water 2x per day and am hoping it washes away soon as it looks super gross, although everything does now, so I guess it doesn't matter! I am getting pretty bored of sitting at home and praying that I feel good enough to get out and about a bit this weekend, we'll see!

Almost 4 months

Hi all, sorry for not posting in sooo long! My recovery went really smoothly after the first two weeks with very minimal discomfort. I had sex about 7 weeks post op and it was amazing! First time in my entire life I haven't been self conscious while being naked! I was a bit concerned about the effects on the sensation I feel down there, but all is well!

Visually I am very pleased with the results. My inner labia no longer hangs down and while they aren't completely concealed by my outer labia when standing, there is only a tiny gap which I think is quite normal. I had read someone else who posted that their clit looked somewhat pinned up after the clitoropexy, and I will agree with that; doesn't really bother me though as you would have to get all up in there to notice! It is such a vast improvement from what it looked like before, so I can't complain! I feel totally comfortable in swimsuits and even got my first Brazilian as a result of my newfound confidence! All in all, very pleased.

I will try to post another picture soon to show the final results. Thanks for the support everyone!
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