34 Years Old, 2 Breastfed Kids, Mentor memoryshape anatomical 330 cc - Los Angeles, CA

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I have had a few consultations now for a mommy...

I have had a few consultations now for a mommy makeover and scheduled a surgery date in early September. I've been going back and forth on a number of issues. First, do I really need to do this? When I was younger, I was adamantly against plastic surgery but since having two kids I've been struggling with my confidence with my post-kids body. I've always been athletic and fit. Before kids I was a proportional 34B and happy with my breast size. I enjoy running so I never really desired to have large breasts. I carried both my boys very low with a pointy belly. I have separated muscles (not sure by how much) as well as an umbilical hernia, and stretched skin. My boobs deflated to a 36A. I have worked out consistently over the past 2 years since my last child was born and can't seem to do anything about that tummy pooch! With the deflated breasts, it's aggravating to me that my stomach is now the most protruding part of my body. Given that my arms and legs are pretty toned, it definitely looks out of sorts on my frame and I've had a couple people ask me recently if I'm expecting again. Can you believe it?
So, I'm grappling with a couple things: 1) Is it worth the money and the lay up? My boys are 5 and 2 now , and one is special needs that requires a lot of attention and hands-on support. Can I afford to take the time off to rest? Originally I booked a mommy makeover but recently changed it to only breast augmentation given the increased recovery time needed. 2) Will I be happy if I only do a BA and not the tummy? I figure I might be able to live with the tummy if my boobs are more prominent. I don't have tummy folds, just stretched skin/pooch/hernia/layer of fat that won't go away no matter what! 3) Will I be comfortable with the breasts implants? I've always liked the athletic/small boob look and liked that I didn't have to strap them down with double bras to run as some of my well-endowed friends had to do. Will I feel comfortable with the added volume? Will it feel like me or like alien boobs? Will I regret it and wish I had my small, deflated comfortable boobs back? 4) Lastly, if I end up doing the tummy tuck, I'm worried about feeling self-conscious about the scar. My doctor said that I would likely end up with two scars, one across the lower abdomen and a vertical scar under the belly button since there is not a lot of tissue to remove and mostly tightening. Will that be worse than the pooch? After reading so many reviews on this site, I'm getting much more comfortable with the idea of modifying my body and being ok with the idea that I don't have to love my postpartum body. There is this pressure on us moms to be no-meds, natural childbirth, stay at home, love my stretch marks and saggy boobs, super moms! I just don't buy it. My husband is supportive of whatever I want to do, it's been more me coming to terms with the fact that I'm not a happy with my body now. I would so appreciate any advice from those who have gone through both procedures or maybe opted to only do one of the other! Thanks a million!

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Surgery done!

Had my BA surgery on Friday. I went with the Mentor textured anatomical memory shape implants, partially under the muscle. My surgeon ended up using 295 on the left and 330 on the right to correct my asymmetry. The first night was rough. My whole body hurt and I felt like I couldn't move. I think the worst of it was coming out of the anesthesia. I was nauseated and ended up throwing up a few hours after I got home. I felt much better afterwards. Getting up from sitting and in and out of bed was the hardest. It's over 48 hours now since my surgery and I'm feeling so much better. I've been out on a couple walks with the dog. Moving is helpful to keep the swelling down. I'm also taking my pain medication consistently, and staying on top of that is important. I've been doing range of motion exercises every hour, and I think this is helping a lot. I got to shower today and that felt great! Still getting used to the new me, and looking forward to seeing the end result once the swelling goes down.

Day 17

Just passed the two week mark and getting much more comfortable. It took a week to really feel out of the worst part of recovery. I have no pain now, just some soreness at the incision sites and tightness in my chest muscles. I am still sleeping in my back. I can roll on my sides for while if I prop myself up with pillows. This has been frustrating since I'm a side sleeper. I had prepared myself for emotional ups and downs but I felt I was doing pretty good overall. Yesterday I did break down in tears. I was exhausted from the kids and not sleeping well the night before and my boobs feeling not comfortable was aggravating. I am still not completely comfortable with my new look. They still don't feel like part of me. I think they are a bit too big and I'm wishing I had gone a size down. They also project A LOT, which is not something I really wanted. I'm happy with the overall look but I wish they were more natural and tear drop looking with a gradual slope. I guess I just have to be patient! I really hope they get softer. Right now they're still really firm and don't move. I can get a little movement if I bend over. Can't squish them together! I've been reading conflicting reviews about "dropping and fluffing." Some say it will happen with time. Others say the textured anatomicals are really meant to stay where they are. I really hope they do! I'm super eager to get back to exercising. Been walking a few miles a day and did one 30 min session on the recumbent bike at the gym keeping my heart rate low. Patience! I'm happy I didn't do the tummy. I don't notice it as much now and I actually find the curve of my belly to seem more womanly now with the bigger boobs.
Caroline Min, MD

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