Mixto Laser on Asian Skin for Acne Scars - Los Angeles, CA

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I am an Asian with acne scars, which makes my...

I am an Asian with acne scars, which makes my condition particularly tricky to treat with lasers. I was doing Lux 1540, but I will be heading back into school this fall and, thus, will have much less time for treatments, thus I wanted to try something faster.

As such, I turned to the Mixto laser as done by Dr. David Rahimi in Beverly Hills, CA. He proposed a Mixto + minor subcision followed by a touch-up after healing. He warned that I would not get rid of all of my scars, that the scars would mostly return by the end of the first month but then get better by around the third or fourth month, at which point he'd do the touch-up.

I am posting this as a blog for my progress and to answer any questions people may have about the procedure itself.

Dr. Rahimi's process, as he explained to me, was a little different than others, because he uses a different head on the Mixto laser to "shave down the edges" of the ridges of the scars as well as the Mixto itself. He also did a subcision immediately after the procedure to raise some bound-down scars, which I think was very necessary on the left side of my face.

Also, btw, when I say "harshest lighting I could find," I mean that, each time I took a picture, I went out of my way to find the worst lighting possible for my scars at that particular time with a light coming down from straight above. My bathroom has a single 120 watt pure-white light bulb, which is kind of like a weaker version of the side lights that dermatologists use to find acne scars. This does mean that the angles are possibly off with each picture, but this is the most objective way I can figure to do it, since there is no way the scars can actually look "worse" than they are with the angles I took them.

April 27, 2012:

Day before procedure. Had to take some sort of Doxycyclin the night before in order to prevent infections. I was also given two microdermabrasions each spread a week apart before this point in order to prep my face for the procedure.

May 9, 2012:

About five days after stopping applying Aquaphor, which means it's been 11 days since the procedure. I've mostly finished peeling. The scars look better, especially on the left side of my face, but they are still pretty evident in the right. It is difficult to wait for the full three or four months to see how these scars will develop.

Some acne broke out, and I was given an oral antibiotic to treat it, but it hasn't worked too well (I've always been pretty resistant to antibiotics). Fortunately, the outbreaks are pretty minor, nothing even approaching the levels that caused the scarring in the first place.

May 28, 2012 Happy Memorial Day everyone. It's...

May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day everyone. It's been exactly a month since I had the procedure, I've posted my result pictures. Note: my left side has a bit of acne. I assure you, it's actually exactly the same.

Now, it LOOKS like there has been a lot of improvement on my right side, and there has, but really, it's not as much as it looks compared to my older picture. My older picture was a little blurred, made the scars look worse than they actually were. What you can REALLY notice is the bridge of skin between my two scars clusters, that was not really there before. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, this is has been my post-op treatment routine:

Wash face with cold water and glycolic cleanser. Pat dry.
Spot treat any acne with Acanya (2.5% benzoyl peroxide/1.2% clindamycin mix).

Wash face with cold water and glycolic cleanser. Pat dry.
Acanya all over face.
Kojic acid all over face.
Neocutis Bio-Gel all over face (this is my moisturizer, essentially).

Every week, I will forego all of my topicals in the night treatment for a treatment with Atralin (topical tretinoin .05%)

So yeah. Steady as she goes, but there is definitely improvement. Also, the redness is much more noticeable in these pictures because I took off the color correction.

Hope ya'll had a great long weekend.

June 28, 2012 Pretty much exactly two months...

June 28, 2012

Pretty much exactly two months since I had the treatment. I added two more photos that I took last night, when my scars are at their worst after a long day:

As you can see, left side still pretty much the same (I'm still wondering why the left side resolved so damn well) whereas there is still room for improvement on the right, but it's definitely getting a bit better. I also have a bit of active acne still ongoing, but it appears to be on its way out, as far as I can tell.

There are some days where they look worse. For instance, on the left side of my face, a slight crater may show up at the end of the day, and on the right it'll look a bit messier, but overall this is generally how they look at their worst.

I scheduled my touch-up for July 28. After consulting with Dr. Rahimi some more, I have confirmed that it is, indeed, basically another regular Mixto treatment (in fact, he said he would be going more aggressively on my right side than last time), except he'll be attacking only the scars and not the entire face. He also said any subsequent treatments, if I would want any, would be $500 each. However, considering that I'll be starting grad school, I don't think I'll have time for more treatments until at LEAST winter vacation, so yeah.

Had my second procedure exactly two weeks ago. It...

Had my second procedure exactly two weeks ago. It was a TCA Peel + Mixto + Subcision, and it was free. Check it out.

August 28, 2012 New pictures, a month after my...

August 28, 2012

New pictures, a month after my last Mixto.
Los Angeles Dermatologist

I have been to quite a few dermatologists for my acne scars, and Dr. Rahimi has been the only doctor I've met who's board-certified for both Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. Furthermore, he actually has a pretty measured approach to procedures and prefers patient happiness over profit. For example, when I first met with him, I was undergoing Lux 1540 at another office, and he suggested that I should probably go back to Lux 1540 and give it another chance before trying his procedure. He was more worried about my convenience than his own making of money.

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