Like Night and Day, in 5 Short Weeks (Also Used Renova) - Los Angeles, CA

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I wasn't doing enough for my skin and decided to...

I wasn't doing enough for my skin and decided to take the bull by the horns. I'm 57 and know that some day I will have PS but, for now, I am thrilled with my outcome. Supposedly, you start realizing the most benefits from Renova and Microneedling around week 12 but I got antsy and decided to shoot progress shots today at week 5. The difference is night and day and I am THRILLED.

Under eyes at 5 weeks

Will take more photos tomorrow and post. Let me preface this by saying that years ago I had CO2 laser done and my olive skin did NOT like it. My undereyes lost volume (ugh, can you imagine?) and the skin was discolored. Lovely. There was not enough concealer to hide anything that was going on.

I was at the PS a few weeks back and he thought the improvement was great. I just do not have time to have a brow life and u/l bleph. We are going to do a chem peel in May to see if that can buy me a little time.

The pics show improvement (not to mention the importance of waxing or plucking your brows)

Onward to a TCA peel

I am a puffy mess today. I feel like I look 110 years old hahaa. But, this too shall pass. Will post updates daily. Yesterday I had it done at my PS's office and I frosted like mad. I did this 3 years ago and was pleased with the results. Will be interesting to see if my months of micro needling in prep will help me garner a better result. Stay tuned...

Day 3 TCA peel

Puffier. I have to go see an old friend today at his house but he's known me since I was a kid so not concerned about him seeing me this way. I did put on some eye makeup and also tried to cover up the red/purple/brown messes under my eyes but it looked worse! Blegh. Tomorrow should be better.

TCA Day 4

Woke up to my snakey molted skin on the pillow. Bleh. Still a little puffy but the healed/peeled skin looks amazing. Will do a full face TCA myself (at a much lighter percentage, of course) around July 4. I did 18% on my smile lines on Friday and they look improved although I could have done a second layer. Woo hoo, almost all better.

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