Body Jet and Laser Lipo with Fat Transfer to Buttocks. Nice Result So Far! - Los Angeles, CA

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I had bodyjet with laser liposuction on April 6th...

I had bodyjet with laser liposuction on April 6th (today is the 10th) and am thus far, very pleased with my results. The areas I had treated were my lateral back (bra roll), upper arms, upper and lower abs, flanks and hips. I also did a fat transfer to my buttocks.


Initially, I thought I might be overdoing it. I mean, it is a lot of areas. Also, having no previous surgery experience other than my wisdom teeth, wasn't sure if I shouldn't just do a few areas at first, see how I liked the result, then go back for more later. Seeing as how I'm not overweight and wanted the best result for my fat transfer, I decided it would be better to just get everything done the same day and get the highest fat yield.

A few weeks prior to my surgery, the bad dreams started. I'd read a lot on this site about people who didn't get a good result, rippling, dimpling, indentations and loss of sensation. Would this be my result? I considered backing out of my procedure before thinking better of it. The doctor I chose (I'd consulted with two prior to him) had a lot of experience with liposuction and fat transfers. He'd answered all my questions and I had a good feeling about him. I'd also not been getting the results I wanted from diet and exercise. Clothes shopping had turned into an arduous experience and nothing ever made me feel good.

I deserved this. I was ready to feel good about my body and being in my skin. Decision made.

My biggest worry (aside from undesirable post-op results) then, was pain. Pain during and after the surgery. I knew bruising was inevitable, but what was I going to be put through?

The doctor told me during a pre-op appt that he'd keep me comfortable and wouldn't remember anything. His surgery assistant basically told me the same. She would be there the entire time, turning me and keeping me warm. Changing out wet towels and feeding me crackers and Gatorade throughout the procedure.

The morning of surgery, I was given something to relax me then whisked into the surgical suite to be weighed and have before/after photos taken. The doctor then went over my records and discussed what areas he would be working on. He drew on my body as I described what areas I wanted him to concentrate on. I added another area to my surgery as he was drawing after we agreed my finished contour would look better if we did this other area too.

I laid down on the surgery table and an IV was started in my arm. This was the Versed I was told of earlier (amnesia/anti-anxiety). From this point, things get a bit fuzzy. I remember being asked to roll over and change position at various points. I recall certain areas being very ticklish (lateral back against ribs) almost to the point of feeling like "tickle torture". I remember hearing the sound of the surgery cannula as it rubbed against my muscle walls, especially the abdominal area..more specifically, when the tip of the cannula bumped against my naval repeatedly. This didn't hurt, but the sound was as though it was right in my ear. I could hear my heart beating. The most painful part of surgery was when he did my arms. I remember wincing in pain and him asking me if it hurt. There were several moments I remember being in extreme pain, but it stopping just when I thought I couldn't take anymore.

I remember the music playing in the operating room being annoyingly loud and the sounds of people coming and going and talking. I heard the surgery assistant say "Wow...look at how skinny she is".

At one point during the procedure, when I was laying on my stomach, my head turned to the side, I saw several syringes of harvested fat standing upright on the counter next to me. I remember counting 11 or 12 60cc syringes, and a full container of fat next to that. I was surprised at how much had come out of me...and pleased it was gone!

The next part of surgery I remember was the fat transfer. I remember the feeling of the needle jabs in my behind being so severe, I was kicking my legs back and forth. It seemed no one noticed my extreme discomfort or commented on the fact I was obviously in distress. My next memory is of opening my eyes and seeing all but one of the syringes laying empty on the same counter. Moments later, I heard the surgery tech say "look at that cleavage", which is think was a reference to my new perky behind.

After that, I remember sitting up with her getting me dressed. She then fed me crackers and Gatorade before moving me to a wheelchair wheeling out of the room. Once we reached the hallway, I felt nauseated and threw up into a tray. I threw up a few moments later.

The ride home was fine, but I got nauseated again and threw up twice too. After that, no more nausea and didn't take any nausea medication after getting home or the days following.

Was very groggy the first night and slept pretty well. Moving around was a bit tough, as I was also being careful not to lay on my behind, which was really sore. The next morning I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. I could feel fluid running down my back and into the toilet. It was blood tinged and obviously with some fat in it. There was an oil slick on the water! This went on for the first day before eventually subsiding, but was interesting to see. Didn't see that one coming.

That afternoon, I returned for my post op bandage change. Felt pretty good that day. Not too swollen. They said I looked good for day one. I was told I could take a shower that I did. And this is where it gets good.

I hadn't seen my body naked yet, so wasn't sure what to expect. Bruising, yes. But when I took my bandages off, I was amazed at how small my waist was. My love handles were gone! My body was better than I'd even dreamed it could be. Feeling the warm water run over my skin felt divine. Despite the open wounds, nothing stung. I dried myself off and appled bandages to my sores before re-wrapping myself with the support garments. That night was rough, the next night was really rough. Then sleep got a bit easier. Changing positions in bed is still very hard and I avoid sleeping on my back.

The pain and swelling varies with the day. One day it will be the arms that hurt, another day, my hips, another day, the abs. Swelling/bruising in the genital area has been pretty gross, but I was prepared for that. It looks like the worlds largest pubic mound- a purple one at that. Not very flattering. The swelling has been more pronounced the last few days (days 3/4), making me wonder if my body has reverted back to it's old shape. My tummy is much larger today and my hips appear wider again....but I know it's just the swelling and it will come and go in the days/weeks/months ahead. It's only been 4 days.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. I wish I'd done this YEARS ago had I known I could've changed my shape for the better so easily. The pain and discomfort is worth it... and I'd recommend liposuction to anyone who isn't overweight and wants to change the contours of their body if diet/exercise isn't yielding good results.

Jan. 2011, went back in for repeat lipo tos same...

Jan. 2011, went back in for repeat lipo tos same areas, but without additional fat transfer (ouch!).

The problem areas previously liposuctioned did start to come back, despite diet and exercising. Now that's what I call "stubborn fat". They got out a lot this time too, and I'm a pretty slender person. Hoping this time, they kicked the fat's butt and it will be less reluctant to make a come back.

Just goes to show, it isn't always permanent. And yes, it is still work to keep off!
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