33 Y/O: Mommy Makeover - Breast Lift and Lipo All over. Los Angeles, CA

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I have had 2 children - one is age 3 (natural) and...

I have had 2 children - one is age 3 (natural) and the second is age 1.5 (c-section). I want my body back. I am having my inner/ outer thighs, lower/ upper abs, bra line, flanks and chin liposuctioned (tumescent) along with a breast lift (and reduction of one breast). I am 5'7" and 135 lbs pre-surgery, although that is 10 lbs heavier than my normal/ ideal weight.

Made it!

I had my surgery yesterday morning. It took 7 hours. While I thought my breasts would be the most sore from the reduction and lift, the pain is nothing compared to the excruciating pain from the liposuction. My pain is normal, but due to the fact that I literally had my entire body liposuctioned, it makes the pain exponentially worse. My pain meds were switched from Norco to Percoset thankfully, which has helped. I have found that the hardest thing it getting up after resting. If I am walking around, I feel better, but after laying down, getting up and moving is absolute torture. Still need to post my before pics. I have one of those body far percentage scales and even though I gained almost 15 lbs from the saline/ IV fluids, my body fat percentage was reduced by 7%! I got a quick peek at the doctor's office today and am already loving the results.

3000 CCs of fat removed

Forgot to add that I had 3,000 CCs of fat removed. I have never been in so much pain in my life, but am looking forward to the end result.

Before pictures

These were taken the night before surgery.

Two days out pictures

Still very bloated and swollen, but stomach is totally flat.

Before breast pics and after (2 days post).

One pic is my before breasts taken night before surgery. The left is a full C. The right is a full D. I had the right reduced to a C and both lifted. My after picture only shows my right breast as they are still very covered. I am very happy with them.

A couple more pics 2 days post surgery

I have found a great system for my pain meds. Getting out of bed in the morning is excruciating. There is no way around it. My breasts really do not hurt at all. The trauma from liposuction literally in every part of my body makes it feel like my entire body is covered by a bruise. That said, once I get out of bed and overcome the nighttime stiffness that set in, I really start feeling good. I take 2 Nocos, wait 4 hours, then take 2 Percocets, then wait 6 hours, then take 2 Norcos and so on. I am now down to that routine with only 1 Percocet as opposed to two. On day two, once I overcame the morning stiffness, I was able to take off my compression garment, which also had a large piece of lipo foam in the front to take some better full body pictures. Note: I am still about & lbs heavier than when I went into surgery from all of the fluids pumped into me and very swollen. That said, I am already beyond thrilled with the results. I feel as though my surgery was in the higher range price wise, but it includes everything - every single compression garment/ bra/ lipo foam. Anything you could possibly think of that I have read as being an essential post surgery. I will be going back in tomorrow for another follow up and will continue posting about my journey. I hope this helps those of your thinking of going through it as well.

Additional thoughts regarding recovery with small children

For those thinking of this type of extensive surgery wih small children at home, it can be done. I have a 3 year old and 1.5 year old and while my husband was supportive in terms of paying for the surgery, he was in no way wanting to be my nurse. The day of surgery, our nanny came over at 5:00 am (my surgery started at 6:00 am and my hubby went to work after dropping me off). She kept the kids out of the house all day doing fun things like going to the park, going to Chuckie Cheese, etc. She did the same thing the following day so that I could rest without hearing them screaming, playing, etc. Today (day 2), was a big turning point pain wise for me. She kept them in and around the house. I spent most of the day in bed, but was able to see them, cuddle them, and spend some time with them. My oldest is already in a twin bed, but my youngest is still in a crib. Rather than keep him in his normal crib, we put him in a Baby Bjorn Travel Crib, which is very small, lightweight and can be pushed over (his room has very plush carpet), so that when I do not have help, I will not be lifting him. Tomorrow, I will be alone with the kids most of the day until our nanny comes back over to watch them while my mom drives me to another post op appointment. After having a c-section and seeing how debilitating that was recovery wise, we were very worried about this recovery. It has been night and day easier for me. Ladies, it can be done with toddlers at home. I can't speak for a tummy tuck as that is incredibly more invasive, but any sort of breast reduction/ lift or augmentation (although I did not have an augmentation) with all over lipo is definitely doable. I also had been working with a private trainer beforehand to help get my body in better shape. I believe that this also helped my recovery. I will post more following my next appointment tomorrow.

One week post surgery

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for following along my journey. I am officially one week post surgery. All of my stitches from lipo sites were removed yesterday. All of my stiches from my breasts with the exception if two spots (where nipple attaches to vertical incision and where vertical incision attached to bottom of under breast incision as I had an anchor lift). Removal of stitches was completely painless. I feel great. By day 3, I he turned a corner and was feeling great. Very much back to normal aside from just being careful. I drove myself to my appointment yesterday and ran errands before coming home. My only complaint was that all day after the removal of my stitches, those areas were extremely itchy. My doctor prides himself on no stitch holes, hence the non dissolving stitches. Apparently, after removal, it is expected for the areas to somewhat scab slightly and then heal. I only have steri strips that are changed after each shower on the lipo incision points (nothing placed on them when I hit 10 days post surgery) and Aquaphor with non adhesive dressing in the breast incisions. I am still wearing the chin strap for my chin lipo (apparently I can stop wearing that on day 10). I am still wearing my compression garment and lipo foam. My doctor has provided every bit of aftercare items. I have three different compression garments to rotate through in order to always have a clean one. I am still about 3 lbs heavier from when I went in for surgery. This is normal. I wil post some new pictures next week. It doesn't look much different yet! Thank you all for your kind words of support! I am beyond thrilled with my results. For the longest time I was so uncomfortable with my body despite exercise and dieting, even to the point where I did not even like my own husband looking at me naked. I have never been this comfortable in my own skin and it feels amazing. My husband, who originally was not that supportive of this, is so thrilled as well. One final thing, since I paid cash for my surgery, my doctor threw in a free syringe of Juviderm Ultra for my lips! I am getting those done on Tuesday. Yay!

Almost 3 months post surgery

I am just about 3 months post survey and feel great! I am back to my normal exercise routine, everything has healed and I am over the moon with my results. I ended up only wearing the compression garment for about 3 weeks as my doctor felt it was doing more harm than good in my stomach area where a hard lump has formed. That dissipated when I stopped wearing the garment. Since then, I have basically been wearing workout/ yoga clothes most of the time for some compression. My thighs have a gap, which I love, my stomach is perfectly flat and I just look so much slimmer. I weigh just about the same as when I went in for surgery, but have gone down almost 2 sizes in clothing. I could not be happier with my results and feel blessed that I made the choice to go with Dr. Bresnick. I will post pictures when I get a chance to take new ones.

Over 2 years later and couldn't be happier!

It's been a while since I last updated. It's been 2 years and 2 months and I still could not be happier with my results from Dr. Bresnick! I can't recommend him enough - he is amazing!

Over 2 years later and couldn't be happier

It's been a while since I posted pics - it's been 26 months since my surgery and this is what I look like now. Mind you, I gained 5 lbs from all the BBQing we have been doing this summer!! Thanks, Dr. Bresnick, you changed my life!
Dr. Stephen Bresnick

Absolutely fantastic. From the first consultation where he was very honest as he told me that for my Mommy Makeover, I would not need a tummy tuck and thought look was the way to go (much cheaper) to the actual surgery day and aftercare, he has been absolutely wonderful. He really is an artist with what he is able to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking liposuction or breast work done.

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