Latisse on my Short Asian Lashes and my Overplucked Eyebrows - Los Angeles, CA

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I was blessed with short, straight Asian eyelashes...

I was blessed with short, straight Asian eyelashes and didn't want to spend all the time and money to get extensions so I'm giving Latisse a chance. I'm also going against the directions and trying it on my overplucked eyebrows as well.

The brushes that come with the Latisse are these awful thick plastic things... the kind that comes with a 99 cent kid's watercoloring set. Those would get the Latisse everywhere so I threw those away and ordered some disposable fine tipped eyeliner brushes from eBay.

It's only been 2 weeks so I haven't noticed any lengthening or thickness yet. We'll see how it goes.

1 month down, 3 more to go

Finally hit the 1 month mark! I was really hoping for some results by now, seeing as some lucky people have visible results after a month. Patience...
I see no lengthening of the eyelashes but I think it may be a bit thicker? No change in eyebrows yet.

Finally some visible results after 12 weeks.

After not seeing any results after 8 weeks, I was beginning to wonder if it would work. I started to grow tiny hairs in that area between my eyes and my eyebrows as well as that part on the outside corner of my eyes on my cheeks so I know the product must work somewhat. It seems that it dribbles off and goes to work in unwanted areas though.

I did notice my eyebrows getting darker and sprouting some baby hairs around it so I'm hopeful.

At 12 weeks I was finally able to notice some length in my eyelashes (mostly on the outside). Before that I kept staring at photos and thinking that it might be longer? or thicker? or just wishful thinking... I wasn't sure.

I'm looking forward to more lengthening though because this would not make it worth it, but I'm hopeful now!!

12 week photo

photo won't load. =T


After 16 weeks, I can definitely tell that my lashes are longer and fuller. More on one side than on the other but I'm hoping they'll even out eventually. Still can't replace my falsies but they're great.

0 and 16 week comparison

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