Horrific Scars from a Breast Reduction from 2 Years Ago and Still Have Them This Day! - Los Angeles, CA

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I don't know what to do! :( (I actually don't know...

I don't know what to do! :( (I actually don't know the procedure cost, my parents took care of all that stuff and never told me.) I had a breast reduction about 2 years ago, I was a DDD42, to a C38. They grew back to a DD42 from weight gain over those couple years. Anyways, the healing was crucial and slow, especially from the 1st month til the 3rd-4th month!(I went to checkups every month.) The first couple of months, some areas were also still open! They would bleed constantly and would change my dressings daily. I noticed my sutures weren't "dissolving" as my doctor said they would, though I did wait a couple months before me and my doctor realized it wasn't dissolving at all around the 3rd-4th month. 

He manually removed the sutures himself though some were too deep to get to as some got healed over. He told me I was that small percentage of people that was allergic to the sutures. Also he prescribed me Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1%, for the open wounds and some re-opened from removing them manually. I came back a few weeks after that as a few more of the sutures showed up. By that time there were only a couple small areas left that were open and eventually fully healed around the 8th month after the surgery. So, I began to use scar cream he recommended it had Vitamin E and Silicon used it for a several months but didn't really see improvements! The scar cream was very expensive too! So, I stopped using it, for awhile now. 
Seems the same to me for awhile now, though now that I think about it these aren't regular scars, these may be keloids(red raised scars that goes beyond the actual incisions). They also run in the family(forming keloids)! They are everywhere where he did the surgery. Around the nipples(very sloppy looking and the nipples slight different from one another, shape and the left nipple lost sensation). Under the breasts, all the way under my arm pits is where the rest of the keloids proceed. Though I'm not really worried about those under ones really, just the keloids around my nipples is what bothers me the most! Please help! What are my options? Should I go back to my doctor even though it's been 2-3 years now? Can he still do something about it? The scars/keloids are still redish color. the color of the keloid varies at times it would be red or a dark shade of red. Is there a specific doctor to go for this, or what? Please help I've been waiting for too long! Or am I just going to have these haunting scars forever? :( Any help or advices are surely appriciated!
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