Finally Chose Invisalign - Los Angeles, CA

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Have always been self conscious about my teeth....

Have always been self conscious about my teeth. Like many, My parents never really could afford braces and even if they could they were never worried about the position of my teeth. I vaguely remember my childhood dentist saying something about getting a retainer/braces but parents never really thought much of it......well thanks. Leave me to fix the mess, lol. Having moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career well you know how image goes down here! I have already had some success in my field but I need this confidence boost to bring me over the edge. I'm not worried, I'm excited for 2014. It will be a year of fantastic changes. Now I don't think my teeth are crazy horrible but they are way far from perfect. I know i have a deep - ish anterior crossbite / rotated canines vampire - like teeth/ rotated teeth in general / my midline needs to be shifted / crowding and i dont really have much of an overjet standard being 2mm or around there. just a few on my prescrip for invisaign. Its just whatever! Main point is that its going to be fixed now!
Im a person that does research so I have gone to a couple consultations varying in range & price. I'm also indecisive so it took me a couple months to choose which way/who i wanted to go with. Next thing you know I get an email from the ortho for a christmas special of 500 off, with a decent down payment, and a pretty low monthly payment, I was sold. Not to mention this was the guy that I felt best about, felt comfortable, very knowledgeable, and supposedly is a pretty damn good accredited invisalign ortho here in LA (Top 3% worldwide???) but we'll see about that!
Fingers crossed.

Went into the office on December 3rd to take records/xrays, paperwork, some minimal teeth contouring, and to take my impressions. Luckily they have the Itero scanner so no messy impressions here! 12-18 months of treatment for me.
Will update with pics when i see the ortho next.
Just wanted to give this a start here on REALSELF to take you guys with me on my journey as I have been reading up on others! Really helpful to my own research. heh!
My next appointment should be to pick up my first set of aligners on Jan 7!
2014 will be starting off right ! It will be the beginning to a great year :)
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