Had a Baby in my 40s and Some People Have Thought I Am Her Grandmother. - Los Angeles, CA

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Ok. This year I'm going to do it. I actually went...

Ok. This year I'm going to do it. I actually went to a cosmetic surgeon after the second incident of someone thinking I was grandma (2010), and the surgeon (bless her heart) said I didn't need one. Last year, I went again (to the surgeon who performed my upper and lower blepharplasty in 2007) and got a quote of $8300, but I don't think it included a neck lift.

Today I had an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lesavoy in Encino, CA and he quoted me $11,200. That quote was for having it in his "minor procedure room". He would perform the surgery in his office and put me under with a lighter anesthesia. If I want the surgery center, I add on $1800 to that total. I actually like that he can do it in his office. I think most complications come from being over anesthetized. I am leaning towards Dr. Lesavoy at this time, but have other appointments scheduled.

I spoke with Dr. Quiroz in Tijuana (recommended by RealSelfers) but he hasn't gotten back to me with a quote. I left another message with him and will report back when he returns my call. The other appointments I have are with Drs. Bandy and Nichter, both recommended highly by RealSelfers too.

Doctor Visits

I had a consultation with three doctors today and I have to say all of them are great. I saw Drs. Larry Nichter, Amy Bandy and Steven Daines. Should you chose any of these doctors, I think you are in good hands. Without going into details about all three, I will just say that I am probably going to go with Dr. Nichter. He is very thorough, has been doing cosmetic surgeries for decades and he has a wonderful patient coordinator, Barbara Kone. She is professional, friendly, funny, likeable and makes you feel like you are her friend and not a stranger. She really makes you feel like you are the most important client they have.

Another plus for Dr. Nichter is that I can schedule my surgery on a Saturday which gives me two extra days to recover. Then there's cost. If I deduct a brow lift (that Dr. Nichter says I didn't need anyway) and have the procedure done in his office, his price is actually the best. Price should not be your only concern, but as I said, all of the doctors are great and if I can have a great doctor at a good price, it's a win-win.

Monday, (7/28), I will be putting down my deposit to hold my surgery date which will be on December 20. I probably won't be checking in here until sometime in November or December when things start up again. I will keep you posted! Until then, have a great summer and fall!
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