64th Birthday Coming Up - I'm Looking Tired and Droopy - Ugh! Los Angeles, CA

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I've been thinking about having a face lift for...

I've been thinking about having a face lift for two years now. I have never had plastic surgery or any kind of treatment for wrinkles, etc. So, this is ALL new to me. I've been looking at all of the courageous women (and men) who have written their stories and most all of them are so encouraging and look SO NICE after their surgeries. This motivated me to start even though I'm scared and nervous about what others will say. I hope to find a doctor who will not try to make me look plastic and too stretched as I work with a LOT of people and I don't want to be too obvious. I'd just like to look less tired, get rid of the neck and eye droop. I'm really active in the workaday world (CEO of a medical device company) and I travel and do a lot of marketing/video conferencing. I'd like to look better... I'm just starting the journey...would love some comments about whether this is worth it and just to hear what others have dealt with during the decision process, surgery and afterwards. Thanks!

64th Birthday Coming Up - I'm Looking Tired and Droopy - Ugh! Los Angel

Just a quick update - thank you to the ladies who have answered my first posting!

I've now scheduled consultations with three doctors (local in LA area). I've done a lot of online research and read countless reviews. I'm a person who usually makes rather quick decisions (in business) but this is a big decision that can impact your feelings about yourself (positive and negative) so I'm going to try and slow down and evaluate which doctor/office I feel is both the most qualified to perform surgery on my face (oh my god!) but also has that extra something special to make me feel comfortable with my decision.

I've read SO MANY reviews on REAL SELF and it's very helpful (thanks to everyone who has posted). I do notice that so many of us ladies hide the fact that we are having a face lift. Why do we do that? Is it because we think it is vain, are we afraid in case it goes wrong, do we feel embarrassed or concerned that others will look on this as being selfish? I'm going through all of this now and I can say that I both feel I should be upfront about it and I also feel that I want to keep it all to myself. I've told my husband and he's supportive - but I think he will just die when he sees the aftermath of the surgery that first week. It's pretty courageous what we are willing to go through, isn't it?

Any help out there???? What sort of feelings have you had early in the process? Would love to hear.

The Most Excellent and Caring Doctor in Existence

I had my surgery. It went so well. I was very surprised about the following:
1) There is no pain
2) After the first three days you feel almost 90% - still tired but really OK
3) Walking every 3-4 hours is a MUST starting post op day 1
4) It takes awhile to adjust to your new face (about a month or so)
5) The right doctor can make or break your post op period - I had the best doctor EVER
6) It's really important to follow the treatment plan post op
7) It was great to have a nice big jacuzzi tub - so calming for me
8) There is a huge psychological impact to this surgery. Although I could see results quite soon, it was so difficult to see the bruising and the swelling. But time heals....

7 Months Post-op BEFORE AND AFTER pictures! WOW what a difference!!!!

Browlift / Forehead Lift Before and After Photos

I am 7 months post-op browlift, upper eyelid lift, lower facelift and and neck lift by Dr. James Pearson (Beverly Hills and Hermosa Beach). He is an ARTIST. I really feel so good. I am wearing my hair longer, I've lost 15 pounds and I just feel WONDERFUL about my whole being. This was one of the best decisions of my life - the journey definitely had it's tough days but Dr. Pearson called very often talked me through the process - so I ALWAYS knew what to expect. I think that's the reason I recovered so well. I'm so thrilled with the results. Please let me know if you have ANY questions.

- See more at: http://www.pearsonmd.com/photo-brow25.htm#sthash.tL4pKiCy.dpuf
Dr. James Pearson

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