490 cc Butt implants with Dr. Stanton

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I had a BBL done by Hughes 5 months ago and Now...

I had a BBL done by Hughes 5 months ago and Now I'm looking into getting implants. After researching, it seemed like Stanton is the king of implants, so I had a consult with both.

Stanton said I could go up to 600 ccs (he measured me), while Hughes said he only goes up to 330, because the implants are visible if he goes any higher.

I feel really confused and unsure what to do. I'd love some of your experiences, advice, and recommendations. Thank you!!!

600 cc round implants with Dr. Stanton

Had surgery yesterday morning! The staff was absolutely amazing. Dr. Stanton has a unique medication protocol that really is effective. I woke up from anesthesia with a pain level of 2-3 on a scale from 1-2 and had absolutely no nasea! I usually get super sick post op, but not this time.

My pain started to increase as the day went on. I was first taking 1 pain killer every 4 hours, but then increased to 2 every 4 hours. I've also been icing my butt, which feels great.

6 days post op!

Things are going really well! Slowly I'm able to do more things around the house. Stairs and bending down are still really difficult and the booty is still super hard, very tight, and high.

I've been off all pain meds (got off prescription pain meds 3 days post op) so that is great!

I'm starting to already get a little impatient, but I know that things will get better each day!

7 days post op!

Man, only being able to lie on you stomach is rough! All I want to do is be able to sit on the couch properly and to sleep well!

I'm the most uncomfortable at night. Constantly tossing and readjusting, but the booty looks great!

Looks like I needed a BBL and implants (2 separate surgeries) to get to my ideal look.

15 days post op

Man, recovery is no joke! I thought that by 2 weeks post op I would feel pretty normal, but it is taking longer than expected. Is this pretty normal?

- I'm still regularly taking ibuprofen for pain relief
- Moving around it still difficult
- I have a really really hard spot on my right cheek (is this normal?)
- My butt is super sensitive to touch

I'd love to hear from any girls that have had implants and are going through recovery right now too. Help me out! Thanks!!!!

Blister on incision

Just found a blister on my incision :( I'm scared to death that this is going to turn into an infection. For right now, Dr. Stanton said to wash it 2x a day with soap and water and apply a thin layer of neosporan.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did it go away or turn into an infection? Ahhhh, I'm so nervous!!!!

Had to have implants removed :(

Hey all, just a quick update. My blister started leaking fluid so I went to visit Stanton last week. It looked like an infection on the right side so I had to have the implants removed. Turned out after doing a culture, it wasn't an infection! Stanton said it was fat necrosis (dying fat cells). So basically, the fat that I had transferred from my BBL 8 months ago was under a lot of pressure from the implants and were dying. Crazy!

I am visiting Stanton again tomorrow to get my drain out and to discuss round 2. In thinking that having drains in is the way to go, so if any fluid needs to be expelled my the body, it has a drain to go through instead of the incision!

Has anyone else has any similar experiences? I'm also wondering if recovery time is faster with drains.

Excited for round two with Dr. Stanton (450cc)

I met with Dr Stanton yesterday and got cleared to get implants again. After going through a rough five months of getting implants out due to complications, it's pretty exciting to know that I can get them again now.

I've lost a little over 10 lbs since last surgery and was advised to go with 450cc. I'm a little nervous Bc I got 600 cc last time and a 150cc decrease seems like a lot. I also wanted to implants to help fill out my hips, and I don't think they'll be wide enough to do that :( I'm 5'5 and 135 lbs. any advice from ladies my size with 450 cc implants?

I'm excited and the date is booked for Nov 30!

Packing up for LA (2 days pre op + pics)

Starting to pack up for LA! Surgery is on Monday morning. I'm really excited, but nervous everything goes well this time.

Since I had to get the first round implants out Bc of fat cell death, I lost a lot of my bbl transfer (read prior posts for full story). My butt is so small and deflated. I've been really self conscious about it, so I'm excited to finally have the surgery done again!!

Hopefully Stanton can fit 490cc, otherwise we will go with 450 cc. I honestly have no idea what this size will look like on me. Hopefully it will drastically change my booty. I'm not looking for a moderate change :) I basically want to walk into a room and turn heads Bc of my butt.

As I'm packing, I wanted tips on what to bring. This is what I have so far:
- prescriptions + arnica + neosporin
- comfy clothes + flip flops
- plastic cups to pee into
- 2 pillows (boppy and body)
- Gatorade, crackers, protein bars and shakes

Is there anything in missing? Any tips or advice from another that's gone through it successfully?

Thank you ladies. I appreciate your help!

Height- 5'5
Weight- 135 lbs

Made it to the other side!

Surgery went well and Dr. Stanton fit the 490cc implants!

Recovery is going really well, but looking back at last time, usually day 1 is easy and day 2 and 3 are not that easy.

Hoping these implants don't get infected and I heal quickly.

490 cc implants

Here are a few photos of the implants. My butt actually looks much bigger in person

So far, I feel good. I'm staying on top of my medications, so that is really helping. Fingers crossed I don't feel much worse.

2 days post op

Things are going well. I've reduced the pain killers from 2 every 4-6 hours to 1 every 4-6 hours.

I'm about to take a shower for the first time, woohoo!

I also have my follow-up appointment tomorrow morning with Dr. Stanton.

4 days post op

Things are going really well so far! I saw Stanton yesterday AM for a follow up and it looks like everything is healing well. I had some antibacterial gauze stuffed into my incisions, so I waited to shower until he took it out. It caused a little bit of bleeding while pulling out, but nothing to worry about.

Now it's just a waiting game! He said that infections and complications arise between 2-3 weeks, so I think I'll be able to fully mentally relax after week 3.

Everyday I'm surprised by how much easier this recovery was when compared to last. Right now, my butt feels pretty hard and tight, but nothing unbearable.

I've been off all pain medication for over 24 hours and finished my last round of antibiotics this morning.

For the ladies that have already gone through the recovery process, when were you able to sit on your butt and function normally? 3 weeks? 6 weeks? I have no idea what to expect so any insights would be helpful.


8 days post op

Hi ladies! I'm feeling pretty good, even at just 8 days post op. I believe that since I had this surgery 6 months ago, but had to get the implants out 3 weeks after due to complications, the pocket under my muscle was made and stretched out. This is what causes the most pain, tension, and discomfort. It sucks that I had to go through this twice, but it's nice and the second time around has been a breeze.

I'm anxious to be out and about, but I'm continuing to stay home, rest, and am only laying on my stomach or standing up. I know that I'm not fully healed and I don't want to over do it just Bc I feel better.

I love love love the way my butt and hips look. My wait to hip ration is great (waist: 26 inches hips: 41.5 inches) and I can't wait to turn heads once I emerge back into the real world, lol.

I feel like I always had an image of what I wanted to look like and I'm finally looking that way. I'm sure you all can relate to that feeling.

Anyways, here are just a few other updates:
1) Still straddling the toilet, not sitting yet
2) Incisions look good, Dr. Stanton did some scar revision on them
3) My weight is back to normal (I think a lot of swelling has gone down)
4) I'm making sure to eat plenty of protein and drink lots of water every day
5) My walk is about 90% back to normal
6) Just a little tightness in my upper glutes
7) Implants are getting softer (they were never rock hard, unlike last time)

2 weeks post op

So, I'm pretty much 100% back to normal now. I can sit, walk up stairs, and drive comfortably. Mindy said I can even get back in the gym and start working upper body. A lot of swelling has gone down and I've realized my butt has shrunk some. You honestly can't tell in pants that I have implants, or a big butt. Which sucks! I look good from the back in underwear, but not very much projection from the side and not as large as I would have wanted. It looks ok when I pose and squeeze my butt as hard as possible and stick it out, haha. Not something I can walk around doing. For the ladies that have implants, does the implant continue softening up and looking bigger? Feeling kind of sad that it's not bigger :(
Ryan Stanton

Dr. Stanton, Mindy, Armando, Jasmine, and the anesthesiologist Dr. Gordon are such an amazing team. Dr. Stanton listened to what I wanted, carefully looked at my wish pics, and gave me his evaluation. On the day of surgery, his whole team made me feel so comfortable and confident in their skills.

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