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Little background on me: I am a 38 year old...

Little background on me:
I am a 38 year old Hispanic female from Los Angeles. For over 6 years now, I have been contemplating a nose job. My nose is not "horrible", but the tip of my nose (or bulbous tip) has always bothered me. The other thing is one side caves in a little more than the other, giving the appearance that my nose is slightly crooked. While I do have some legitimate breathing issues (large turbinates, nose caves in when I breathe deeply), my main reason for having a rhinoplasty is for cosmetic reasons. Sheer vanity! ---BUT, I figure I'm turning 40 in two years and it's time to finally do it before I get any older.
So after so many years of researching and meeting several doctors, all the components finally lined up.... Good doctor, good price, and the down time to do it! My surgery is scheduled for November 20, 2013....that's 3 days away (yikes!!!) while I'm a little nervous & anxious, I feel really confident with my choice of doctor. Dr. Ellenbogen ( in Century City) He has done over 6,000 rhinoplasties and his favorite are bulbous tips. At the initial consult & second consult, he took several pictures and used the plastic surgery simulator to show what my nose would look like. While I know it's not exact, it gives a really good idea of what I should expect. I honestly feel he will do even better (so I hope that's the case) . The staff is super friendly and his office is very nice.
So now that I'm only 3 days away, I've been getting prepared for my big day. I've picked up a nasal spray & my meds which I'm going to organize in a pill pack for easy tracking & no fuss the days after. I've stocked my fridge with fruits , juices, and soups I picked up from my favorite deli. I've got my protein powder & nutri bullet ready to go as well. Getting plenty of fruits and protein should make the recovery period much quicker.
I'll get my nails done on Monday and possibly a massage. It might be weeks if not months before I can put my face into a massage table and I figure it will be good to loosen my muscles since I might be bed ridden for a while.
Anyway, I think I'm ready for my surgery!!!

Night before Surgery....time to try and relax

So it's about 8pm the night before my rhinoplasty....I'm SUPER excited- I can feel the butterflies fluttering in my tummy. As the hours go by, I'm getting more , and more excited!
I've checked all of the items on my To Do list, my daughter is feed & bathed (thanks to her wonderful Daddy) so I'm actually heading out for a late night massage. Yay!!!! I made it as late as possible in hopes it will make me drowsy....I'm sure my head will be going crazy tonight while I lay in bed. I'm already starting to get some cold-sweats! But it's all good! I know everything will turn out ok (and my new nose will be just what I wanted).
I'm really happy I joined this sight. In only 3 days of being here ,I've received numerous comments/notes with support from total strangers!!! Thank you so much! It truly feels like a supportive 'community'. I've learned so much from other peoples' experience, so I'm happy to share mine.
I was going to keep my profile TOTALLY anonymous by not posting a pic, but there's nothing like a picture. As they say...."a picture is worth 1,000 words" so here I am. Last pic with my old nose.
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