8 Weeks After 1st Treatment / 4 Weeks After 2nd - Los Angeles, CA

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I decided that I want to achieve a movie star...

I decided that I want to achieve a movie star quality physique and of course, part of that equation is to have a chiseled mid-section. I'm fit, but definitely not ripped and made a vow to myself that I'm going to do the following to achieve this goal 1) Exercise six times a week 2) Eliminate junk food and soda from my diet (soda is my big vice in addition to occasional fast-food) 3) Stop late night stress eating 4) Leverage cool sculpting to provide a kick-start

I purchased a pretty sizeable package for this and it will take place over the course of the next two months. Visit 1 was on Friday, August 29th and included treatment of each side (the love handles), the lower and upper abs. The treatment took 2 hours and three machines were hooked up to me at a time.

Based on my physique and goals, they recommended three treatments to my love handles, two for the upper abs and three for the lower abs. The second treatment will take place four weeks later and I'm assuming the third and final will be four weeks after that.

Hour 1 = machine on my left side, one on the right upper abdomen and one on the left lower abdomen. The second hour targeted the right side, upper left abdomen and lower right abs. So basically, I had three machines hooked up to me at once each hour and a total of six areas were treated.

The machine creates a vacuum and sucks on your body, this feeling was uncomfortable for a couple minutes and then was very tolerable thereafter as the treated area becomes numb. Based on the way I was sitting and having the machines on my abs, it was a little hard to breathe but nothing that wasn't manageable.

Note, bring a book, laptop with DVD or something to pass the time. My room had a HDTV that was hooked up to Netflix, but their Internet connection was really spotty so I had to keep resetting the movie I was watching. Also, bring an extra pair of underwear. They apply this gel to the areas you treat and my boxers got kind of damp.

After each hour, a nurse came in and applied an electronic impulse massager to the treated area. It was kind of uncomfortable but the pain was manageable. I think the most painful area to be treated by this massager was the upper abs.

No post-care instructions after the treatment. The nurse who treated me said she is a client as well and her "theory" is to drink plenty of water and also go to a sauna or hot tub. She felt this will help you eliminate the fat that has been emulsified and extract this fat more quickly from your body.

While driving home, my mid-section felt somewhat like how you feel after recovering from Novocain at the dentist (the treated area is numb but starting to get it's feeling back). I had planned to go to the gym after my treatment but the drive home took much longer than expected due to Los Angeles traffic and I have company over for dinner.

Day After
My abs felt like they went through an intense work-out and they were kind of sore, but nothing that was incapacitating. Stuck to my exercise goals and actually ran 13.1 miles as part of my workout regime and drank plenty of fluids per the suggestion of the nurse.

Day Two
Mid-section is still sore but it's starting to feel better. Went to the gym again and completed my usual upper body workout with weights, plus ran 2 miles and also did 100 crunches.

General Observations
After two days, my mid-section is bruised, especially my upper abs and there are also smaller bruises on my love handles. Just a theory, there isn't as much fat in my upper abs so it made that area more susceptible to bruising. The treated areas feel somewhat harder as some other reviewers had also mentioned and my mid-section overall looks more swollen as of now.

Crossing my fingers that that severe pain that some reviewers had mentioned will not come in a couple days. I'll post another progress report in five or so days. Really hoping the swelling goes down, the bruises go away an I start seeing a difference.

Side note, first week of gym exercises were also a success and have also been really good with my diet.

7 Days Later

It's been exactly a week since my procedure. Here are some highlights:

The bruises on my lower abs and love handles (sides) are virtually gone. I see them but you have to look real closely and I don't think they even show up in the photo. The bruises on my upper abs which were really noticeable should be gone in another couple days.

Pain / Tingling
I have not felt the severe pain that others have reported. My theory is that because I've been actively exercising and drinking lots of water, it's helped flush everything out. It's still tender to the touch but nothing that would keep me up at night or inhibit any daily routines.

I feel like my mid-section is still swollen, although the swelling has gone down. Touching my mid-section, it just feels like I'm carrying extra water weight.

Tracking my weight, I'm 2 pounds lighter after seven days! I'd like to stress that I have been regularly exercising (6 times a week), dieting and bettering my eating habits so I cannot give 100% credit to this procedure. Note, I'm get a hydrostatic body fat test done on Sunday so I'm going to use that as a baseline for future reviews as well.

Next Update
My next post will be in three weeks. That'll make it exactly four weeks after getting my lower abs, upper abs and love handles treated and the update will be written prior to my second treatment of all three sections.

Please ask away in the interim and I'll be happy to answer any questions. Cheers.

4 Weeks After / Just Had My 2nd Session

My First Treatment 4 Weeks Ago
It's been exactly four weeks after my first Cool Sculpting treatment. To recap, this is what I had done four weeks ago: Six total treated areas = 1) Left flank (love handle) 2) Right flank 3) Left upper abdomen 4) Right upper abdomen 5) Left lower abdomen 6) Right lower abdomen

Exercise Program / Better Eating Habits
Over the past four weeks, I've also been exercising six days a week at the gym. Four of the days, I start with a 2 - 3 mile jog and then lift weights for one hour. The other two days, I jog for 5 miles and then do 50 crunches plus 50 leg lifts. In addition, I've made so many better choices with my eating habits. Example = I used to average 2 - 3 sodas a day, now I'm at 1 - 2 total per week. I also used to go out at least once a week to eat out late at night and I've completely gotten rid of that habit.

Net result, I've lost 4 pounds so far and an inch off my waistline. Granted, 4 lbs. doesn't sound like a lot but I've genuinely added a sizeable amount of muscle as well, so I know I've actually lost more than 4 pounds of fat. I had also spoken to a sports nutritionist in the past 4 weeks and he informed me that I should aspire to lose a pound a week so I'm right on target.

One could argue my weight loss should be credited to my better eating habits and exercise and I even think that myself at times. The only thing that makes me think this procedure is actually working is the fact that my right love handle looks larger than my left . . . I've been comparing the two for the past 3 - 4 days now to make sure I am correct in my assumption.

Side Affects From 1st Treatment (4 Week Recap)
Side affects from all this: 1) No pain - I never had the pain that people have described in other reviews 2) Bruises - I did have a visible amount of bruising that lasted for 7 days, so much so there was no way I was going to have my shirt off in public 3) No Tingling Sensation - never had this either 4) Minor Swelling - there is still a small amount of numbness and swelling in my upper abs. I spoke to the esthetician about this today and she mentioned it could take 2 - 3 months for all the swelling to go down. Overall, I strongly believe that I was able to avoid the pain / uncomfortable tingling sensations that so many people described because I kept a very active lifestyle with all the exercise and I also drank plenty of water. Your body needs a way to naturally get rid of the fat and it cannot do it without the help of water and exercise.

Second Treatment Today
This afternoon, I went in for the same exact treatment that I listed at the beginning of this review so each section has now had two treatments. After getting home and having dinner, I went to the gym and then had a normal workout = 2 mile jog for a warm-up plus (20 reps x 20 sets). Note, I would have jogged 3 miles as a warm-up but the gym closed early tonight.

Initial insights after treatment two. My abs stung the first 1/2 mile jogging, so much so it crossed my mind to quit jogging for the night. After I got past the first 1/2 mile, the pain subsided enough for me to jog another 1.5 miles. Then completed my weight lifting program with no pain. My mid-section is also swollen from the treatment and there is visible bruising again.

In Closing
I expect everything to be status quo similar to the past 4 weeks. I'm also having a 3rd and final treatment done 4 weeks from now. The esthetician clarified today that "final affects" of each treatment take 3 months to full show itself. Unless some type of horrible side affect happen between now and my 3rd treatment, I'll wait another four weeks to post an updated review. Hopefully, I'll have lost another 4 pounds in the next weeks.

Please feel free to ask away with any questions in the interim.

3rd & Final Treatment

Third and final treatment later this afternoon. To recap:

First Treatment
- Left and right flank (love handles)
- Left and right upper abs
- Left and right lower abs

Second Treatment
- Left and right flank (love handles)
- Left and right upper abs
- Left and right lower abs

Third Treatment
- Left and right flank (love handles)
- Left and right lower abs
[No upper abs this time]

It's been exactly 8 weeks since my first treatment and 4 weeks since my second. I've lost 8.5 lbs. so far in 8 weeks and most likely down a pants size, though I haven't bought new clothes yet. Do I think this procedure works? I'm 50-50 on it. I don't think it's a miracle procedure where you're going to see instant results and lose weight, as even my esthetician admitted most people don't see any weight loss. It can possibly be an effective tool though to jump start a weight loss program. Since I started this procedure, I've made the following lifestyle changes:

1) Upped my exercise from 3 to 6 times per week
2) Reduced my soda intake from 2 - 3 cans a day to 1 - 3 cans a week
3) Drastically improved my diet / eating habits

From my latest photo, you can see the start of some muscle definition in my abs. Would I have seen these results without Cool Sculpting . . . not sure. If anything, it did help me spark a lifestyle change.

I've had no excruciating pain like others have mentioned in their reviews and was able to go to the gym later that evening after each treatment. Note, there was some tingling pain for the first two miles while I jogged on the treadmill, but subsided thereafter. This pain came from the upper abs, so I didn't experience this pain after jogging after my third treatment.

My theory on keeping the pain away is to stay active, drink lots of water and consistently exercise (daily) after the treatment. The only real side-affect I've noticed = you go to the bathroom more the first 24 - 48 hours after the procedure.

Optimal results are supposed to be witnessed 3 months post-procedure, so I'll post a final review three months after this one unless anything drastic happens which I haven't experienced / written about in my other three reviews I wrote previously.

In the interim, please feel free to ask away and I'll be happy to respond.

3% Loss in Fat

Nine weeks post my 1st Treatment, 5 weeks after my 2nd and 1 week after my 3rd and final Cool Sculpting session. It's also been exactly 8 weeks since I had a Hydro Electric Body Fat Test done. According to my latest Body Fat test, I've lost 7.4 lbs. of fat and have also experienced a 3% reduction in my overall body fat percentage. I also gained 1 lb. of muscle over the past 8 weeks.

My stance is still "Not Sure" on these treatments and if anything, I think it's a compliment to a three-prong approach of dieting, eating right and exercising.

The full benefits of these treatments are supposed to take affect in three months, so I'm anxious to see how I'm doing in January and beyond. Will continue updating this and please feel free to ask any questions
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