Can CoolSculpt Get Rid of Prednisone Truncal Obesity? - Los Angeles, CA

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There a few things at play here: 1-I have been...

There a few things at play here: 1-I have been diagnosed with lupus since I was 11; I am part Samoan; 3-I was in a hit & run accident while riding my bicycle last year, injuring my back; 4-I will be 41 this year; 5-I am an 8-year veteran of the the Marine Corps & completed an LA Marathon after I got out in 2009. So, I am tough, used to being in shape, eat super healthy because I was born with a super slow metabolism & have battered my body quite a bit. I have been a 5'2" size 9 (130-140 lbs) since I was in high school and had one point (USMC boot camp) where I got down to 115. Overall, I'd say my normal size is an 8.

I am actually writing this with my phone DURING my first CoolSculpt treatment. The initial pinching freaking hurts! After the car accident, I could not exercise for almost a year so decided to use calorie deficit pescatarian diet to keep weight in check. Lupus kicked in & made matters worse. I ended up being on Prednisone for 7 months straight & developing truncal obesity, along with the typical "moon face." I had thin arms & lower legs, but had a thick mid-section & thighs. I started to taper off my Prednisone in February & in July, was started to walk 4 miles a day, to/from work; I went from 185 lbs to 150 lbs on diet (net calories 920/day-low sugar, low carb) & minimal exercise. I still can't fit in my clothes! I only had enough money to do 1 hour treatment on my lower abs (which is floppy) but if it works, I might have to come up with some money to do my sides, thighs, & upper abs too, as the usual methods of running & crunches are no longer an option with my spinal injury. Really hope CoolSculpt can undo Prednisone-induced bloat, as well as it does normal fat.

I saw this procedure on KTLA & after some googling, found Wave Surgical Center in Los Angeles running an internet special.

3 Days After Treatment

I am experiencing really swollen belly and sharp pain just below my navel. I have no bruising (which I was expecting) and tinier/harder than normal bowel movements (which I was not). I bought a HoMedics heated percussion massager and using it every night before bedtime.

It is interesting to read what other people are going through. Thank you for having this forum to discuss and share. It probably reducing panic calls to the various offices, yelling, "Is this normal?!" lol

5 Days After Treatment

I wish I took measurements before I did the procedure. I would have loved to see if this has any kind of reduction, even it isn't visible.

Cool Sculpt Did Not Get Rid of My Prednisone Bloat

I have tried a combination of diet, exercise, Cool Sculpt, those green coffee bean supplement pills that Dr. Oz has endorsed, and NOTHING has changed the shape of of my belly. I am sad, but do not fault Cool Sculpt process. It only claims to get rid of fat and not steroid-induced truncal obesity. Oh, well. I cannot afford liposuction, so I guess I'll just have to live with this belly I cannot get rid of.
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