Regret of Sliding Genioplasty - Los Angeles, CA

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I had genioplasty last week and 9mm projection is...

I had genioplasty last week and 9mm projection is more than what I expect and it rolled my bottom lips in! I hate my new face it looks like old women! :( I talked with Dr but he got nervous, didn't listen to me and he thought the lower lip is in balance now! Can I reserve the surgery?what can I do?.

X ray image

Before surgery

Day 6

6Days update! Rectangular asymmetry front face! There is two break line on two side in chin!
Swelling almost gone as I think! ( Hopefully I'm wring)
Not a natural smile! :( Bottom lip so thinner and tight to gum
profile looks better


Before & After 17 days!
Feel tight and Can't smile as before.Don't see improvement in my lip size

23 days and lip issue

Genioplasty(9mm augmentation)
issue is my lower lip which is too tight and it got much thinner,tight and rolled in comparing to my original lip! also there is asymmetry! my lip looks deep & back comparing to upper lip!
Does usually lip shape and tightness change by time?!!?
I personally don't think it has swelling anymore that cause change lip size! I have some stitching yet.


3month post

I am getting used to new bottom lip and I start to lik my new profile much better than first month. but the "tightness" in my bottom lip is so annoying! I feel the strech when move my bottom lip like excersice or say "o"! Any one has sam experience please let mw know!?

Xray-update 3month! tightness????

I would like to know if tightness 3 month after an advancement Genioplasty could be normal ? I hate to feel I have to have tightness for rest off my life!?
Dr Mesgarzade

He is well known but I didn't talk with him about what the result gonna be!

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3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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