19 Years Old and Not Sure. Los Angeles, CA

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I am 19 years old and been wanting to get chin...

I am 19 years old and been wanting to get chin liposuction. I have a really slim body but when it comes to my face it's different. By simply turning down my head it looks as if I have 3 chins not sure if it's fat or what? Wanting to know if chin liposuction will fix this or what it will do? Or what type of procedure do I need or what can I do about my chin. Will be cheeks also be slimmed down if I get liposuction for my chin or do I need a different procedure for my cheeks? I don't like the way my face looks from the side, it's always made me self concious about my face what can I do to make it seem less "fat" I guess or why does my the side of my face look like that? Can it be my nose as well? Does my nose make my face look round or "fat" or whatever you would call it not sure what makes my face look the way it does. Is it my chin, cheeks, nose, or all three? Pls help with any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

I Need Help Figuring Out What My Face Needs To Be Slimmer!!!

If any doctor is seeing this can u please give me a sorta of consultation from the pictures provided. My main question is what surgeries are needed to get a slimmer face and to make my jaw line noticable? like the other guy in the pic I provided. Do I need sliding genioplasty? Implants? Buccal fat removal? Jaw reshaping? Nd what can I do about my tilted mouth? Is there any surgery to correct my slanting mouth? Nd one of my eyes looks to be a little more slanted than the other. Can I get my slanted eye corrected too? Please help!!! And thank you so much in advance!!! :)

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