Pretty Smile Gone, Long Chin Even Longer Now After Implant - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi there, I just had a chin implant and neck lipo...

Hi there, I just had a chin implant and neck lipo 11 days ago, and I am so unhappy with it, I cannot stop crying. I had a receding chin from profile view that I always hated, hence the desire for surgery. However, I always loved my face from frontal view, especially when smiling, that's when I always felt at my prettiest. I always felt my chin was too long though.

My doctors told me that after implant, my frontal view wouldn't change, but they were so wrong, it did in a bad way. My long chin is now even longer after this implant, especially when I smile. Sure my profile has improved, but from the front now, I look horrific, like a man. When I smile, my chin is way too long and pointy vertically. It has completely changed the way I look in an ugly way, when all I wanted was to look prettier. Put aside that my old beautiful smile is practically non-existent (which is beyond depressing in itself), my chin that was already too long before is now even longer.

I cannot stand looking in the mirror, and I cry when I see any pictures taken of me. I also cry looking at my old pictures, missing the frontal view of my previously pretty face. I had no idea this surgery would make my chin look longer vertically from the front. I just thought my chin would jut out more horizontally. If the surgeons would have told me that a chin implant, though correcting my profile, might elongate my chin from the front, I would have never gotten it done.

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