Is This Too Good to Be True? - Los Angeles, CA

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I have scheduled an appt to have the procedure...

I have scheduled an appt to have the procedure after my very 1st consult. I have 4 more consults scheduled, but want to get it done sooner vs later so I can be in a swim suit by the end of June. I'm scared- is this for real? Has anyone had a bad experience? Does this really work? I am a vegetarian, totally healthy, workout 5x a week from treadmill/weights, tennis, hiking, spinning, yoga, and a variety of classes. I'm not overweight and overall, have a good figure, and like my body... but I have cellulite which REALLY bothers me. It's the only thing I wish I could change. I constantly cover my bum/thighs in a bathing suit and avoid the backside being naked in front of my husband. Pathetic, but true. I've never had a procedure done ever. Nothing. A facial here and there, hair coloring and teeth whitening, but that's it! I'm scared. The MD I met today seemed great, but their office has only done about 8-9 procedures so far. One of those was an office employee who showed me her before pictures and was kind enough to drop her pants (literally!) and show me her "now". I must say, I didn't see any dimples (and they were there in her "before" pix). She had procedure 7 weeks ago. I'm scheduled in two weeks for the procedure. Should I continue to meet other MDs who have more procedures under their belt with this? It's newly FDA approved, so the MDs who participate in the clinical trials will have the most experience and those MDs don't have consults open for a month to 6 weeks off. I'm being girly here, but I want it ASAP so I have time to heal and can be in a bikini without covering my ass constantly by 4th of July. Am I being ridiculous? Should I take my time and continue to have other consults and just miss a summer of bathing suits (I live at the beach in the summer, not literally, but I'm there constantly) or can I go with the first MD I met? My husband and I liked her a lot. But is this too good to be true? Help.

I did not end up going with Marina Plastic Surgery...

I did not end up going with Marina Plastic Surgery. I had a very bad experience there and was treated really poorly.

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