19 Years Old, DD CUP Hoping for a C CUP! - Los Angeles, CA

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My procedure is in exactly one day and im freaking...

My procedure is in exactly one day and im freaking out. so many emotions running through me. i dont think i have researched enough about this procedure. ive lived on this website religiously the last week and im hoping im one of the lucky ones with very little pain! im the most nervous about the pain level i will experience when waking up, also im scared about how uncomfortable ill be. at the same time i cannot wait to have it done. like i said so many mixed emotions. Will update!

time change!

so they changed the surgery from 9am to 7am and i couldnt be happier! i cannot wait! my nerves will probably kick in tomorrow!!!

2 weeks Post op!

So i said i would update everyday with lots of detail but ive been so busy. i will now go into full detail of my recovery!

Day of Surgery

My surgery took place at 7 am so i had to be at the surgical center by 6am which meant i left my house at 5, i didnt get any sleep the night before, but woke up with all these nerves of excitement and fear at the same time. When i got to the center i was the only patient there which was pretty weird and i was getting really nervous. I filled out the paperwork and they told me it was time and that i had to leave my mom which made me so emotional i started crying. so i went in and they prepared me i talked to my surgeon, nurses, and anestisioligist. i do not even remember being put to sleep, i was so nervous i dont even remember the nurse putting the mask on me! i was knocked out!

After the surgery

the first thing i remember after waking up was hearing them move me, i didnt quite open my eyes until i was in the recovery room. i layed down for what seemed like 10 min then the nurse started dressing me for me to leave. my surgery was about 3 hours and they told me i spent an hour in recovery. i remember waking up extremely thirsty and groggy, but my pain level was a 2 out of 10. i just felt so much pressure on my chest but it wasnt too painful. they put me in a wheel chair and lead me to my mothers car. i wasnt in any pain on the car ride home the bumps didnt hurt me. it wasnt until it was time to get out of the car did reality start kicking in. i was extremely week it took about 5-10 minutes to get from the car to my room. after getting to my room my mother made me a salad and forced me to eat so i can take medicine before the pain kicked in. after taking 1 pill of vicodin, when i was supposed to take 2 but my pain wasnt too bad, i knocked out and remember waking up in the late evening, again no pain just discomfort because you are not able to move how you would like. youre mostly in one position. this day i was sleeping on and off. i remember being wide awake at 5 am
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