Tuberous Breast Lift at Twenty! My Journey from Banana to Mango! Los Angeles, CA

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This is my titless saga, and yes I'm going to be...

This is my titless saga, and yes I'm going to be very dramatic about it because here I am sitting at my computer alone anonymously writing about my sad life with sad titties and I do tend allow myself to get carried away. ~WARNING: I'm very silly~ Skip ahead if you want to get straight to it.

I have been embarrassed by my breasts ever since I was 13. They have obviously always been tuberous but I stayed hopeful all these years (or perhaps "in denial" is a better way to phrase it.) I would never change in front of my friends, whose boobs were perfectly perky and fit the stereotypical teen titty image!

I used to wear those limp stretchy bras my mom bought, and wondered why the shape looked so awful on me, my nipples kind of poked out under my shirt... in fact there seems to only be nipple, not much boob! So I figured I was still growing since I was a late bloomer in every other aspect. Over the years I learned to hide my problem in padded bras. My new secret to false advertising is to wear a flimsy bra OVER a padded bra. ;)

The only person I ever allowed to see my breasts during my early teens was my best friend who told me to wear a bra 24 hours or else my boobs would probably sag even more. She had perfect OO boobs.

I still never really caught on to why I hated my breasts I just thought they were ugly... no specific reason. In fact, I learned to avoid looking at them. I would cover them when I looked in the mirror. During bikini season I would try on countless tops and blame them all for being "shaped weird". I was still in denial. It kind of sucked because if I'm honest, I was always one of those girls who couldn't wait to have boobs. I just think they're so fun and feminine, in any size! I pretty much love every pair of breast except for my own.

When I got to be in my late teens I had still never had a boyfriend. Not for any specific reason, I didn't blame my boobs. Even though I know I'm pretty I was very insecure about my body in general. But anyways, I was very jealous of girls who could easily turn someone on by taking off their top, which seemed to cause all the excitement in the world according to pop culture. Though I had no problem with sex I would fight to keep my top on. When I finally asked my boyfriend if he actually liked my boobs he said, "I don't know.. I'm a guy... and those are boobs." Great! Aren't those the kind of hard facts that all us women want to hear to make us feel nice and sexy? ;)

Most guys after him were kind to simply say, "Has anyone ever told you how amazing your ass is?". Usually said with two hands full of butt, and I loved it. My ass IS amazing! But I was still painfully aware that it was being said in avoidance of the two bananas that were close enough to poke em in both eyes.

I stayed in denial but great boobs were everywhere. In catalogues, movie posters, bouncing down every street in sunny L.A.. It actually started to make me anxious. I would be sitting in movie theaters with friends watching a topless scene and would start to feel outside myself with jealousy. Like I couldn't focus on the movie anymore, because I wanted to cry. Ok obviously I needed a reality check because boobs aren't everything and there's a lot worse problems a person can have! But I finally realized that for me it was a pressing issue, and something I would rather not live with.


I had never heard the term "tuberous breasts" until this past summer. All I knew is that my breasts could be categorized as "ugly", "weird" and things like that. Given my history of insecurity, you would think breast augmentation would have been obvious for me all along, but I though breast augmentation would just magnify my weird shape. Luckily I did my research and learned that my prayers could be answered. A LIFT! *angels sing* Of course that's what I need! Aww they even have a name for my kind of boob... amazing!

I'm 22 years old and weigh 120 pounds. I'm cute, sassy, fun and still live with my mom. So obviously she was the first person I told about this and she was very surprised. Given how dramatic and vocal I have been hating each of my features one at a time, she thought this was simply a new phase. She had never seen my boobs before, and had hardly heard me complain about them over the years (I was too busy avoiding the sight!). It was very simple to get her to take me seriously. I took a picture of my breasts with my iPhone and showed it to her, and she thought I was pranking her. She said, "Oh stop, that's not you that's some woman you found on google!" -__- I rest my case.

I'll add pictures but basically my breasts are tuberous, uneven by maybe a half cup size, and my areolas are very large for how small my breast are, especially on the right breast.

I'm really looking for lower pole fullness. I like the shape of natural breasts that are round around the bottom and not so much on the top. I'm going for something modest but since I'm paying I do want my boobs to be a little bigger. I'm currently a small B (don't really fill my bra) and want to be a C. Obviously the drastic difference will all be in the shape of my new breasts, and the smaller areolas!

I'm going to a place that specializes in tuberous breasts and my consultation is in just a few days. I'm beyond excited that this is all really happening after all these years! Even knowing that there is an answer for people unhappy with tuberous breasts took a huge weight off my chest, and now I'm hoping to put a huge weight back on hah ;)

I'm really hoping to get a benelli lift and be a C cup. My fear I guess is going too big, because I've been losing weight recently. Long story short something had caused me to gain weight and I've been losing it back. Lost about 10 pounds last month and want to lose more before surgery so I can know which implants fit best. Breasts are always the first place I lose weight so yeah.

I'll be updating this along the way because I'm so very excited! ahh!!! :D

First consultation!

So I met with the doctor, and I honestly think he is such a brilliant artist I don't want to consult with anyone else (is that bad?). He has so much experience with tuberous boobs and nipple reduction/ benelli in general! I love the staff here and the doctor was so honest, even though my heart broke just a little...

So basic tuberous details, were going for smaller areolas, a benelli lift, and a small implant. The part that saddened me was that the doc said my boobs are so small that he isn't sure how big I'll be able to go. He wont be able to know for sure until he is actually doing the procedure.

My left boob is the smallest so he is going to do that one first, see what fits and then tailor the other boobie to match! Sounds good to me! I'm not all that saddened because I wasn't planning a 2-3 cup size move, but I do still really hope I can at least be a full cup size bigger. From B to C! Crossing my fingers!

It does make me a little sad that I can't just pick a size but I am not paying for the implant size, I'm paying for the craft basically. So once I go from "banana to mango... or orange?" with this procedure I can always get another procedure later to make it a bigger orange for a more reasonable price.

Until the surgery he told me to massage my breasts and keep them moisturized for elasticity/ to prevent stretch marks.

Yayy I'm just so happy I'll have a normal breast shape. I'm so ready and excited I would literally get it done tomorrow if I could! I'm gonna add some more before pictures to this but ughh they look so much worse in photos lol I'll add a wish pic for positivity!

Quick Update

I'm going in for a second consultation. This time with my mother and we'll ask a few more questions. I'll schedule it (probably) around 2 weeks from now, and then go in for the actual procedure a couple weeks after that. Hopefully mid January!

I've been feeling very emotional lately. My mom has been researching tuberous breast deformities because she had no idea about my issue until this summer. She found a few "natural remedies" like some hormone pills and boob pump? Apparently both those things help.

I was really upset when she started researching natural remedies because after all these years I really don't want anything to get in the way of my procedure. I need my mothers full support, which I definitely still have. But she made some good points, for example, even though I'm getting surgery to correct what's on the outside there could still be other imbalances. So I'll look into the hormones and do both at the same time. The pills are called "Raw Ovarian Glandular" and it's only $7 on amazon, in case anyone else is interested.

Other than that I've just been feeling anxious in general. Even though it's all finally happening, I feel insecure. Like the day of my procedure will never come...? I wish I could get my procedure today and have it all behind me. It's a weird irrational fear and I know it's bratty. I wonder if anyone else feels/felt that way.

Anyways more updates to come throughout the weeks. I wish I could push all the dates up, I need to keep busy so I don't drive myself insane. This isn't the time to rush, it's the time to slow down and make good choices.

2nd Consultation

Ok so I went in for my second consultation. This time with my mother. We basically went over the same stuff. I can get a benelli lift with augmentation to fix my tuberous breast and make em prettier, but because of how tight my skin is + the lift (taking away skin) there would be very little room for an implant. The bigger the implant the more difficult it would be for my scars to heal in an attractive way.

I asked the PS to show my mom this before and after that's very similar to me. (I attached the pictures). She had tuberous breasts and she got a benelli lift. The difference is she didn't get augmentation. She just went in for the lift which was a simple and much cheaper procedure that could be done right in the office without any anesthetic.

To me this wasn't an option. I want implants for the shape and slightly larger breasts (I've already gotten booby greed). But then my mom made a really good point. If I do this minor/ cheaper procedure to correct my areola size and tuberous breasts, then I can come back three months later and be free to get any implant size I want.

So just to recap. The original all in one surgery with questionable room for implants is $9,500 (but could leave me unsatisfied)

The benelli without augmentation is $4,500 + the augmentation I would later get $7,000
= $11,500 with control over which size I want.

It would end up being $2,000 dollars more, but it's a much safer bet. Because If I went through with the first procedure and ended up hating how small they I would have to waste even more money.

I hope the way I explained isn't confusing haha I've just been over it so many times it all makes sense to me.

I think I'm going to go for the 2 part option. Because then I'm probably be able to lose weight prior (without having to worry about losing implant space) and by the end of it have bigger boobs on a smaller body. I've become a little boob obsessed. But I still just want to go with a C. I'm sure they will be a nice shape for me.

Fixing the shape is obviously my priority but I will be happy to go through all the fun of getting to pick a new size for myself rather than having my PS say it might not happen.

Anyways, I'll keep updating because this first procedure should be soon. :) I'm still so excited about everything in general just trying to be smart about it.
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