31 Yrs Old, 3 Kids Nursed, Lost weight and Boobs along the Way - Los Angeles, CA

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I am currently a small B cup, really pushing for a...

I am currently a small B cup, really pushing for a full D cup. I am 5'6 and weigh 155 lbs a little bigger frame than your typical patient. I will be using silicone moderate profile implants. At my previous Doctor appt we tried 400-450 cc's , I felt 450 size was perfect, noticeable, but not over the top. I'm a mom, wife, and career woman, it's important that I not look vulgar. I will have a lift as well, both my doctor and I agreed on incisions around the areola and incision below the breast for implant.

Pre surgery

4 days prior

3 days before surgery

I am trying to get everything ready for surgery day. I have arranged for kiddos to be picked up, cleaned house, finished laundry, moved my room around a little to have access to meds and water, filled prescriptions, and my favorite.... Created a to-do list for hubby. Starting to get anxious about the big day. I'm excited and ready. I will continue to post pics along the way. ????????

2 days before surgery

This week sure seems to be going by fast as surgery day approaches and my nerves grow. I am anxious and excited all at the same time. I have everything ready. I heard from the surgery center today and I'm scheduled for 7am on 11/6 that's means I have to be up by 4am because I have a 40 min drive and I have to arrive about an hour before. I also started my period today.... Talk about bad timing. I shared this with my doctor and he said it's pretty common, he just asked that I wear a pad instead of a tampon the day of to avoid toxic shock syndrome. I am trying to get plenty rest but that seems to almost be impossible specially with three kids. Going down for the night. Tomorrow is one day closer!

1 day before the big day!

Feeling more anxious and nervous.... Made the mistake of looking online for breast augmentations gone bad... Don't do it. I'm praying for the best and have placed a lot of trust in the hands of my surgeon. I'm ready for the new me!

The day off

Hello everyone the big day was today! I had surgery this morning at 7am and was on my way home 11:30. I have to say that the experience was absolutely better than I expected. I arrived at the surgery center at about 5:45 and filled out paperwork, I was in the pre op room with an IV by 6:15 and I the OR by 7am. All I remember is giggling with the nurses and wham! I was out. It felt like minutes when I was all done. I had an augmentation and lift. I ended with 445cc's moderate profile silicone implants. I feel no pain whatsoever..... Just tightness in my chest. I feel good; eating only light things like jello, broth, ginger ale, and water. It's about 5:40 now. I've slept most of the day. I may go down here in a half hour or so. So far from 0-10, with the worst pain being 10.... I am actually a 2 and that's only because of tightness. I'm grateful that everything wentso smoothly and grateful to my Dr. For everything!

Post op day 2

It's about 8am and I'm ready to get out of bed and move around a bit. My back is a little sore from being in bed so much. This am was a little rough, at about 2:30 am I started feeling very uncomfortable with a throbbing like feeling in my chest. I was sore and so cold I was shivering non stop. I drank some tea and took some pain meds and was able to sleep. Today is a new day hope it goes smooth.

Post op day 3

Getting by, feeling a lot better today. I peeked at them and one seemed a little more bloody than the other, according to my dr. They seem fine and the bleeding is normal. I took a shower and was able to see the new girls for the first time. They are still a little high and bruised as expected. I was also able to put on a support bra. Maybe it's me, but I think i could have gone a little bigger. I'll have to wait til they settle in. I'm happy I'm feeling good, and today I've only taken pain meds once.... Trying to wein myself off them. Hope tonight goes well. I have all week to recover before I return to work on 11/16. Taking it day by day. I see my dr tomorrow to replace bandages.

Post surgery

Post op day 4

Recovery has been great thanks to my wonderful husband and mother for all that they've done. I've been taking it easy and trying to get as much rest as possible. My oldest (11 year old) has been kind of curious about my surgery, he doesn't know exactly the procedure I underwent. My baby (1 yr old) has been really wanting me to pick him up and not being able to is braking my heart. My 6yr old really doesn't know what's going on, nor does he seem to care. I visited my dr. Today and the girls look great.... Still a little deformed and high but overall pretty healthy. I was happy to hear that they will look a lot more full once they drop and settle. I also got my strap today to help with the dropping. All bandages were removed today and already my areolas are starting to heal---although no feeling. I'm very grateful for the work, recovery and proofread I've made. I was out for a few hours today walking and I felt ok, although I got a little tired towards the end. I haven't had pain meds all day, think I may have one right before bed to help me stay sleep. Besides that all is good.

Post op day 6

I resumed work today, the nice part about it is I worked from home. Sitting at my desk for more than an hour really hurt my back and about half way through the day I was extremely tired. It's been 6 days since surgery and overall I feel ok, I'm completely off pain meds and sleeping ok through the night. I'm still a little bummed out about size I wished they were just slightly bigger. I go in for my week check up tomorrow and will be able to discuss with my ps in more detail. I'm still very bruised and a bit swollen. I'm tired so going to call it an early night as I have my last work from home day tomorrow, I'll return to the office Monday. I hope my dr gives me good news about my size tomorrow.

I week post op today

I went to my week check up today and got my stitches out, my doctor said boobs are starting to look better and forming more although still a bit of bruising. I expressed my concern about size and he told me to be patient....:( we will review again in 3 months once they have dropped. I keep looking at them in the mirror and I'm starting to get used the size, maybe it will all turn out. I am however willing to go under again if I think I want to go bigger. I'm feeling great and ready to start a normal work week Monday. I will post more pics maybe weekly or biweekly. So far happy with my surgeon and no complaints (except for maybe size).

Two weeks and a day

It's been a whole two weeks and I'm feeling great. I've resumed a regular 40 Hr work week at the office and all is well. I go in next Monday for a follow up visit. I am sad to report that although I've been trying to adapt to my new breasts I still feel as though I should have gone bigger. I hardly see a difference When I wear tops, to me it looks the same way I did when I wore a padded bra, the only difference now is that now it's all boob and no bra. I hate that I was pushing too conservative to begin and now I'm disappointed with the size. I think I'm leaning towards a revision. ??

Updated photos

1 month post op

It's been a month and a few days since my BA surgery, I have to report that overall I feel great. I'm healing quite well, scabs around my areola are almost completely gone. I am massaging my breasts every night and even wearing a normal bra. However my left breast is still sitting a little higher than the right and the bottom of the Brest looks a little flat. My doctor has suggested wearing my strap at night to hell with the dropping and continue massaging the bottom of the breast as well.
???? Unfortunately with the healing also comes my disappointment in the size. I still think they are Smaller than I hoped they'd be, and already considering a revision high profile 550 or 600 cc's. I have a follow up in early January we will decide if a revision is possible, however this time I'll have to have an incision under the breast (in the crease). I hope my healing progresses as I really am pushing towards a revision.

Almost 2 months post op

I will be 2 months post op on January 6th. My breasts are settling in slowly, my left is however higher than my right. They are both softer to the touch and very perky. My nipples are still very sensitive even to the rub of my shirt or bra, specially when it's cold the are super sensitive and always hard. I still feel very dissatisfied with size I just want them bigger... I'm anxious for The time to come when I can actually get a revision. I visit with my doctor on January 7th and I am definitely pushing for bigger. Overall I feel good and all scabs are gone. I will start scar cream treatment in the next week or so. I can't wait to find out when I can go bigger!!

Revision scheduled

So my size is currently 445 cc's and super thrilled to let u all know that my ps has approved my revision to go to 580 cc's. I'm
Scheduled on 4/29 and super thrilled. My curren size is not to my satisfaction.

Revision in a week

Glad to report that my Breast revision is finally happening. I've felt as though my breast were not big enough, I got 455 cc's and am upgrading to 615 cc's .... Yey!! Surgery is scheduled for Friday 4/29 can't wait. I will post some before and after pictures soon!!

Had my revision finally!!!

Today was my surgery day my PS swapped my implants from 450ccs to 615. Surgery went smoothly was about 4 hours total with pre surgery, procedure and recovery. I feel great just very tired. I'm still wrapped in bandages so can't really see them but I can tell they're bigger.... I'm al smiles. I wil post pics as soon as my bandages come off.

Loving the revision

On 4/29 I had a revision done where I increased size to 615ccs (originally 450) and I couldn't be happier. Recovery was a breeze, I only took two work days off plus the weekend and that was enough. My doctor went through the original incision (areole) to avoid further scars but only cut through bottom half. I am lighter skin complexion so my scars are a but pink still. I do love my new breasts the size is perfect...I'm happy with my decision.
Jane Doe

So far have loved my interactions with my Dr. And staff. I feel very much prepared for what is coming. My dr. Has been very clear and what he will be doing. I was trying to avoid the lollipop incision due to more noticeable scaring which is typical with a lift, I am happy I won't need that incision.

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