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My breasts look like they belong on two different...

My breasts look like they belong on two different people. Always small, after two babies and nursing for a year each, they are two distinctly different sizes. I'm embarrassed to wear a bathing suit and clothing just looks bad. Bras don't fit. I'm having a lift and augmentation. Still not sure of the size but leaning towards a C cup. I'm barely an A on one side now and a very small A on the other.

I am really excited but so nervous! Anxious about dealing with my kids and not being able to pick them up. Also nervous that my husband won't "like" it or will be turned off by the scars. I'm also worried about people's reactions. I've told very few people so it should be interesting when I show up with breasts I've never had!

I picked my surgeon because of his confidence and massive amounts of experience with lifts and augmentation at the same time. I have my pre op in three weeks so I'm busy prepping my "breastpiration" book of photos and people whose bodies I really admire.

I've been considering this for years as I always...

I've been considering this for years as I always wanted bigger breasts but after the birth of my second child and nursing him for a year, I knew it was time. The asymmetry I'd always had had become dramatically more pronounced and I have become uncomfortable in my clothing and bathing suits. I had my pre op appointment yesterday and we are going to go with 250 CCs on the bigger side and 305 on the smaller side. My surgeon emphasized numerous times that my breasts might not be totally "perfect" but honestly, if they are significantly closer in size and only I notice a slight difference, I could care less. Anything is better then what is currently going on.
I brought a lot of photos to the surgeon including ones of Nicole Richie whose augmentation is the one I want to emulate. I just think she looks great and very natural. I also did the rice test, made my own implants at home (I know, I'm a little crazy :)) and brought in pictures of that. My surgeon seemed to get what I was looking for right away which was quite reassuring.
I am really nervous but SO excited. I've started telling a few people that I'm getting it and the response has been very supportive which is helping ease my nerves a bit.
Here's what I've learned. Write down all your questions and ask them, no matter how silly they seemed. I asked about sex, dog walking and having my kids sit in my lap and lean on the new breasts. I was surprised by a lot of the answers. But doubly glad that I asked them.
I also signed a million different forms going over every single thing that is going to happen and what will happen. Needed some deep breathing after that! Got my pre op prescriptions and plan on filling them this week.
So now I'm in final planning mode. I bought comfy clothing and supportive pillows for my back. I've tivoed the entire season of Downton Abby plus downloaded some good books on my Kindle. Now I'm just waiting for it. 11 days to go!

Today is the day! I am feeling much calmer then I...

Today is the day! I am feeling much calmer then I had anticipated albeit definitely feeling butterflies in my stomach that I'm sure will get bigger as we get there. I slept well last night (I'm sure the at atavan helped) and not feel too dry in the mouth because I drank roughly 100 oz of water yesterday (I read somewhere on here that helped someone). So now Im off to shower and get ready. I've got my meds, my trashy tabloids and my marathon of Downton Abby. Now I just need the boobs. Catch you on the flip side. Will post pics once Im able

So I'm back home after getting it done today. It...

So I'm back home after getting it done today. It was so much easier and less painful then I thought. I met my anesthesiologist who was super warm and friendly as well as the nurse. They walked me through everything that would happen and then had me change into the gown. I opted for the "modestly" underwear which to honest, didn't really provide much modestly lol. Then my surgeon popped in, and did some markings, I re gowned and then we were off. The operating room was FREEZING! Once on the table I started chatting with the anesthesiologist about my work and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the recovery room. My surgeon wound up going a little bigger, 305 on the right side and 350 on the left. They don't look that big to me and of course I'm with gauze and padding. But I don't want to be super big, I just want to be curvy so I think it will be lovely

Painwise, it hasnt' been too bad. MInd you I'm sure I still have meds in my system. I just took my second pain pill since getting home this afternoon around 2:30. It's like a tigh pulling feeling on your chest and a presure like an elephant is kind of on it. But not hideous. I have been getting up every few hours and walking around my house. I really think that because I hydro loaded so much the day before that helped quite a bit today. I'm also taking arnica a few times a day. I started colace last night and will continue to take it nightly until I"m not taking the pain meds. I am excited for my follow up tomorrow to see how the 'girls" look!

So I underestimate how long the anesthesia stays...

So I underestimate how long the anesthesia stays in your system because once it wore off around 10 at night I was feeling lousy Almost like my milk was coming in coupled with 1 million pushups, pull ups and dips. But the pain meds definitely help. I just have to keep reminding myself to ask for help. First post op in a few hours. Very excited to see everything.

So I'm now three days post surgery. the picture...

So I'm now three days post surgery. the picture above is from the big reveal on day 2. I am REALLY happy with the results. I think my breasts look even and full and beautiful. all my stitches were internal so i barely even have scars. My surgeon spent he spent a significant amount of time on the left smaller side with the fold where the bulk of the internal stitches are (you can see a blue line). My pain is ok. I made it through the bulk of the morning and ran a few errands without taking a pain pill and now just took my first one. My chest feels very tight and full and like I did a lot of weight lifting. I'm still trying to be cautious but occasionally forget and go to grab something but its really not bad at all and I don't see myself needing them much longer. Looking forward to showering in a few days but my husband will have to help me wash and dry my hair. My breasts are not huge, but they are beautiful!

So I'm 6 days post op and each day I am happier...

So I'm 6 days post op and each day I am happier and happier. Not going to lie, the first time I looked at them at home before I showered I did have a total freak out and thought I looked like Barbie which is ironic because I so didn't go that big so now each night before showering I'm trying to spend some time with the girls getting used to them. It definitely helps. Pain wise I'm in a good place. I stopped taking pain meds on day 5. I feel achy and get twinges here and there but otherwise ok. I feel discomfort with certain movements so am testing my limits gradually. I can get my arms over my head but can't hold a blow dryer yet. I started getting nervous that I don't have much pain and actually posted it as a question elsewhere on this site. I know I always have to have something to worry about lol. I can see my left breast which was lower to begin with is still slightly lower but the crease is n the bottom where it is supposed to be coupled with awesome fullness so it doesn't bother me. I have numbness along the bottom half of both breasts but have feeling on the top and the nipples thankfully. So far so good. I go back Thursday. Am hoping I get the ok to wear tank tops with support bras bc I am so over these ugly post surgery bras. But all in good time.
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