Tomorrow is my Implant Removal Day : ) - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi ladies, I would like to share my story. I got...

Hi ladies,

I would like to share my story.

I got my breast augmentation 1 year ago and I was regretting having them ever since. First, they are way too big considering that my height is 5"10 and weight is 119 pounds. I got silicone 350CC implants, my real size is around AA. The doctor was crazy, lied to me and put me big implants, which I never wanted. For one year I suffered pain, I had trouble exercising, my arms are still very weak.

Tomorrow is the day of my surgery and I am nervous and sooo EXCITED at the same time. Finally I will get lighter, and free!
Implants must make us more confident, well, It was opposite to me. I felt less confident, and I was so shy that I used to wear clothes that covers my breast, I was shy in the swimming pool, my body proportions just doesn't go right with implants, it looks so fake....

I was reading a lot of stories in this website, and it truly inspired me and actually made me finally to get rid of them. : )

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! 12 hours to go! : )


Finally I have a smile again on my face. My huge breast implants are out and I feel so light and so happy. I have some pain, but the smile doesn't get out of my face :)

My surgery was scheduled early in the morning at 7am. I had to be there by 6am to prepare for surgery.
The staff and people around were so friendly and nice, and they made me feel so comfortable. I was always scared of anesthesia, but anesthesiologist was really funny and friendly,and made me laugh until I was already sleeping. My two doctors who operated me were amazing. When I got mask put on, they told me to think about beautiful beach and some amazing time and after 30 seconds I was out, then I woke up and I have a smile ever since. After 15 minutes I got up and left home. I was so scared but there is nothing to worry about at all : ) Surgery took around 45minutes.
I also got drains put on, but they are almost empty, so I will call a doctor today and see if we can take them out. Other than that, I am feeling good, I feel only a little pain, I am resting a lot and I didn't take any pain medications yet because it doesn't hurt that much, so I don't need them, which is good.
I will upload my pictures once my drains are out : )

I want to tell all the women who consider having implant explantation not to be worried, because it's gonna be absolutely great !
This amazing feeling to feel natural! It's worth it! :)

A big thank you to all the women who shared their stories and feelings, I don't know if I would of done it without you!

Day 3 post op.

Today at day 3 finally I was able to sleep better and feel better, it's amazing to see my breast changing everyday but I have already over achieved the results, that I was expected at first place. : ) I went to many doctors before- and they told me what to expect, so I was ready for the worst, but I am so surprised and happy that they were wrong :) My breast is around 80 percent how it was before - at day 3 it's amazing and I couldn't be more happier :) - I started eating really healthy, keeping my metabolism strong so I can heal well.
The only thing that bothers me are drains. I just don't feel comfortable having them. I am a bit afraid to take them out. When I see them it makes me anxious, I don't know why I am so sensitive about them. But drains are ready to be out, but it's Saturday- so I have to wait until Monday and they will come out.
Sorry that I can't share after photos yet- I'm just waiting for drains to come out and I will share photos - starting from Day 5 post op : )

Take care all the ladies!!!! :)

3 day post op

Hi Ladies,

Took a quick photo, it's 3 day post OP. I am so happy : )

Tomorrow I'm taking drains out : )

All the best.

Drains are out :) 4 days post

Hello ladies, finally I just took the drains out! There was no pain, just little discomfort but I am feeling great, have no pain. I didn't even use pain killers . Everyday I'm getting stronger and ready to go back to normal life activities soon :) here is the photo that I just took :) I am very satisfied with results, couldn't expect any better I :))) take care, ladies!!

how my breast looked in bikini 1 week before explant

Hi ladies,

I added a few pictures of HUGE breast looking terrible in bikini one week before surgery. I was always so shy to wear bikini because people around used to stare all the time like I'm a porn star or something... What do you think girls? doesn't it look terrible? I love Implant free myself 1000000 times more

6 days after removal= happy as never before!

Quick update on my healing process. It's been 6 days post. I am feeling wonderful, have no pain at all, finally I can sleep well, and I don't have any breast sides pain, which i used to have before.
I have a question- do i need to use any specific oil or cream while my breasts started healing? I'm trying to find information , but no luck yet. : )

I also updated a few new pictures of day 6th. :)
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