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I'm feeling very depressed and need the implants...

I'm feeling very depressed and need the implants out, I have had bad thoughts and dont want to feel this way anymore. I feel like I'm going crazy, I'm 2 wks post op and I can't sleep at night bcoz of the pain, I don't think I can trust my original ps to explant them as he is more known for BA. I don't have enough money to explant eith so I'm hoping I can get a loan or just a ps that can sympathize.

Aug 24, worst day of my life

I got my implants on Aug 24 thinking I would look better in clothes and finally be able to throw away my padded bras, my bf was very against it but my mom was supportive since shes into plastic surgery, the day of my surgery I was scheduled for lipo and implants I became hesitant about the implants and asked for a new quote but the receptionist told me to just do the implants so I won't have to pay for anesthesia again if I decided to get implants, well I listened to her and honestly I shouldve gone with my initial instinct and that was that I was ok with having no boobs, I think we all have red flags but we don't pay attention to them...well the ps started marking me and everything felt rushed I specifically told him I wanted to look natural I didn't want to b more than a C and as for lipo I only wanted my back and arms and wow when I got out of surgery I felt like I was dying, I fell so much in pain for 4 days finally when I was able to see myself since my mom was showering me I saw incisions that didn't make sense, well a wk ago I finally saw my ps and he admitted that he was trying to contour my waist to make me more beautiful I cried for so long and asked him why if I was fine the way I was and he replied with "oh you were ok with being fat well I can add more fat in you that's a fast procedure its easy" wow this ps has some nerve all the nurses came in and said omg u look so beautiful now, look at u you have a tiny waist look how u were before compared to now, nobody understands that thats not the point, I feel violated, I don't feel like myself I'm in this body that I don't recognize anymore all I asked was for my back and arms not an entire contouring of my body, I also honestly think he added fat on my hips because they look fuller but he denies this, I compare pictures from now and before n I don't look the same, I'm so devastated that this happened to me, I ask why me, why me, I have already had bad thoughts and I attempted suicide at 20 and I honestly dont want to go back to that dark place again its so difficult to get out of that state of mind...right now I feel disfigured and im not sure I even got a good lipo job as I have much rippling but through all the threads I've read on here they said its normal and itll subside in 6mths so I have hope for that, as to the implants I don't feel like myself now I have huge boobs with a tiny waist and huge hips I look like a cartoon character, this was not the look I wanted, ever! Now I want these implants out but everyone is telling me not to make an impulsive decision and to really think things through, I will see a therapist about this so I can just prove to them that this is the right decision, I feel like I did make the biggest mistake of my life with these implants, what was I thinking my bf loved me the way I was, I don't know why I thought implants would make me look beautiful on the contrary I feel ugly and I can't even stand straight bcoz I'm already ashamed of them, I don't want anyone seeing me with them, I quit work and I'm an emotional wreck, I'm already stressing over bills since I have to recover for 3-6mths and I want these implants out now, I don't want to wait 3mths bcoz that will set me back awhole lot and I have no idea how I will get by if I can't work. My PS can do the explant for free I will only pay for anesthesia but would you trust him? After going through all of this I'm not sure if I can trust him and him having the audacity to call me fat and not say sorry and admit it was his fault is not good at all, he even told his nurse to give me inflammation pills so I can see the real results sooner and to. See what a good job he did, well he said to take 2 pills for 7 days they were in a lil baggie with no real instructions and the first 2 pills I took 2 days ago I felt like I was on a drug, I had cat eyes, pupils dilated, I kept clenching my jaw, my room was spinning and distorted I don't know if this ps is trying to kill me bcoz he knows what he did, I never asked for him to lipo the areas he did, this ps is in mexico and I live in ca, you can tell me what you think, I am now looking at ps that specialize in explanting since I need someone that can put me at ease that I can nurse since my incisions are on my areola and now if they do a 2nd incision again I feel like I will have complications nursing if I ever have children...i dint know why I ever thought of implants in the first place, my bf loved the way I was already, why did I think I can be better, honestly plastic surgery is not for depressive people, I'm so devastated by all of this but thankfully I have my bf that cheers me up and he always tells me that I need to remain positive, if I think I will end up deformed that I will end up deformed that the mind is a powerful thing, which I agree, but the implants I need to take them out asap!!! I just don't know with who and how. If anyone is in the los angeles area please guide me, thank you.

Sept 25 consultation with Lavinia Chong

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by her staff and there was no wait time. I immediately met with Dr. Chong and had almost a 2hr long consultation. Shes a very sweet lady, she answered every question I had and I never felt rushed. I did let her know that I wanted to explant as soon as possible and she was positive that I will look similar as to pre ba. She also wants me to make the right decision and wants me to consult with other ps, this is a real Dr. that cares about her patients and is not in it for the money. She wants everyone to be mentally prepared. I did voice out that I have a therapist and that my therapist advised me to explant since I felt strongly about it. Dr. Chong wants me to come back in 2wks since im only 5 wks post op to make sure I'm 100%. I can book for Oct 17, 22, 24 I think I'm going with Oct 17. My bday is coming up and I at least won't be stuck at home resting, I can't wait til this nightmare is over.

As for the lipo, she did say it looked like I have irregularities, that I might have internal skin burns, but all the sensations that I'm feeling are normal, at first I was devastated because of the parts he had touched and contoured, and all I did was cry, then I started noticing discoloration and thats what Dr.Chong is talking about the burns. I thought wow im never going to be able to wear a bathing suit or cute backless shirts, then I started feeling pain and ripping of the skin, stiffness, and burning. I can't make certain movements and definately would not be able to touch my toes. So it has been a roller coaster of emotions, first, I hated my body, then it was about my skin, then its about my health so what we need to learn here is do you want to look good, or feel good. I think I shouldve thought about this when I stepped in the ps office I shouldve just accepted my body the way it was, no boobies, fat arms and back, this way he would've never had the chance to touch me in places he shouldn't have, this has become a nightmare.

All I want is to be able to move and stretch like I use to, I became a very athletic person in March and lost 40lbs thats y I opted for lipo on arms and back bcoz they were my problem areas. The minute I found out this supposed ps contoured my body, I felt that he took that away from me, he took away what I worked so hard for. He lipoed my flanks he contoured my waist making me very small at the waist and I come from big hips, this is not my body. Everyone is telling me to just accept it, nothing can be done, and its true, but I am devastated at the other consequences I am dealing with, burns, excessive removal of fat, discoloration, no movement, stiffness, numbness. I'm tired of this nightmare, I just want to disappear.

Consultation for scar tissue massage

I have a consultation to find out if scar tissue massage is right for me as to the lipo, has anyone had a scar tissue massage, if so please comment. Also I made another appt for my explant with Michelle Spring, I just want to have many 2nd opinions as possible because nothing seems right. I just wish I could turn back time and never did this to my body. But I have to remain positive and just play the waiting game for everything to be back to normal, thats all I really ask for, I just want to feel normal, and not confined to my bed 24/7.

Also I'm 110% I want to do my explant with Dr. Chong and I tried to book for Oct 17 but unfortunately shes booked :( now I have to wait til the 22, or 29 I'm a lil bummed out I'm not going to lie, I was excited to have a count down already. Nancy the administrator will call me back to give me a date tmw, I'm crossing my fingers someone has canceled for the 17th, I'm very superstitious and that date was calling my name.

Oct 1 Consultation with Michelle Spring

I was greeted and welcomed into a very nice office, I met with Tami the assistant and she was very nice, I then had my consultation with Michelle Spring but only for 10-15mins about explant. And she didn't really want to give me a full lipo consultation because she says it is too early, which I completely understand but I know that if she touched the areas she would know if it feels right or not specially since I assume she knows what to feel after certain time. Even though she was very polite and answered questions that I had she wasn't very informative and never once told me what to expect and the fact that she didn't quite bother to ask me any questions to know her potential patient bothers me. Perhaps because now I have had a consultation with Dr. Chong who met my expectations and had a 2hr consultation with her. I also met with the patient coordinator Katie who was really informative about the financial part of it, of course right, well she gave me a pamphlet of all their services which I was really impressed by and she gave me a certificate for a facial, which clearly I need it after all the stress and anesthesia. My face has never looked so bad in my life. Does anyone have that problem after surgery/anesthesia? Well even though Marina Plastic Surgery office is huge and have many good reviews I have to feel safe and have to feel that they care about me. I almost felt like a cow in the assembly line. Next! lol And there prices are a bit high but not extremely. So...

Scheduled explant surgery with Dr. Chong its official!

So with that said I immediately called Nancy the administrator for Dr. Chong's office to schedule my appointment. I know ill be in the right hands with Dr. Chong and her staff is extremely helpful and they answer every question I have and tell me what to expect, I never feel rushed with them. I wanted to have surgery on Oct 17 but unfortunately it is booked and she did say that there is 1 patient that hasn't confirmed so I'm hoping I can still get that date but as of now I booked for Oct 22. I'm a bit nervous and excited because its official I put in my deposit and I have to go for my pre-op Oct 7, thats 6 days away! Ill be counting the days from now on :)

I'm feeling very depressed today

Even though, I have my family and bf that tell me everything will be ok, I have my doubts, I feel like I am never going to be back to my old self and I'm never going to accept the new body I have. I keep asking God why me, why did this happen to me, I have gone through so much in my life and I dint understand why another extreme disappointment is happening in my life. I cried for 2 hrs last night and I couldnt fall asleep, everything was hurting, the breasts and the lipo areas...i just want to b normal, I dont think ill ever feel normal by all the scars that I have on my body. Why did this happen to me, I still dint understand why me?! I dont understand how I can be positive one day and then the next day it changes. My emotions get the best of me, I hate being stressed and depressed. My hair is falling off so much more than ever, I mean chunks are coming out and I have acne that I never use to have. My skin is so dry and I'm starting to get dandruff never every in my life have I suffered from dandruff, I'm not sure if this is because of the anesthesia. Did anyone experience this? I just hope everything goes away, if not I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel so lonely, not like myself, I had changed so many things about my life and I'm back to square one. I was happy full of life for the first time, and everything changed in one freakin day. How could that be, again why me?! :'(

Im tired of feeling depressed so now im getting help

Ive been crying in pain for so a month now and I think ill just be at peace if i take myself to the hospital so i can have a ct scan or mri or whatever that is necessary to understand what is going on with my skin. I found out on liposuction.com that you are prone to get necrosis if you put foam under ur skin, which my nurse put on me and i kept for 4 days now im concerned if this is the case, i really hope not as i read horrible stories about it, so now im just going to take action about it and find out if i have anything wrong with me before i start to meltdown again. Please pray for me, thank you.

On another note today my bf came to visit despite that i told him to get away from me, he said he wont give up on me, that he will love me no matter what i turn out to look like. I felt much better after i talked to him for so long almost 3 hours gosh I love him so much.

Pre-Op appointment with Dr.Chong

I think I asked about a gazillion questions but she was more than happy to answer them and was smiling the whole time. She talks to me in spanish which Im totally impressed, her spanish is better than mine! So my right breasts looks like its baker II and my left breasts looks like its bottoming out which I totally agree before the left one was the one that was higher but has dropped too much making the right breasts very small and round, its very firm, the left one is a lil bit squishy. Also I am so worried about the muscle being distorted after, so she made me flex and she believes my left breasts flexes more (I cant explain it) but it sort of goes out more, its possible he might have cut one side of the muscle bigger than the other.

I asked about the capsule she said if its thin their is no need to take it out but if she sees its a lil rough she will score it. She strongly believes that I wont need a capsulectomy though. Also, if the muscle seems to be cut too much she stitch it.

She did warn me about puckering of the nipple because the nipple has gotten use to the implant that its nice and pushed out now that the implant will be out and since the scar will be in the same place it can scar more making it pushed in, also my breast will have a deflating look but it will improve overtime until the breast attaches to the chest wall. She did put me at ease once she said she will try her hardest for me not to have that puckering effect. She will take her time in doing the stitches so I will have a nice clean line/scar. If that were to happen though, I can have a scar revision down the line. So Im praying and keeping my fingers crossed so that wont happen.

Overall, Im very happy I chose Dr. Chong she is so sweet and calming.

Consultation with Dr. Stuart Linder

I'll make this short because im tired and frustrated of being depressed and I just want to stop thinking about it. POSITIVE THOUGHTS POSITIVE THOUGHTS! At least thats what I tell myself even though I got bad news.

I had a consultation appt with Dr. Linder, im sure if you live in los angeles, ca you know hes very famous for being on Dr. Oz. So, I told him my concerns about my original surgeon Raul Gongora in Tijuana, Mexico, who turns away his patients, so I wanted his opinion. He right away knew what was happening with my breasts, the implants were not placed in the right pockets. The left is too wide, and the right was too tight making me encapsulate right away on the right breast. So indeed, I have scar tissue already and it will become worse so he suggested to take them out, the sooner the better, which is what I wanted in the first place. I knew something was wrong the minute the swelling started going down. So listen to your body ladies. I still will be doing my explant with Dr. Chong.

As for the lipo, I know this is a breast implant removal blog but unfortunately they keep taking my lipo story out because it doesnt meet guidelines. Today will be my 3rd attempt on putting my story up. Anyway, well he saw the areas and right away he said this surgeon did not follow the rule. You have to be able to pinch 1 inch of fat at least, and I have none, in his words, he said "he oversuctioned you waaay too much" He really did aggressive lipo, and he wouldnt even recommend fat grafting and the minimum that I can wait my body to heal is 1 year. Basically my body went through so much unnecessary trauma. Everything that I am feeling is not normal at 6 weeks. His patients feel soreness only for minimum of 6 days. And then can compress for 6 weeks. Not 3 months! I kind of think of it this way, compress for 3 months so you wont have the chance to get your money back and if your results are bad, oh well.

So, there it is, i just let out a big sigh, I wish I could turn back time, but unfortunately I cant. So I just have to be patient and hope that my body quickly heals and my nerves awaken. I have no fat on my flanks and so much scar tissue build up and tunnels from the cannula, empty spaces, dents. It feels so horrible, I cant wait to be normal again. :/

On a positive note, my family, friends and bf love me for who I am not for what I look like. I will just continue to pray things can look better in time.

Bday present Oct 17 is my new removal date

So my bday just passed and I received a phone call regarding my appt on the 22nd Nancy knew that I wanted an earlier date so she wanted to know if I was willing to accept the 17th at short notice, to me it seemed like a bday gift, I can't believe ill be counting the days now.

I got my lab results back but I have an infection from my previous surgery I have to start antibiotics tomorrow til the day of the surgery. I don't feel nervous anymore I kinda just want to get it over with.


I will be brief since I'm on pain meds, I will update my review thoroughly when I can type away :) but I really have to say this was the best decision I made for my body I feel so happy and I have no regrets. I had more procedures done than anticipated but I believe and trust in Dr.Chong because my breasts changed dramatically from the time of preop to today.

I believe that even if my implants were placed right and I never had complications I still would've gone through with this decision. They never felt like me, I never loved them.

Thank you for all the ladies that have replied to me and have given me the strength to keep going, I specially want to thank a realself young lady that gave me a wedge pillow to sleep comfortably and a letter with a heart stone for good healing vibes and for a speedy recovery. That was such a nice gesture, this is a very kind-hearted woman. Thank you!!! I'm so glad I came across this website if not I would be lost now.

Well I will be updating and posting pictures soon. :)


I know I said i would be be updating on how the surgery was but right now i dont feel i have a clear positive mind to do so. All I can say is I had a capsulorrhaphy on my left breast since it was bottoming out meaning it was below my crease and on my right breast I had a capsulectomy because i had capsular contracture. I had ultra high profile 415cc round implant from the card i received from my first surgery. My incision was done through the nipple again.

1st day felt pain more on left breast then right breast, took pain meds and fell asleep most of the day.

2nd day I had more of a soreness and felt uncomfortable doing anything, from lowering my pants to go to the bathroom from brushing my teeth. I was very scared because I had a drain on my right breast and i accidentally pulled on it once and it was so painful. I had my followup and everything looked fine, of course the usual flatness on top was there like everyone talks about i didnt really care looking much at my breasts because i didnt want to be disappointed. The nipple to the right look caved in but i didnt put much thought into as i know im healing.

3rd day no pain just discomfort and soreness

4rd day a bit of itchiness didnt think much of it

5th day follow up, today oct 21 and my left breast is infected, i have yellow pustules all over my breasts, i didnt want to see it because i didnt want to cause anxiety as i suffer from it, i also didnt want to cry, Dr. Chong showed me the incisions in the mirror and at least they look nice, a bit less caved in.

I pray and I pray and it seems like my body hates surgery all I want is to heal to feel normal, I sit here and I cry of why did I let this happen to me and how i wish i was on this site more before breast augmentation and had came across breast explantation and women who hated implants all i got was positive things about BA. I distorted my body and im not sure how i can live with this thought.

The 2nd day after surgery my lipo job started hardening i feel very stiff as i cant do much movement. Im not sure if that is whats causing the stiffness i feel like i have logs of wood on my back and waist. I feel so uncomfortable i cry so much and i cant help it, I already pushed my bf away, I can feel it, im bringing everyone depression. I keep telling everyone that I would be ok if the first surgeon hadnt touched me in the places he didnt have. But unfortunately everyone tells me that it wouldnt have happened if i didnt think about changing my body at all and thats a cruel awakening. I cant believe those words "changing your body" hit me so hard. I never thought of it that way. I never thought that i was natural and i should remain that way.

I am in hell right now, I just cant wait to the moment i feel normal and able to do things on my own or i dont even know if there will be such a moment. I was having positive thinking all along and then this happens and its like another setback. I just cant help but cry and think im all alone in this situation, this was my fault for listening to others stories about breast augmentation and thinking my story would be a good outcome. Everyones body is different and even the women that want to explant and see others outcome doesnt mean it will be yours, you have to be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. I still dont regret explant i feel so much better without those huge plastic balloons on me. I just regret ever messing with my body.

I can clearly tell you this because of me, so i have an infection now what? Well my Dr will send a culture to understand what infection it is, but she did tell me that it happens rarely but she has seen it in other patients but it wasnt even an explant it was something about a tummy sometimes sweat glands cause these pustules. It would make sense since i havent showered in 5 days since i had the drains. I can shower today but i have to be very careful not to cross-contaminate my left breast with the same towel on other body parts.

During those 5 days I was with the ace wrap and never opened my bra because i didnt want to see my breasts and be disappointed. I think now if any of you explant and have drains even though you cant shower you should check yourself to know if everything is looking normal. I think i might have gotten this infection when i had the itching which was yesterday. I hope it clears, I really do, I just dont understand why so many terrible things are happening to me.

Im very envious of people who get to go to work everyday who get to laugh who get to be active. I wish i was in that place again where nothing mattered just my health and my laughter. I use to laugh so much, I use to enjoy wrestling with my dog and none of it is possible becasue of what happened to my body, i feel helpless. Nothing will ever be alright, i just pray that i have strength to keep going, i dont like that i have pushed my bf away but hes the only one i can tell my true feelings to, my mom doesnt understand and my brother doesnt understand either so im left to tell my bf everything and i can understand it might be overwhelming for him to have to deal with me and have to put on a fake smile at work because i stress him.

I dont know what to do anymore, i feel like im losing myself all over again. I cant find me.


I just wish I had my body back but I will never have it back and as time goes by I know my body will change anyway, if i ever gain weight, if i ever get pregnant, and when i start to age but right now its so difficult because im so young only 28 and this wasnt suppose to happen this way, i feel violated, in a sense raped. If only, if only i could turn back time and never gave in to vanity and my family.


I feel 100% relieved that the implants are out, explant was the best decision i made, i just wish i never got them. Now i have to put up with any complications from this experience. I wish I had the courage to take a picture but it looks really bad just google pustules and youll see what they look like, its a scary look on my breasts. I just really do hope its only that, an infection, and that it will clear as time goes by. I dont want permanent scarring or having to deal with another surgery, please God heal me and give me strength.

IM BACK to accepting myself

I had such a scare and was panicked at what I saw, at least right now I feel at ease and on my way to positive thinking, positive healing. I had to shower so my first thought was that I was going to break down and cry and feel worse because i was going to see my breasts again. My bf is so supportive and hadnt seen my breasts since explant. He said he was coming to visit no matter what and so he came helped me undress I was so scared to show him so I told him im sorry i ever did this to myself and he said "its ok I love you no matter what. Your mind is what turns me on not what you look like. And you push me away with your negative thinking so please stop, lets make some rules, and he starts writing on my mirror 1. Be patient 2. Remain positive 3. Listen/Ask 4. Take care of yourself body + mind 5. Dont overreact/overthink. I take a huge sigh and take off my bra he looks at the infected area and says i think ive seen that before. Dont worry youll be fine. Remember stay positive. I wanted to ask him what he thought but i was so scared. So I just jumped in the shower and afterwards I came to my mirror and kept repeating "stay positive" "stay positive" and looked at them without being afraid of them overall they are my breasts now and some way i have to accept the new me. somehow I stared and stared and they werent that bad its just the infection that made it look scary. I was very afraid to turn to my bf and ask him what he thought so i held back once again.

I finally had the courage to ask after I told him to put the ointment on me and asked him if he thought they looked good, hes very honest and he said my right breast looks similar as to before just more relaxed like the distance from the armpit down to the crease and the left one does look beat up. And the nipples looked caved in for lack of better words but that its just that, a nipple, and with time who knows theyll look better as they heal. He said it doesnt really matter to what they look as long as things are healing normally and that i finally got rid of those implants. I know he will be the only one looking at them so I told him if he could live with me looking like this, and he said once again, YES just please remain positive. Gosh I feel so mcuh better, I think I torment myself when I have no one to talk to, im glad hes there for me.

Follow up

So far it looks like my breast skin only had a rash and overtime the Dr reassures me it will clear. Now its ok to stop putting the cream and I'm clear to sleep on my side. I'm not clear to raise my arms yet, I still have 2more weeks until I'm out of the woods from getting a seroma. I have to keep compression with my sports bra and cannot wear a normal bra yet. I wouldn't want to anyway because the incision areas are very sensitive and wearing a tight sports bra makes me comfortable. I am experiencing a lot of muscle contraction when I'm cold or when I yawn or stretch. Its a very uncomfortable feeling and sometimes causes pain. Dr tells me this is to be expected up until 6-9mths :/ reason is because once the muscle is cut, its cut, and their is an empty cavity that needs to settle. It amazes me that our chest muscles are used for many things, example. when we open a bottle, when we pull on doors, carry things, our chest muscles are attached from our neck down to our mid arms, so expect discomfort once you explant. I never put much thought into this before BA and nobody really talks about this feeling when they have a BA. Awful! Wish I knew that a very delicate part inside our bodies was going to be cut and there is no real repair if you ever decide to explant. When I decided to get a BA I was under the impression that the new silicone implants are for life, not necessarily, they have to be replaced if you have complications which can clearly happen at any time. I was 7 weeks out and I was already developing cc on my breast and bottoming out. I'm so thankful to have found a surgeon I can trust and I'm looking forward to accepting my small breasts.

1 MONTH post explant

I had a follow up on Nov 8 and everything looked fine, I have another follow-up in a month. So far, I am able to lift my arms now, I still cant fully do it comfortably to stretch but I know in due time I will. My chest muscles are so weak, I still have discomfort when I try to open a can or pick up something heavy. My breasts still have that pink color from the infection, I cant wait til it looks like my skin color, ill be posting up pictures when it completely clears. I began to massage 1 week prior to my follow up with Bio oil, I see lil improvement in the nipple area and praying it will get better with time. They finally dont feel so much lilke jello. I was cleared to wear my bras already but I find it to be more comfortable with a tight sports bra. It does encourage the muscle to go back to your chest wall. Do any of you still have problems with your chest muscles? It seems like my muscles go crazy when Im cold. Does that happen to any of you?

Update at 6 weeks

As I previously posted that my left breast looked beat up, well it has changed quite a lot, the skin has retracted and the skin doesnt feel so lose at the top. My right breast however shrunk in size I knew it would bcoz of the swelling but not so much than the other breast, it is way smaller than my left breast. As i was searching for answers it seemed that CC can distort your real breast tissue. I asked my surgeon if because we removed part of the capsule in that right breast it looks smaller, she said no however because the scar tissue hardens it can scrape the breast tissue losing some. Since I have seen so many women go through so many changes with their breast even at 6 mths, I am hoping I will be one of them and hopefully it wont be the case that I lost breast tissue. I have no idea how I can disguise it when going out any ideas? I have tried the push up bras and padding more on the right but the cleavage still looks different, still more volume on the left.

My areola incision is still pulling in, and underneath it, it feels like a rock, its so hard because of the scar tissue, any ideas how I can detach the scar tissue from it? I have tried cupping and massaging with oil, I dont see much improvement, I dont know if with time ill see a huge improvement, I have to remain patient. I think this is the part that upsets me the most, so after reviewing my breast augmentation pictures, it looks like my original surgeon cut into my areola more than he should have not around it how it should be, so practically since my incision was still opening up and was fresh my explant surgeon had to go under the same incision, since implants stretch your areola area when the implants were out it made it smaller and part of my areola was lost. It wouldnt be too obvious if the damn scar tissue decided to let go though, because thats what makes it look "eaten" for lack of better words. My bf still doesnt get bothered, he made me really happy when he said if nothing works out it will be his lil secret and that he will pay attention to them regardless, he loves the natural me, of course without that lipo job I received, Im still incredibly upset about that and the healing process has not been fun for that, so just know that Im dealing with other issues not just the explant. I have tried my best to only get my feelings out as far as the explant and not my other surgery so you can get a better understanding of what life after explant is like. I dont want you to get mistaken if I'm feeling depressed. I still love the decision I made, but oh so hate instagram and clothing websites, wish they used models without implants. Since I had implants, its crazy how I can detect them now. For example, after going through instagram pictures I say "oh yeah their fake, oh that one too, fake, fake, fake, and yup once i scroll down to the comments their it is girls asking for how many ccs did they get and what type of implant and whos their surgeon because they want it. I was so naive back then to think "wow her boobs are so nice and round wish i was born like that", real breasts have a slope, they are not hard and round at the top, they bounce, they are soft, now if you use padding you can definitely make them look rounder and bigger but they should still jiggle lol. Reading more and more reviews makes me believe that we were idolizing something that isnt real, we compared ourselves to fake breasts without knowing it, well some of us at least. I never really payed so much attention to my breast until now. Which brings me to examine myself, ladies now that these things are out, we can be active and always be aware of any changes in our breasts.

As to the muscle distortion, its getting better. I was able to carry my dog around but not so much better to exercise yet. I tried doing 1 push up and OH NO what a bad idea! It felt horrible, I dont know when I can get over the uncomfortable feeling, do any of you do crossfit? Im eager to know if actually putting your chest muscles to work will decrease the discomfort. Its very weird, but when I yawn I can also feel it, my surgeon wasnt kidding when she told me the chest muscle is attached from the neck down.

I wish I could get in contact with her, she has an incredible story on why she decided to take her implants out. She does HIIT workouts and I cant believe how active she is after her explant.

Also, I totally forgot about this part, breast sensation and color, after getting BA I lost sensation to my breasts, after explant i can feel my own touch to my breast again, the nipple area was overly sensitive after BA and now it is normal. Now about the color of my areola. When I first saw them they were darker, the way they get dark after pregnancy. I completely have forgotten to ask directly why this happened even though I have done my research and read the informed consent. So it seems it has been through a lot of trauma and scar tissue can make it look darker since contraction over a smaller area is why the color "appears" darker. Any of you have this? I do see it has lightened up a bit but still not the pinkish brown color I use to have. Now, if they dont go back to its original color are any ladies here with dark areolas that can make me feel good. I feel weird having dark areolas.

I straightened my hair the other day and it seemed that my chest got sore because of it, Im hoping with time itll get better. Well, I think thats all I have to report for now, Ill be posting pictures next week so you get what Im talking about.



To those of you who have had implants for a very long time I think most of you talk about having a concave part but its how our breasts are naturally. Since I didnt have implants for too long I didnt worry about them to fill up at the top that much because we all have that slope anyway they only look full with bras. Just thought I would share this with you.

3 months post explant

I am 3 months post op and I never went back to Dr. Chong for a follow up, mainly because I was in too much pain, not from my breasts, but from liposuction. Harmful procedure, my advice is to stay away from this procedure, refer to my liposuction review.

I can finally say my chest muscles feel 10x better than before, but not 100% to what they were before surgery. My muscle still flutters in the cold, but its not as severe as before. I can finally raise my arms and fall asleep on my stomach but their is still soreness. I tried doing a push up, but I can feel the muscle shifting, its uncomfortable. When I flex their is distortion on my breasts. The scar tissue band that I had under my right breast has softened and no longer is visible. I used suctioning cups. When I bend over my left nipple looks like it adhered to the underlying tissue (caved in). I can drive now. The areola remains dark and puffy. My right areola looks less caved than the left. The left areola seems to still pull in from the incision. I massage from time to time with bio oil. Also, at first I thought I had my sensation back but now after months, I actually don't have any sensation. I touch my nipple and it is very numb. I don't think I have much hope that things will get better but I will keep updating.

I believe the shape of my breasts are almost to what they were before, just a bit smaller but the size of the areola and color is very different. They are dark and puffy, even in the cold. It looks as if they are swollen, the incision site is still sensitive. My advice if you are looking to explant, is if you want to avoid your nipples appearing different or caving in choose the inframammary fold incision rather than the peri-areolar, but also know that you will instead have a visible scar on your breasts if you don't have much breast tissue.

I have attached many photos, as you can see I had a terrible infection but as time went by it cleared. It is now pinkish in color. My left breast was oddly shaped right after explant but got better with time. I don't think they look similar but everyone has asymmetry. Even though I am not happy about my nipples, I can truly say I feel 1000x better without those implants. The best part is that I can lay on my stomach with my tiny breasts. :)
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