36 Years Old. 325 cc silicone under the muscle, Los Angeles, CA

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I got 325 cc silicone implants when I was 24. I've...

I got 325 cc silicone implants when I was 24. I've had them for about 12 years. The day after the surgery I felt that they were too big for my body. I'm 5' 4" and back then I weighed 115 lbs. shortly after the surgery my body started to rearrange itself and I really didn't like the change that was happening. I started to look sort of matronly. No matter how hard I work out or how little I eat, somehow I won't go below 135 now. I had to stop jogging because it hurt my breast right after the surgery. 12 years without running :( the real problems started around 4 years ago, I started having shooting pains down my right leg from having to slouch to cover the boobs. I had an incredible fatigue come over me and couldn't get my thoughts together. My breast have been really painful to the touch. Overall the implants have given me physical, emotional and psychological problems. I just want them out. We finally have enough money to get it done and i have an appointment set for this coming Thursday. The surgeon who put them in will take them out. He suggested local anesthetic to get them through an incision under the breast, but that freaks me out. I also read so many of your stories and it seems to be the right thing to get the capsules out too since i had silicone implants. He suggested we go through the aerola again and that scares me. I'm scared that it will hurt my breast tissue and I may not be able to breast feed, if I ever to get pregnant, which so far has been unsuccessful. I'm blown away that I did this to my own self! My husband also never saw me without the implants and is cautious. Your stories and pictures keep me going, I'm so grateful y'all shared your journey and I'm can't wait for these things to come out!!

Then and now

2 days!!!

Had my pre-op yesterday and it was draining, but I'm getting closer to my date. I have been anxious every day, having a hard time breathing. But started to read The Naked Truth from dr Kolb and It gives me peace about my decision. I just want to make sure I get everything out of my chest! Oh, girls! I'm holding you all in my thoughts and prayers! I know we are doing the right thing! God bless!!

One more day!

I'm so excited for this to finally happen! This time tomorrow they will be gone!

Also I gotta say I had an extremely hard time finding bras :( found nothing in: target, Ross, Macy's. Finally found one in sport chalet in size L so it may not be as snug as I'd like after the implants are gone. I also ordered some from Amazon, yet to arrive. I'll give a follow up on those. Hopefully I'm covered with one of those.

I got grocery shopping done, still need to cook up some meals. And now back to clean the house and change beds while I can!
Stay positive ladies, God loves you where you are!

2 days post op

Hi lovely ladies,

I'm starting to feel better today. I actually feel a lot better than I thought I would. The operation went smoothly and dr Corbin did great. I'm very thankful for him. He really didn't think the capsules needed to come out, but was willing to do what I wanted and I'm truly grateful. Dr Corbin followed up with me the next day and I actually was pretty fine then. I had a pretty tight wrap around so we don't have to have drains, but I felt it was so tight I needed to call dr Corbin to see if we can loosen it a bit later in the evening . He promptly called back and gave us some instructions that were truly helpful. The first two days I was basically loopy going in and out of sleep pretty much the whole time. Last time I took painkillers was last night and I've been ok since then. So I'm a lot more alert today. And could finally remove the tight wrap. I also got a glimpse at my breasts and they are pretty ok. My nipples are doing a weird thing but I'm sure with time it will get better. I'm very glad I went through with it and couldn't have chosen a better surgeon!

4 days post op

I'm 4 days post op and yesterday looked more closely at my breasts. I had an en-bloc removal but to avoid having drains they wrapped me around very tightly. It really worked and I healed up very nicely already, but as I looked at my boobs I all of a sudden remembered all those reasons why I got the boobs 12 years ago. It was surreal. I prayed that I will have acceptance over my body no matter how it turns out before the surgery, but I wasn't prepared to feel so critical. I wish I knew that a variety of feelings may come before acceptance. My nipples are still curling downwards and obviously I'm not liking that too much. I did hear that there's a way to help that with massaging, but I'm not sure how long after surgery you can start that and how. My appt with my doc wil be Wednesday, hopefully he'll have some insight as to what can be done.

3 weeks post op

Hi sweet ladies,

I've been very busy getting better and getting kids ready for the new school year :)

I had my 3 week checkup today and my doctor was pretty positive about how I'm healing. The scar tissue around the nips are getting looser and I look a little better. He said I can resume my workout which is incredible news, I missed pilates so much!! And I can swim again in the ocean. Yay! I can start wearing different bras finally and don't have to wear one at night. I can't sleep on my belly yet, nor crazy workouts such as running, but I'm happy to get a little normal again. I do have muscle pain still and stiffness in the left breast, also my boobies are extremely sensitive, but I hope it will continue to heal.

Hope this helps and big hug to you all!

5 weeks post op

Hi ladies!

I can't believe it's already been 5 weeks!!
Things are going well, slowly healing. Tenderness is still there, but gets better every day. My range of motion is a lot better too, I'm waiting for the day when I'm completely well. The left side is still hurting more, and the muscle soreness is still there. When I flex it does a really weird thing. I took some pictures so you can see. I'll have another check up in 2 weeks, I'm going to address it with my doc.
Hope all is well with you all!!
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