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I am beyond thrilled that I made the decision to...

I am beyond thrilled that I made the decision to remove my breast implants. I will have the procedure in just over a month and can't wait. I have had them in for 10 years and while I liked them in the beginning as a full C they got bigger and bigger as I gained a bit of weight and now as a 32F I feel like they are taking over. I'm 5'3.5" and without the implants my weight was around 110. Now My weight is closer to 120 because of the implants. I want to feel thin again and not like I'm lugging around a couple of weights in my chest. They are sexy but I decided I didn't want to get another implant. I just hope they are not too droopy after they are out.


I do have some fear of removal but after so many positive reviews on this site I feel so much better about having the explant in 4 weeks. My doctor agrees I should have the explant but some days I feel like they are fine and I will miss them. Before I had BA I just didn't know how to feel sexy but now after having them for 10 years I think I will know that's it's not about the size of my breasts that make me feel sexy but all in how I'm thinking about myself, my consciousness. I'm so ready for this! Thanks everyone for posting your stories! :)

Before & After BA - Explanting Soon

More Pics w/ weight gain

3.5 weeks until explant

I am counting the days to get these implants out! I started a new job in the last month and scheduled to take off Jan 23rd, Thursday (explant day) and Friday and then have the weekend to recover. Will this be enough time? I work in an office so it's not that strenuous but I need to get dressed and look normal. I haven't told anyone in my small office (just 3 of us). They will probably notice that my boobs are gone. I just don't want to draw too much attention to my boobs and take a lot of time off to recover. Did any of you go back to work so soon?

Before Explant

Before Explant

Before Removal

Before Removal Pics

Feeling Great

I really feel blessed and happy. I haven't taken off the surgical bra yet but I took a peek and I'm happy. I I feel and look lighter and my boobs now fit my body again. When I got home I slept off the anesthesia medicine and I haven't even needed to take a pain pill. So happy. So worth it.

So happy

I had my 1 day follow up today and am so please with the results. I feel no pain except for a little discomfort around the incision from my bra. I was even able to run some errands. I'm going to take it easy the rest of the weekend and will head back to work on Monday. I feel so much better that I had them removed. It took implants to make me appreciate my real boobs so I'm happy I had them but wish I could have just appreciated them from the start. C'est la vie!


I day post

I am very happy I have breast tissue and actually still fit into the same bra I wore to the doctors office on explant day, just less stuffed. I feel like I can breath much easier and look so much better in clothes. Seriously a great decision.

Still feeling great

I had my explantation on Thursday Jan 23rd and went back to work on Monday. I feel amazing and so much lighter and look a million times better. Knowing I don't have implants has given me so much more confidence! I alway felt fake with implants. I'm a natural girl in my soul and I felt like a fraud. This site is the best, so glad I got to read so many journeys and see pics of such beautiful results. I'll post another picture of my progress soon.

10 day update

11 Month Update

Hi, I just wanted to share that I'm feeling great and so happy with my decision to explant. I am back to myself and feel like I can finally have a relationship with someone. I was so self-conscience about my fake boobs that I didn't want to have to tell anyone. Now I feel free! Best decision!
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