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Hello everyone, I have thought about getting...

Hello everyone, I have thought about getting fuller boobies for a long long time. I finally have a consul with Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills in a few weeks. I just want to talk about size with him and the different types if incision. I'm certain I want him for my surgery.

Just wondering for you girls, how did you pay for them? I don't want to drop $8000 at once.


Im currently about a 34A and hope to be a full B to a small C.

until next time =)

Some pictures

wish boobs

a few wish boobs... i really don't know what size i want. i keep changing my mind

had my consul with dr. kim

my consul was pretty easy, i went in knowing i would want dr. kim to do my surgery. i just had a few questions such as bottoming out and about the different incisions. i think i'm going to go with the size, medium C. i read in other reviews on here that dr. kim was cold or what not. i didn't feel that way at all, he was to the point and honest. he even joked around with me, which caught me off guard haha

i even saw a model that i recognized while i was in the waiting area, which completely sealed the deal, because her's look amazingly REAL and NATURAL. nowwww.... i just have to wait until janaury, to see if i need my hip surgery =( if not... boobies it is =) can't wait to feel and look good

low profile or mod plus?

hey girls,

i was trying to find pictures of low profile breast implants cause its supposed to be the more natural look. curious where can i find photos or what do you girls think? low profile or mod plus?
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