Nursed 3 Kids and lost volume

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After nursing so long I wanted to regain the...

After nursing so long I wanted to regain the volume I once had. Went moderate so I could look natural. My goal was to dump my padded but keep the look of it. My surgeon recommended 375 but it looked huge in the sizers. I am 5'8", 125 and athletic. I had a C Cup originally and a B/C cup after nursing. I chose silicon for feel and look. Also told on thin people saline can ripple more. My procedure was yesterday and they look just like they did when wearing a bra but without one. I did feel the tug of "boob greed" once I sew them done but I am happy that it is subtle. I was wanting to keep it to myself and hubby so I think this was the best size choice.

Day of Surgery

My surgery was yesterday. I was not too nervous at a! The week before at my preop I finalized things and paid the balance and I was feeling very nervous then. But yesterday I knew I just had to do this. I knocked out easily and came home without much pain. My nurse recommended just doing a 1/2 pain pill every 4 hours. Since I have my kids and work to do I didn't want to be a hero and just took the pills. Sleeping was awkward because I'm a tummy sleeper.

2nd Day

Less pressure today. Left breast hurts more than right. Right actually fine. I can move my arms a lot more than expected. No pain pills yet this morning. Still not very hungry but the last two days sooo thirsty. I was told not to take off bra and peek until day 3 so one more day until reveal. Then I can post some pictures.

Day 3

Wow! Feeling great. I am glad b/c so many people on the site were having such a hard time I almost didn't want to go through with the surgery. I am going to take it a bit easy today b/c I know a lot of people had trouble day 4. Yesterday I was up and about doing light household chores. I only took 1/2 a pain pill in the morning. At 1:40am I woke up and took two Tylenol. The sleeping on my back has been totally not fun as expected. This morning I took 2 more Tylenol at 9am and that's all I needed for the little twinges in my left muscle. Planning on continuing housework and life today but resting here and there. I'm still suffering from a little "boob greed" I think just because of not knowing what things will look like at the end of swelling, dropping. My hubby said that they look just right and if I had added anymore they would be very fake looking for my frame - so that makes me happy. Oh, and I can move my arms fine and have even changed my shirts several times. Pushing up off the bed was hard, but this morning I was able to do it with relative ease. Otherwise just roll yourself out!

Day 4

Wow. Recovery has been really great! I am sorry for everyone who had a lot of pain, but I want to post my good experience for a contrast, b/c I had some serious doubts going in after reading some of the blogs. I took my first shower today!!! Hooray! My right side is totally normal feeling and my arm has full range of motion. My left side is sore at the muscle but when I took off the pads I saw that my surgeon had made sutures way past the nipple line. Maybe that's why there's pain on that side? I'm bummed there will be a scar line there, but that's just kinda between me and hubby. Hubby loves them! He says I look exactly like I did in college before the kids. That was the goal so I feel good with my choice. They seem small compared to some boobs on the site, but I think they do just what I wanted - put me back to the full 36C I was before kids. I don't think anyone will notice in clothes b/c I've been wearing the padded bras, but now in bathing suits or when I'm alone with hubby they won't disappear anymore when the bra comes off. I feel happy that I can still be athletic. I took only 2 Tylenol's yesterday and did lots of housework. Today I'm trying to go with nothing. Pics coming soon.


End of the 4th Day. Some pain on stitch line but didn't need any pain killers. Swelling already going down. Maybe too much? Hard to say. Guess they will fluff out a bit after a couple months. Here's some pics.

Day 5 resting up

Okay I way over did things. I am a teacher and I packed up my whole classroom yesterday. Bad idea. Also this tight surgibra is starting to squeeze the life out of me. Lots of heavy bruising on the whole band line. I realized I'm used to the feeling of hardness from nursing but when I was preggers the boobs took a few weeks to come in and you adjusted to the weight gradually. With implants it is just there and I'm feeling impatient with the weight of them. But I also have hope that im just going through that day 4/5 slump I noticed when i read blogs and usually by day 11 those people were happy again:) looking forward to post op to remove sutures and find out if the bruising is fine and if things look good. Would also love to get the Okay ti start manually pushing these ladies downward!

I think Day 6?

I'm losing count lol, but my post op is tomorrow so it must be Day 6. Feeling great! Even getting used to the weight of the implants. Last night I realized the sides and bottoms of my breasts of course felt soft and normal, but the tops are starting to drop already too I think. I spent some time lamenting not going with the 25ccs bigger and then I got over it because really, what can I do? Lol. Plus, even before I did this (before kids) I got asked all the time if my boobs were real (they were) and people commented on them. So they really don't need to be any bigger than that - and that was 36C and where I'm at. I think it's just a feeling of you went through all this maybe they should be giant. haha. But as hubby said, I wasn't trying to become about my boobs, I was just trying to go back to old me. If I had more up top I think it would look rocking naked but too much in clothes. I guess I'll just still buy push ups when I want a little extra - I was hoping to ditch those forever, but it sounds like even the DDD's still get 'em :) No pain at all today. Zipping around like normal doing whatever. Even moving toddler around a bit.

Happy Post Op!

Sooo - I went to the post op today and got the stitches out! yay!! and great news - the long stitch lines I was worried about weren't actually sutures - they were just the string taped up for the nurse to pull on at removal time. The scar itself is tiny and already hardly noticeable. I was super happy. Everything looking good. My surgeon is very lenient and said I can just use any sports bra I'm comfortable with. Thank goodness, because that surgery bra was squeezing the life out of me. He also assured me that the bad side bump swelling is muscle and should go down within 4-6 weeks. Let's hope 4 weeks since that's the fourth of july and pool party time! No pain, no pain killers. Boobs already feeling softer. I'll post some new pics soon.

3 weeks out

Hi. I'm on vacation so I haven't updated.but things are going great. I have some jiggle, swelling going down at muscle bump, I can sleep on my side or stomach, full arm range. The only thing I don't do is lift my toddler. That's still got me worried. I saw a bunch of people I used to know and felt totally natural around them and like I always did with my padded bra even though I was wearing a thin sports bra. My surgeon Okayed any sports bra or sleep bra I am comfortable with. I wore one thathat was more relaxed one day and could feel that I was a little sore so I'm doing sports bra all day. In the morning they are stiff but that wears off pretty fast.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was great. I was feeling self conscious going in but he made me very comfortable. I had heard he was "gentle" in surgery and so far on my recovery it seems that way.

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