400cc silicone unders. Best Decision ever!

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So I've been doing research on this site for the...

So I've been doing research on this site for the last couple of weeks; going through pictures, articles and reviews like a woman possessed. I've always thought about getting breast implants but never gave it too serious of a thought because I figured the timing (with either work or finances) might never come up. Well that time is here!

Tomorrow is my 1st consultation and I'm so excited I can hardly sleep. I'm going through my wish pics (I'll upload another day as they are on my laptop) and doing more nervous research. I have a good idea of what I like but I'm also open to the expert opinions of a PS.

I found this interesting picture that kind of shows the subtle difference in placement/shape that I thought I'd share because I think it shows what I'm going to attempt to describe to the doctor tomorrow.

That's not the PS that I'm going to but it actually had some great before/after and shape pictures.

I know I have a long way between consult and actual surgery day (3 months!) but I'm very excited about tomorrow! Which is what prompted me to finally put up a post. Hoping tomorrow goes well.

1st Consult

First let me say that I felt like a little kid at the plastic surgeon's office, super excited. Everyone was very friendly and the doctor answered all of my questions, I had a list of concerns written down. I have very realistic goals about my outcome as I know I already have asymmetry as well as a little extra breast tissue from a small extra nipple (yes, I'm getting it removed at the same time). I've had these (almost) B breasts for the last 15 years and I am super excited to get up to a large C/full D.

I had originally come into the consultation thinking I would like to use an implant around 300cc to 325cc, after doing my extensive research on this site. However, when I got to try the sizers I loved the look of the 375cc's! I think I may even want a little larger, as I know they will look smaller under the muscle. I tried on the 425cc's (they didn't have 400) and it just wasn't for me. Too large and I felt like it inhibited my movement. Lol.

I feel like I should do my due diligence and get another consult, but I was comfortable with the doctor and he gave me the straight answers I was looking for. I had previously researched him online and liked his work. I have a couple friends from work who have all gone to another doctor, and I'm wondering if I should just go check him out so I feel like I've done my shopping around. Hmmmm.

I came home and now I'm even more excited than ever. I have a few months till my surgery and I know I can't keep looking at boobs pics every night, sitting on the couch while my boyfriend watches TV, but its so exciting! I just can't wait till I feel comfortable without a pushup or padded bra. After I get my surgery the girls are coming out!!

Photos from today's sizing

I wish these pictures came out better. I felt so happy with the sizers on and thought the 375's looked great. But they came out a little flat in these pictures.

2nd Consultation

I went for a 2nd consultation today, just because I felt like I needed to do my due diligence. And surprise! I liked this doctor and felt a connection with him that I did not feel towards my 1st doctor. His methods of measurement and subsequent explanation made more sense to me and he seemed more comfortable with my particular situation. Both doctors came to the same conclusion about what size I would need so I guess I'm explaining what I want well enough. Super excited! Even though I'm still a couple months a way.


Just booked my surgery date for October 26th and I can't wait!

Paperwork and Rx

Just received a packet from my Dr.'s office. Information forms and prescriptions to fill... Kind of daunting to be honest. Gonna read over all of it with a glass of wine this weekend. :)

Forgot to add this earlier

Can't wait to take a bunch of "before" pics so I can compare them to all my "after" ones. I'm probably going to try on every bathing suit I own!

Hello from the other side!

I know it's the meds but I'm feeling great albeit like I just did 1000 push-ups. Everything went great, no nausea or anything. Can't wait for the healing process to start.

In love.

I'm a little over 7 weeks out and I couldn't be happier. I love my results. It's been an interesting 7 weeks. It feels like you have growing pains; different muscles felt weird week to week. And I was hyper sensitive for a few weeks. But the dust has begun to settle (and my boobs too!) and I'm seeing great results.
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