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I've been wanting a BA since I discovered that my...

I've been wanting a BA since I discovered that my real breasts weren't coming in. I'm 5'6" and wear 36B BUT Victoria's Secret employees says I'm actually 40A.
I'm physically active and currently in medical school so recovery and affordability are top priority. A natural appearance is also a must! I come from a very conservative family who has openly opposed plastic surgery.

I've had one consult 3-4 years ago with a surgeon recommended by my friend. I went into the office with the hope of upgrading to a C-cup. When I asked the PS his opinion of what would be proportional to my wide frame, he said D. After that I buried the thought of having the procedure done for a number of reasons - getting my bachelor's degree, my family's disapproval, and hoping that working on my self esteem will save me that couple thousands of dollars.

Over the years, I got into shape but I still wasn't happy. Then I finally decided that I'm tried of hating my body. I reconsidered getting a BA. But then I couldn't find the plastic surgeon I had that first consult with... uh oh! I was referred to another surgeon by another friend... who had HORRIBLE reviews on various websites.

So I turned to Real Self. I've scheduled one appointment thus far, awaiting on a couple other surgeons to respond. I plan on getting it in a year.

Please send positive vibes and tips my way

I've settled on a surgeon!

My first consult was in 2010 and, obviously, it didn't go well enough for me to go through with the procedure.

I had three consults scheduled for December 2015 and, as the fates would have it, I only went to one.

Dr. Andres Taleisnik was great. He paid more attention to me and was more practical + informative than the first PS I saw. Plus he is very responsive to e-mails - I'd get a response within a few hours!

So here's the update:

1.) Tubular breast... is apparently a thing. And I have it. I've always wondered why my itty bitty's were disproportionate to my wide frame. Its a benign malformation. He showed me Google images to demonstrate that I was not alone.

2.) Breast lift. Never have I imagined the need for a breast lift... because I didn't have anything TO lift. But Dr. Taleisnik explained that if he just put implants in, my nipples would be low/face downward (all goes back to my tubular breasts).

3.) I told the doc that I wanted to be proportional... definitely need to balance with the butt and thunder thighs. He said he recommended 350 cc. Instead of putting a regular implant over my breast, like my first PS did, he brought out a special shaped implant (had an indentation for my real breast). He put this implant over my breast and then the gown over, so I can visualize.

Because I'd have a breast lift now, Dr. Taleisnik explained he'd have to bring two different sized implants into the operating room too - one smaller (300 cc) and one bigger (400 cc). He told me to give him images of what I'd want and he will try to achieve that look with the appropriate size.

He said 350 cc should bring me to a C, but he can't promise cup sizes because those vary by brand. In my head, I was already aiming to have a full C/small D but I always like to take professional suggestions into account.

I've been e-mailing him with questions and he replies within a few hours. That's so great!

I plan on having the surgery later this year (2016) when I have a break from my studies.

Wish boobs pics!

I'm planning to have my surgery late August! I can't wait...

Day 1 Post-Op

Yesterday I had my breast augmentation with bilateral concentric mastopexy done by Dr. Andres Taleisnik. During the pre-op appointment, we agreed upon 350cc BUT Dr. Andres notified me that he'd bring other sizes into the OR because the lift would change the shape/size of my natural breast. In the end, he went with 400cc because he believed that it would give me the look I was hoping for.
After the procedure, I was very groggy and sleepy. The staff and my fiance had to help me put my clothes back on and assist me into the car. I didn't get car sick but I felt every single bump and turn. I had to take shallow breaths because it would hurt if I breathed to hard. They were NOT exaggerating when they warned me it would feel like an elephant on my chest. My fiance had to help me get out of bed. I had some chowder that night, after which I felt nauseous but was able to keep it down. It was painful to walk.
Dr. Andres called me later that night to check up on me, reminding me of my medication, and assuring me that I can always call/email if I had any concerns.
That night I woke up every hour - not necessarily from pain, mainly because I forgot to take my sleeping pill.
Now, almost 30 hours after the procedure, I can get out of bed on my own (slowly!). I had a protein shake for breakfast... but I threw it up. I had a bagel for lunch... but I threw that up too. I'm hoping I'll have better luck with dinner.

Day 2 Post-Op

I can eat meals without getting nauseous! Car rides are a little better but still gotta be careful with bumps and turns. I can walk at a faster pace. My chest and abdomen are a tad swollen but barely noticeable under my baggy clothing.
I had my first post-op appointment today and Dr. Taleisnik says everything looks great.

26 Y/O Med Student, No Kids; Tuberous Breasts Are Gone!

I wanted a balanced look. I have a muscular lower body and wide shoulders but barely any breasts. I have always felt unfeminine. I felt like puberty never happened.

I had my first consult with a PS in Beverly Hills in 2011 but was unimpressed. After that, I decided I would have to deal with my insecurity. Four years later, that insecurity never left and I was tired of hating my body. I searched through RealSelf and found Dr. Andres Taleisnik. He had great reviews, great results, and he responded quickly to my messages. I met him in December 2015 and communicated with him several times before finally having the procedure done in August 2016. That man is an artist. Fifteen days post-op and I feel and (although not completely healed) look fantastic! I finally feel like a real woman.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Living in Los Angeles, there are literally hundreds of plastic surgeons nearby that I could’ve gone to for a breast augmentation but decided to drive to the OC for Dr. Taleisnik for several reasons: *Communication – he’s absolutely great at it both over e-mail and in person. I waited several months after my consultation to have my surgery; within that time period, Dr. Taleisnik addressed all my questions very hastily – most of the time, he responded to my e-mails within a few hours (even on weekends!). In person, he has such a friendly and caring demeanor. Even though he had many patients to see, he didn’t rush through the consultation at all. He made me feel comfortable and was very thorough in his explanations. He spoke to my fiancé after surgery (while I was still knocked out from the anesthesia) and instructed him on how to care for me. That night, he called me personally to check up on me and remind me of my medications. In the days following, I was able to text/call for any urgent concerns to which he responded immediately. *Results – Before contacting him, I liked what I saw in the before-and-after photos on his profile/website. Dr. Taleisnik operated on women of differing body types and ages, and had given them great outcomes. They all looked natural and symmetrical. I was particularly impressed by correction of conical-shaped/tuberous breasts, which is a deformity that I had. Now I, too, am a testament of his skill. *Skill – Dr. Taleisnik has quite the amazing resume. And I’m not just biased has a fellow UCLA Bruin (ok, maybe a little). As a medical student, I appreciated his detailed explanation of the procedure and recovery. He was actually the one that informed me of my breast deformity (the plastic surgeon I met years prior never even mentioned it). He explained that a simple augmentation wouldn’t get me the results I was looking for – I would need a lift as well. He also explained that he would bring in different-sized implants into the OR (300cc , 350cc, 400cc) and use the appropriate one (since the shape of my breast after the lift cannot be predicted beforehand). At the consult and pre-op appointment, we agreed that 350cc looked like a great fit. After the procedure, he told me he used 400cc because he believed it would get me the look I desired. He was right, naturally.

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