Body by The Best in the West aka Dr. Hughes! 10 month post-op - Los Angeles

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Hi girls, I have been looking at reviews on this...

Hi girls, I have been looking at reviews on this site for about two weeks now. I have learned so much and have become convinced that I want to get a BBL, the twist is I'm getting my nose done as well. I decided to write this review because this process can get very overwhelming, and I see that there is a lot of support here. You ladies providing all the support and feedback are amazing!

So right now I am at the stage of trying to find the right PS for me. I have consulted with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Dass, I am scheduled to see Dr. Hughes this weekend and I am also trying to see Dr. Afifi and Dr. "J" (Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad).

About my consultation with Dr. Bruno:
I have seen great results from Dr. Bruno on this site and his before and after pics are great. I was able to get an appointment very easily and soon. The day of my appointment, his assistant Mary called me to confirm and gave me instructions to valet park, I was running late, but they were very understanding and accomodating. When I arrived to my appointment I was greeted by Mary, she is extremely nice and pleasant. She immediately scorted me to a room and handed me a goody bag. She then proceeded to tell me about her own BBL experience, which she got 2 months ago, and may I say Dr. Bruno did a great job on her. Shortly after Dr. Bruno walked into the room and I was immediately pleased with his sweet personality. We discussed what I wanted to get done and he told me what he would do for me and took his time to answer all my questions. The one thing I did not like was that he suggested I gain 5 pounds, and after I told him I wanted to get as much volume as possible, he suggested I gain 10 pounds :-(. At the end of the consultation I saw the patient cordinator, Marisol, she was also very nice and gave me a very good quote, better than I expected, but I still wanted to keep my options open, I was almost convinced Dr. Bruno was the right Dr. for me but I believe in considering all possible options before making a decission.

About my consultation with Dr. Dass:
It was also absolutely easy for me to get an appointment with Dr. Dass, and soon as well. His patient cordinator, Leslie is amazing, prior to even going for the consultation she took quite a while to tell me (over the phone) a lot about the procedure and about Dr. Dass. The day of my consultation I was running a few minutes late but they were very accomodating. I was very pleased with Dr. Dass' demeanor and his approach as to what he would do for me. Right away he told me I should not gain any weight, when I asked what would happen if I lost weight (since I just got back to working out) he basically assured me that he could still give me the results I wanted with my existing fatness (my own words lol) and even if I lost some weight. He also had a little better approach in reference to my nose. I think Dr. Dass was a little more confident with the results he could give me, whereas Dr. Bruno was a little more hesitant to reassure me that he could give me that big butt I'm trying to get. Oh I almost forgot to mention he did Leslie's BBL about a year ago, and the results are amazing. So far, I love Dr. Dass but since I will also be getting rhinoplasty, he is a little out of my budget, he basically quoted me $3,800 more than Dr. Bruno :-(. So my search for the right Dr. continues.

I would greatly appreciate if you ladies can give me any feedback as to any of these doctors. I will be posting pictures soon and I'm excited to embark in this journey and continue to share my experiences with you.

Pre-op pictures

I just wanted to post up some pre-op pics, hopefully they'll be way different than my post-ops

Debating between Dr. Dass and Dr. Hughes - Beware long update

My consultation with Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad:

I found Dr. J through a Google search since he has not received any reviews here for BBL. The results in his website look really good, I would say among the best I have seen. It was fairly easy to set an appointment with him.

He has a beautiful office, you know you are in Beverly Hills! As soon as I arrived I was greeted by a very nice lady, I filled out paperwork and was immediately escorted to a room, I was given a gown and Dr. J came to see me after just a couple of minutes. He is super sweet, nice, charismatic and knowledgeable. I told him I wanted to get a BBL and rhinoplasty at the same time, but he said he did not recommend it and asked me to choose which one I wanted to do first. I was not expecting to hear that so I asked him to just do a consult for the BBL. He took a look at my body and warned me about the loose skin in my stomach, which I was also warned about by every doctor. He examined my frame, skin, and explained to me how he would shape me up, he was very confident that he could give me very good results. He then proceeded to show me before/after pictures on his iPad of girls with bodies similar to mine, this was extremely helpful because I could get a better idea of what results he can give ME. He told me that this procedure is becoming very popular and he does several each week.

I asked him what he thought of weight gain in order to have more fat available. He said I did not need to gain any weight, but he recommended that I not lose any. He brought up a good point, he said that he is a physician first, and as a physician, he would not recommend weight gain because the fat is not only going to go to the areas to be lipoed, it will also be going to undesired areas, organs and other tissue, definitely not healthy. He said that the weight gain certainly makes it easier for the surgeon, but it's not at all necessary, it just gives them more work.

Dr. J was very informative and made sure he answered all my questions, I felt very comfortable and confident about his skills. I then saw Daria for the quote, by this point I was so impressed with him that I was scared to hear the quote, but surprisingly it was $1,550 less than Dr. Dass. The only downside was that he would not do my nose at the same time, and I have my heart set on doing both. Daria asked if I needed to finance and offered to help me apply for carecredit, but I told her that I had to think about it. She was understanding and did not try to pressure me at all. She is very professional and very knowledgeable as well. I called her a few days after with follow up questions and she was extremely helpful.

The last couple of weeks I have been pretty much changing my mind every day. I went from completely eliminating Dr. Bruno, to reconsidering him, and I finally eliminated him about a week ago. I do believe he is a great choice but I am much more impressed with Dr. J and Dr. Dass.

Two weeks ago I was convinced I would go with Dr. J, because even though he won't do my nose, I still would not be able afford both procedures with Dr. Dass. But then last week I received a follow up call from Leslie/Dr. Dass' office. I told her I was probably going to get my BBL with another Dr. because I got a much better quote. She offered me a discount, which threw me back to considering Dr. Dass again.

After much thinking and talking it over with my boyfriend (he always gives me the best advice), on Wednesday I decided I would choose Dr. Dass. However, I was still scheduled to see Dr. Hughes on 8/31. I have to admit a few weeks ago I started getting doubts about Dr. Hughes and was skeptical about him. Plus I've read a lot of bad things about waiting time, office location/cleanliness, rude/unhelpful staff. I guess I've always been a big believer of "if it sounds too good to be true, it is." But something kept telling me I had to see Dr. Hughes, just to see for myself and to convenience me that Dr. Dass was my best choice.

I wanted to get my consultation with Dr. Hughes out of the way in order to secure my date with Dr. Dass, so I called Dr. Hughes' office (at 3:50 p.m.) and asked if he could see me at 4:30 p.m., sure enough they made it happen. When I arrived to Boris cosmetics I was pleasantly surprised, it was nice and clean, the girl who greeted me was very presentable and friendly. I filled out paperwork and in just a couple of minutes I met the famous Dr. Hughes. Thinking back, I feel I went in very confident that he was going to reassure my decision to go with Dr. Dass but boy was I wrong!!! He was very warm, charming and down to earth, he started by going over my medical history and when it came to finding out how I knew about him I brought up all my doubts and concerns about him. He was very open to hearing my concerns and talked me through them. We even joked about me being one of the doubters here lol. I immediately felt very comfortable with him, I asked many questions and he made sure I understood all his answers and everything he was explaining to me. He has no problems doing my nose as well, which is a big plus. At one point I brought up Dr. Dass, since I know he used to work there and he immediately said that he was a very good doctor, that made me gain much more respect for him. You can tell Dr. Hughes is very smart, he KNOWS his stuff and is very confident, I think some people might think he is cocky, but I just think it's confidence, there's a big difference between the two.

After he made sure he went over everything, he walked me over to Heidi's office, the patient coordinator. I was not a very big fan of her… She seemed confused/disorganized and was very pushy, I don't like that, I have not experienced that in any of my other consultations. Thankfully, Dr. Hughes was still around and came in to explain her my quote, and he told her not to be pushy lol ahhhh gotta love him! I was a little disappointed that they do not take carecredit, I just applied for it a few days ago, and I did not want to run my credit again ? Despite this, I asked if I could come back for another consultation in order for my boyfriend to meet Dr. Hughes so I could get his point of view. I mentioned before, he gives me the best advice, but I also want his approval because he is a big reason why I'm getting the courage to go through with this. I have wanted to do my nose since I was a teenager but I never had the support. He has been so understanding and encouraging since I told him I wanted to do my nose, and more so when I told him about the BBL, of course! he loves a big booty lol. Last but not least, he is the only one that knows I'll be getting surgery, besides my sister, and he will be the one taking care of me. So I made an appointment to see Dr. Hughes again on 9/7, I will make my final decision then.

Yesterday, I emailed Dr. Hughes a few follow up questions and my wish pictures, asking if I could realistically achieve those results. He replied very quickly (within an hour), he answered my questions and said my wish pictures were not unrealistic. More points for him!!!

Today I find myself equally torn between Dr. Dass and Dr. Hughes, I'm thinking of many different factors and there are certain things I like more about one then the other. I'm going to make a list this weekend to be able to better compare and so I can be ready to make a decision on my next consultation with Dr. Hughes. I'll share next week and hopefully I'll get some feedback.

Sorry for the extremely long update but I wanted to write out all my thoughts. I'm going to start updating more often so I can keep them shorter.

Finally chose my Doctor!

Wow, I got chills just writing that title. So after several weeks of researching (every day), consulting with 4 drs, stalking their websites, getting feedback from previous BBL patients, and daily obsessing about this, I finally chose Dr. Hughes!

It's a funny thing, when I started my research I was convinced that Dr. Hughes would be the one, but I was a little turned off about the association with Boris cosmetics. So I decided to look around and consult with other drs instead. But the day I was ready to pay my deposit to Dr. Dass, something told me I should still consult with Dr. Hughes, just so I never had doubt in my mind about whether he would have been a better choice. I was able to book a consultation the same day, in fact within an hour after I called I was at his office. Upon meeting and consulting with him, I knew he was the better choice. There were a lot of factors that went into my decision, and if anyone would like me to fully set out all the pros/cons of why I chose Dr. Hughes, I'll be happy to PM you and detail why I did not choose Dr. Bruno, Dr. Dass or Dr. J, but for purposes of this review I'd like to keep it short and just say that I am convinced Dr. Hughes is the best choice for me due to his skills, education, training, experience, knowledge, results, reviews, personality, location (I work 15 mins away from office and live about 40 mins away), costs and available financing. Not to mention, he is also going to do my rhinoplasty, yeay!

Not only did I already choose Dr. Hughes, but I also secured my date!! I was surprised that they take care of the bloodwork (included in the price), I had my blood drawn, it was quick and easy, Debbie is so great, she remembered talking to me, she was really friendly and immediatley put me at ease. I have my pre-op appointment on 9/28 and now it's just a matter of waiting. I'm so excited, it all feels surreal.

Getting ready for my preop

Nothing much has happened since I chose my Dr. My obsession with research & butts has dramatically decreased, I was on RS like 10 hours a day lol. I think I was forced to stop obsessing because I've been extremely busy. But I'm starting to get excited again. I have my pre-op on Saturday, I can't wait!

I'd like to start buying the supplies I'll be needing for recovery. If anyone has any suggestions of what is absolutely necessary please let me know. I don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff I won't be needing, I rather invest that money in good garments or massages.

I also wanted to add my wish pictures, so I can keep my eye on the prize lol. These are also the ones I'll be showing Dr Hughes, I showed him 2 different ones before I fell in love with these. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he'll say he can get me anywhere close to any of my wish pics.

Went for my pre-op on 9/28, but not really...

So I had a "pre-op" appointment on 9/28, I thought I was going to see Dr. Hughes and this is when I was going to discuss in detail my upcoming surgeries, but no, I was scheduled to meet with Adam to get all paperwork in order and disscuss payment.

I did think 6 weeks was too early to have a preop, but I figured it was to make sure that I properly prepared and that there would be no hiccups come surgery time. I guess I should have asked, but it was still a productive appointment. I I did get several pages of instructions on what to do/not to do in preparing for surgery, and a lot more helpful information, which I need to carefully read and really digest. After we got that out of the way, I told Adam that I wanted to see Dr. Hughes and although I did not really have an appointment to see him, he made time to see me. It was VERY busy, ladies if you schedule a Saturday appointment do not expect to be in and out.

I mainly wanted to see Dr. Hughes because I've gained about 8 pounds (not on purpose) since I had my consultation with him. I wanted his opinion on whether I should keep them and NOT gain any more weight or if I would get better results if I lost them, afterall I don't want to get a huge butt and still have a big gut. He said it did not matter. He could still get the 5 liters out if I lost or kept the weight. So I decided I'm going to lose it. I started thinking that I need to start eating healthier and make a lifestyle change as far as my eating and excercising. I might as well start now so that when I have surgery I'll be on the right track. We have to remember that a big part of our results depends on how we take care of ourselves. We can't expect to get this surgery and to magically maintain the results if we do not follow a healthy diet and excercise regularly.

Anyhow, I showed Dr. Hughes my wish pictures, he said my no. 1 (blonde girl) has a very tiny waist, which I knew of course, but he could get me a bigger butt (YES!!!!!) He said my no. 2 is big, but is not really as great as it looks, he said it's the angle in which the picture was taken. I don't remember much what he said about the other 2, I was stuck on the fact that he said I could get a bigger butt than the first pic. Oh and I showed him another picture from another girl in RS, which he immediately recognized as his patient lol and he said he could give me those results. So I'm a happy camper.

I have another appointment scheduled in 3 weeks, I'll be paying off my balance that day and I think I'll be meeting with the nurse to go over all the pre-op/post-op instructions, but I'm going to call Adam to make sure what this next appointment is about.

Well that's it for now. Ladies please share any helpful information on what we should be doing in preparation for surgery.

12 days away and it still feels surreal

A big part of me still can't believe these surgeries are going to happen. Even though I've already secured my time off work, paid off, and gathered supplies. I think I'm making myself be in a "denial" state because I'm a highly anxious and obsessive person, so I don't want to drive myself nuts with the anxiety of the waiting game.

So I'm 12 days away (ok I'm excited, I just felt butterflies in my stomach lol), I started my vitamedica clinical support morning/evening formula yesterday, since I forgot them on Friday :-(, as well as 65mg of iron (take the feosol brand, from my research it's the best, I found it at cvs for $11.05). I am taking the iron on an empty stomach, with a glass of orange juice, it's recommended that you take it with vitamin C, but since I bought 500mg tabs and each dose of vitamedica has 375mg, I'm going to buy 250mg tabs and take the iron with the 250mg tab, this will give me a combined vitamin C intake of 1000 mg, which is what I should be taking.

I've gather some supplies but since I'm not traveling I decided to keep it to a minimum, I got a whole bunch of little things I might need only because they were $1 (dollar tree):
Antibacterial wipes
Baby wipes
Medical tape
4x4 sterile pads
Vinyl gloves
Dressing bandages
Dial antibacterial soap
Anti-itch cream (generic for Benadryl)

Supplies from Amazon, which I believe are essential:
Vitamedica recovery support program
Arnica gel

I've also purchased 4 maxi dresses from eBay from $6.29-$16; 2 sweatsuits for $20.24 each and a juicy couture sweatsuit for $34! (this one is preowned but it's like new so don't really care). I will post the links tomorrow.

I'm still on the fence on whether or not to buy the foam, to be able to sit/sleep only back seems like for some ladies it worked and others didn't think much of it. I would appreciate any feedback from those who have bought it.

I think that's it for now I would greatly appreciate you wonderful ladies letting me know if there is anything else I should be doing to prepare or if there are any other supplies I have not gotten that I WILL need.

Just when it started to feel real, I thought I'd have to postpone/cancel

I got a health scare today. I have irregular periods and hadn't gotten it in 4 or 5 months. I finally got it 2 weeks ago, and was relieved that I wouldn't have it around surgery time. But I'm still on it! It was normal for the first 4-5 days, then I spotted for over a week and last night it started flowing again! I got worried and went to urgent care. The doctor initially said I might be pregnant, or miscarrying, I felt like my heart stopped. He sent me for lab work and fortunately I am not. He prescribed me progestin (hormones) to stop the bleeding, I told him I was having plastic surgery on Friday and asked him if it was safe for me to go through with it, but he said everything was fine (my hemo is normal) and it's safe for me to take the progestin.

I was terrified at the thought that I would have to postpone my surgeries, but I was even more scared there would be something wrong with me. For a while it made me reevaluate the pros & cons on having my surgeries, but at the end of the day I kept in mind that thank God, I am healthy, and this isn't something I've taken lightly. I have done tons of research, given this more than enough thought and done careful planning, so I am confident that I am doing the right thing.

On a lighter note, I went to Walmart after and filled my prescriptions. Kaiser didn't want to fill them. But I only paid $4 for the antibiotics and $18.78 for the Vicodin... Yeay! Can't wait, it's really starting to feel more real as the date is getting closer.

Only 4 more days, I am ready!

I bought a few more items over the weekend at Walmart. Benadryl extra strength itch stopping gel ($5.46), Hibiclens (to shower the night before and morning of surgery; $5.92), dulcolax tabs ($1.98), Mederma ($16.44), frozen peas (to be used as ice packs), saltine crackers (unsalted tops), Gatorate (to restore electrolytes the first couple post-op days).

I got Protein powder at Sam's as featured in LADYB2011's page ($38.88), she stresses the importance of protein during recovery. The body needs protein to generate new cells and help skin regenerate.

I also went to the Murano home furnishings store in downtown LA, I would recommend any local ladies, or girls that will be getting surgery in the LA area to go to the store directly, you will get a better deal on the foams, and will be able to select the one that best fits you. I purchased two foams 6x26x26 at $15 each. The sales guy said they were medium density, but they are very firm. I thought they were high density but they are perfect, it does not sink yet is still soft enough to be conformable. I will post pictures once I cut out the hole. I don't think I'll be getting any more supplies, I think I am as ready as I can be, only thing I do want to get is a husband pillow, chocollota'booty, said she got hers at Walmart for about $12!

That's it for now, I'm starting to get very anxious, I finally let myself become as excited as can be, so the countdown has officially begun!

DYI Stand-up desk! A booty saver to those of us with desk jobs

About 2 weeks ago I walked into my office and noticed one of my co-workers was standing and her monitor was up high, I took a closer look and she had a stand-up desk. I asked her where she got it and told her I had been looking for one but the cheapest I have found is $350. She told me she only spent $22! She made it herself with items from IKEA. She went on to tell me that she had found it in a blog and sent me the link, which I am now sharing because I think it's an excellent idea and a booty saver!

When I requested my time off from work I told my manager that I was having a medical procedure, so after reading the blog, I immediately went to my manager's office and told her that when I got back from vacation, my seating would be extremely limited due to the medical procedure, and asked her if I could make the alteration to my desk. She told me she would get back to me and lo and behold, she not only said yes, but I will be getting reimbursed by my employer, since I need it for "medical reasons" Score!!!

I ended up paying $53.67 because I ordered an extra table and had it shipped, I didn't want to deal with having to go to the store and then bringing it in, so I thought the extra $21 was well worth it. I received the items today and our IT tech will be putting it together for me tomorrow or Thursday, so it will be ready when I get back.

I am so relieve that I will not have to worry about sitting at work, as it is my commute is between 1 hr – 1 hr &15 mins each way, I am dreading that drive, ugh….

Less than 3 days away now! wooohooo

20 hours away! And counting…

This week has gone by very fast, but I feel that I'm ready. I'm so excited, a little nervous and a little scared. I have never had any type of surgery and never been put under GA, so I am terrified, but I trust Dr. Hughes and have faith that everything will be fine.

I have been taking my VitaMedica morning/evening supplements since about 12 days ago as well as 65mg iron with 500mg of vitamin C. I started taking the bromelain and arnica (included in the VitaMedica kit) yesterday. I almost forgot to start taking these, luckily my surgery twin reminded me.

I will be taking my measurements and current pre-op pictures tonight. I have gained 10 pounds since my initial consultation with Dr. Hughes, not on purpose, just stopped working out and didn't watch what I ate, but I'm confident I'll still have good results.

I wanted to share some links to some maxi dresses and sweatsuits I bought on eBay, I highly recommend them, you will save a lot of money and they are good quality. Plus it is an excellent alternative to buying maxi dresses when they are out of season.
I purchased 2 at $20.24 each. They run around 2 sizes small, so make sure you look at the sizing information.
$16.00. This is my favorite.
$6.29. This one comes from China, so expect to receive it in 20-29 days.

That's it for now, it's almost time and I cannot wait!

The moment I've been dreading.

So it's almost midnight before my surgeries. I just took some current pre-ops and I'm disgusted, I'm disappointed that I let myself go so much. Hope Dr. Hughes can take most of it out, and give me a good mold to improve. I'm really ashamed of these pics but I want to keep it real and you all deserve to see before as well as after pictures.

My current measurements are

Under bust - 35.5
Waist 35
Hips 44.25

I'm 5'1 and weigh 165.

Ok my loves now I'm going to try to cut out the foam (will post pics soon) and then I am going to try to get some rest. I will update after sx as soon as I can type.

Made it to the other side!

Hi Dolls. Just wanted to let you know I am well. My body doesn't feel in much pain but my nose hurts, a lot. My mouth feels soooo dry, and I'm so cold. I have like 10 blankets but when I removed them for anything my body uncontrollably shivers a lot.

My mom & sister and bf are taking excellent care of me and spoiling me. I'm so blessed and know their help will make my healing better.

I feel so loved, not only is everyone spoiling me, but I also came home to find some daisies from my boss. She's an extraordinary woman. I adore her.

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. I extremely appreciate them. I will do a detailed update about surgery when I feel better.

About 7 hours post op

I'm about 7 hours post op. I feel "ok". My nose hurst a little less. My butt just feels sore like if I did a couple hundred sit ups. I'm sleeping on two 6" foams piled, with the hole cut out and tons of pillows on my back/Head. One wasn't enough lol. I can't lay on my belly cause my loser abdomen hurts if I put pressure and I feel a little burning.

I just got up and peed, definitely needed a funnel or something, I used a styrofoam cup as suggested by some vets, worked perfect. I'm standing now. Resting my boobs on the top part of the couch.

Took some pics, very hard to see the results but it is pretty big.

I can't eat, I take a couple bites of something and get so nauseous but I can't throw up :-(

First day post up

I'm officially one day post op. My sister gave me a shower a couple hours ago. It felt good, my body doesn't hurt but I feel very weak and tender. Girls take you pain pills before you take a shower otherwise putting your garment back on will be painful.

Took a peek at my body and I love the results so far. Hope I don't loose much volume :-(.

My lower abs hurt/burn when I laugh or cough. But it is so flat, it's worth it!

So I slept on the foams for a while, but then it got so uncomfortable and my back hurt so I put pillows on my recliner and slept on my belly, that was comfortable but then my back started hurting too. Now I am laying on the foams but I placed them on the floor against the couch. I will try to post pics later.

I've been standing quite a bit and walking around every few hours, that seems to help a lot.

Day 2 post op

Things started getting a little bad yesterday. I was starting to get a little fever, my head was throbbing, my body felt more sore and I had no strength, walking was a mission. But luckily we lowered my fever and I mostly slept through the night. I feel that the more I stay laying down the more stiff I get. Last night was the most comfortable so far. Still mostly sleeping on the foams in my floor against my couch, even though my butt gets no pressure I'm paranoid that I might lose volume sleeping like that so sometimes I'll lay in my belly, I feel that if I hadn't gotten a nose job, it would be more easy for me to sleep head down.

I hardly have any appetite. I've been drinking protein shakes in the morning with strawberries, I eat jello throughout the day and I had some chicken soup yesterday.

This process can be very frustrating at times and I can see why they say it's an emotional roller coaster. I just wish time could go faster. On the bright side my bf & cousins said I have a big ol booty! Lol

Day 3 post up, beware long update and tmi

Day 3 post op

I can't believe it's barely day 3. I feel like so much has happened since my last update but I really haven't felt up to typing. It's been good and bad, there are moments I feel perfect and others I feel so frustrated. There are times that I feel "ok" but I get very emotional. To top it off I got the dreaded swollen vagina and the kankles :-(

I still don't have much pain, I've only been taking the Vicodin to help me sleep or when I'm going to change my dressings.

I had my first BM, it might be nasty but ladies this is realself and that's how I want to keep it. Luckily I've been eating really good, mostly jello, soups, fruit, protein shakes, natural vegetable juice, so I really wasn't constipated, I did take 2 dulcolax which I think helped even more. When I felt it was time I asked my sister to take my garment off, I just squatted right over the bowl and didn't have a hard time at all. However, I couldn't fully wipe myself... I had read about ladies mentioning they needed help wiping and of course I thought, no not me, I'll be able to do it, but boy was I wrong. After hesitating for a few minutes and having no other choice, i called my sister and told her I needed help wiping, she's a total trooper, immediately grabbed gloves & wipes and saved me. I felt so bad and apologized but she was amazing and reassuring that it was ok. She even said damn your butt is so big no wonder you can't reach lol. She used to be a caretaker for a quadriplegic so that was natural for her.

I've been able to sleep more, and I try to get up often to walk, walking has gotten a little easier but I still waddle because my butt is tight and hard.

This evening was good. I went to my aunts house for our weekly family dinner, I saw most of my family, most knew I was getting a nose job, some knew I was also getting lipo and only 2 cousins knew I got a bbl. Everyone was so supportive and asked how I've been doing and offered to help in any way they can. We played the Mexican version of bingo (loteria) and that made me feel so much better. I had to stand all the time (about 2 hours) so I was really tired, but it felt so good to get out of the house and distract myself from recovery that I didn't care.

The moral of this long update is to stress that you really need all the support you can get, both physically and emotionally. I haven't been left alone at all since sx, and honestly I don't want to be left alone at least this week. Until yesterday night I couldn't get up or lay down without help, but I forced myself to start doing it, although it's not easy, I did it because I hate having to wake my mom, sister or bf every couple hours.

On the bright i love my body! Lol. I'm not sure how many ccs I got, I had asked for 1500ccs each and I'm pretty sure that's what I got. I wore the sweatsuit I wore the day of sx, the pants were lose and today they were very tight. I wish I would have taken a pic for comparison. But let me just put it this way, my bf had suggested I get 1600ccs each, and even he said "damn it's huge". I know It's barely day 3 and that it will change a lot, but I have faith it will only get better. Not to mention my waist, I could feel a big scoop on my sides. I can't wait to see the final results!

I'm posting a couple pictures and like many vets say, the pictures don't do it justice! I will try to take better pictures once I start feeling better.

Day 6 post op. Feeling better.

Hello dolls. I'm happy to report I'm feeling much better. Every day I see little progress. I've never had much pain it's mostly been uncomfortable.

I have slept through the night the past 2 days (I take 2 Vicodin right before bedtime) and I am able to take a few naps throughout the day. I feel most comfortable in my foams on the floor but sometimes I also lay on my belly, when I start feeling tired/uncomfortable.

I have a lot more strength and can do more things for myself. I hardly ask for any help to get up or lay down anymore. I've started getting the itches mostly in my flanks a little on my back and I get it more at nighttime.

I'm still eating super healthy (hospital like diet) but I want to start eating more varied foods. I would really appreciate suggestions on what foods I can/should be eating.

I took a shower last night and my bruising has gone down a lot. But I'm concerned about my lower ab, it seems to either be really swollen or maybe I have fluid that can't come out anymore because my incisions seem to have closed. I have my first post-op tomorrow morning and I will know for sure then.

I still think that the most frustrating part is not being able to sit/lay on back. Today I noticed my butt is not very tight anymore, it's still hard but I'm able to walk almost normal now. The swelling in my upper butt/lower back has gone down, so my butt looks a little smaller, again I think it's swelling not fat reabsorption, but it feels better.

I took a few pictures, they're not great because I was distraught about the situation with my lower ab to care about pictures. As I've said before I'll start posting better ones as I feel better.

That's it for now I'll let you know how my post-op goes.

First post op appointment

Just when I thought things were starting to get better, I'm back to feeling miserable!

I went to my first post op today and as soon as my clothes came off, Olga (the nurse) said I was wearing the binder wrong, she said it was too high and wasn't providing enough compression to my lower abs. So the reason it got bigger is because I have a combination of swelling and fluid. She tried to massage it out and extract it. but only blood was coming out, no fluid. She proceeded to put on the binder the right way and I have to go back Wednesday.

Since the binder now sits lower, it covers the top 3/4 of my butt, which I'm afraid might contribute to volume loss. Plus it feels much more uncomfortable. My mobility has again been restricted. She instructed me not to bend down, but I couldn't if I wanted to, it's so hard to move around. My body feels much heavier and it takes so much energy for me to move around. To make things worse, with the way I have the binder on, I am no longer comfortable in my foams. Plus my butt is starting to itch and it feels like its on fire.

I'm so frustrated. I almost had a breakdown a couple minutes ago, I just wanted to cry, for the first time I had thoughts of regret and wondered if this is really worth it. But I had to snap out of it because my mom woke up from a nap and I didn't want her to see me a hot mess.

I'm sorry I'm being so negative but I feel an obligation to share all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Day 8 - feeling better

I want to start by thanking those who took a moment to encourage me yesterday while I was probably feeling my worst. I don't know what I would have done without this community. Although recovery has been hard, all the support I've been given and all the things I learned in my pre-op research and continue to learn have been beyond helpful.

Now I'm happy to report that today is sooooo much better. My bf came over last night, I hadn't seen him in 2 days because he's been working 12-hr night shifts every day. I think that's partly why I was feeling emotional. As soon as he walked in the door I told him babe please just hold me, and the stream of tears started rolling down my cheeks. He talked me through how I was feeling and after a while I was back in good spirits.

I am now sleeping mostly on my belly in my recliner and I slept well last night. Today I got up and spent quality time with my bf until about noon. I've been staying at my moms house since my sx (but i live next door ), so today I felt good enough to go over to my house and cleaned up a little, since my bf stood there a couple days and of course didn't clean after himself.

I then came home took a nap, then took a shower and was pleasantly surprised to see that my booty is still there, despite my binder putting so much pressure on it. And the swelling in my lower ab went down, thankfully. I was finally able to shower myself (with minimal help from my mom). So it looks like my recovery is back on the right track.

One last thing, the binder left two indented lines across my butt cheeks, can anyone that has worn a binder let me know if this happened to them? Now I'm paranoid that this might damage my booty.

Day 10- feeling even better!

I feel so much better. I think or at least I hope the worst is behind me. I have gained my mobility back, I'm able to stand up and lay down without any help. I have more energy and feel stronger. I can walk mostly normal but I still can't bend down. I am sleeping better. I would say I feel about 80% recovered.

Unfortunately, my butt has gone down a lot, but my waist has also gotten smaller.

I felt so good today, that I did my hair and full makeup (for the first time since sx) and got all dressed up, it was my 30th birthday and I wanted to look good :-). I had a small birthday dinner at my aunt's house and I had a great time. I want to say that getting myself ready made me feel even better!

So my message today is that getting yourself in a good mindset will help you heal much faster. I truly feel that being my birthday and being surrounded by so much love and positive energy made me feel 1,000x better today.

2nd post op visit

I was supposed to have my 2nd post op tomorrow, to check the swelling/fluid in my lower ab, but I got a call from the nurse today to see if I could move my appointment time. I said it was fine and told her about my indented lines from the binder. She said to just go in today so she could take a look.

As soon as I took off my clothes she said I was wearing the binder too high, and I was, I don't know how I didn't notice. The good news is that it's much better. She took out 30ccs, which was mostly blood, it wasn't as painful as I expected. But I did have slight pain in the area for about 2 hours after and now it feels a little funny. I asked her when I would be able to ditch this binder, she said maybe until my next appointment (next Tuesday) if my swelling is gone by then. So I'm going to make sure I wear this binder right.

I was able to take a quick look at my body while I was at the office, and I'm loving it. Even though my butt went down a lot, it's starting to round out and I'm liking the shape it's taking. I just hope I don't lose much more volume. I will try to take some pictures tomorrow, my sister hasn't been around the last couple times I've showered (only time I remove my binder & garment) so I haven't been able to take any good pictures.

Continuing to improve.

Things continue to be good. I had a really hard time sleeping 2 nights ago because I stopped taking meds. For the first 8 days I would take 2 Vicodin to go to sleep and the next 2 I took Tylenol pm but I don't want to be taking meds anymore. Last night I slept much better. I did wake up every 2-3 hours, but that was good because I like to walk a little, I think it helps the body feel less stiff and it helps circulation. Which brings me go my next point, the ITCHES!

The first time Olga adjusted my binder I started getting horrible itching around my flanks, a little on my back, and a lot on my butt. I've read that means it's healing, but I told my mom about it and she told me no. She said scars itch when they are healing, but in my case I was itching because the binder was so tight and I probably wasn't getting enough circulation on those areas. Sure enough since she told me that, I've made sure I walk every couple hours and I haven't gotten any more itching. Plus I noticed the itching was worse at night, and when I woke up, which is when I wasn't doing much walking. Coincidence? Maybe but I believe it's true, besides mama is always right!

I took another shower last night and things look the same, my lower ab swelling continues to improve and it doesn't look like I've lost any more volume. I had decided I wasn't going to post more pictures until things got better and my swelling was gone, but I will, just so you can see the progress. Having said that, dolls please keep in mind that the body/booty will continue to change, please don't judge/evaluate Dr. Hughes' work yet. I'm very confident that my waist will continue to shrink, my butt will fluff and that I will end up with beautiful results.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has followed my journey and continues to follow, and super special thanks to those who check in and take their time to support & encourage me. Love you girls!

Almost recovered.

Life is little by little getting back to normal. I feel about 85% recovered. I don't think I'll be 100 until I can shed this binder, sit, & sleep on my back.

I just took a shower and for the first time my stomach & flanks didn't feel weak or tender, they do feel a little numb though. I can pretty much do everything for myself now, with the exception that I can't bend. My body hasn't changed much the last few days, I've only noticed my back rolls getting a little smaller and my butt slowly softening, not a lot but it doesn't feel as hard, I would say it feels like a well done steak lol.

I really enjoyed being out of the binder, I can't wait to be approved to wear shapewear. I had been thinking of buying a second stage garment, I'm attaching a photo of the one NYCutie (a garment expert) suggested I get, but after lots of thinking and remembering that I already owned a faja as well as some spanx and a squeem-like vest, I decided to just take these with me on my next post op & ask Olga if either of these will work. Ideally I would prefer to wear the spanx with a waist cincher on top (I would use my vest until I can get a vedette corset). But I'm open to suggestions. Hope everyone has enjoyed a great weekend.

Accidentally posted before I attached all pics

Esmi, since you can't access the link just go on the website and search for "faja josefina"

I'm free!!!

I'm free!!!

From the binder that is! I had a follow up this morning. I still have a little swelling in my lower ab, but I no longer have fluid. I took my garments and Olga said the Anne Michelle was good. I asked her if it didn't put too much pressure on my butt and she said no. I'm going to order the other Anne Michelle I posted a couple days ago (recommended by NYCutie) because I like the way the entire butt area has a lighter material and a stronger material on the bottom of the butt, I think it's a butt enhancer. I'm going to order a medium, that's what I'm wearing now. I was wearing an XL after sx so I'm thrilled to fit in a medium. I'm also going to order a vedette corset, I'll post info on both once I order them.

I finally asked how many ccs I got, and I actually got 1620ccs each cheek :-O. And yes, Dr. Hughes separates the fat from the blood, liquid & all that nonsense. So as you can imagine I'm a very happy girl today.

Changing topic, I am wondering when I should start having sex.... Olga said I could already but I'm a little scared, can any post op girls tell me how long you waited and if you felt fine after or do you think you should have waited a little longer?

First day back at work.

My first day back was great. I don't think I would have felt as good going back after 2 weeks so I'm glad I was able to take the extra week off. I tried to disguise my new figure with a puffy dress and I think I went undetected, but again everyone is doing their own thing so no one was really checking me out.

I had my DIY stand up desk installed and was able to stand all day, I even had lunch standing up, it was kind of awkward at first but then a coworker asked me if I wanted to sit, I just said that my back hurt & then we all started chit chatting and no one seemed to care. I'm lucky that people at my job mind their own business.

The only downside to going back to work was the drive. My commute is one hour each way. I was able to have my butt in the air by sitting with a neck pillow under my thighs and the big boppy around my upper waist. It was very uncomfortable but I don't want to risk losing any volume, if I can avoid it.

I am feeling pretty good overall and I would say that if it wasn't for the sitting/laying on back limitations, I would feel almost recovered. I feel I'm slowly losing a little volume each day, but my waist keeps shrinking as well and I'm still pretty happy with my new body.

A few random thoughts:

My bf took me shopping on Wednesday, I bought a few pair of jeggins and I must say my butt looks amazing in them. My bf was over the moon happy looking at how great my butt looked in many different outfits. We had so much fun, I can't remember the last time I went shopping and actually liked anything I tried on. The expressions in my bf's face every time I came out of the dressing room were priceless! He's always loved me & my body through my many weight fluctuations but there's no denying that men are more attracted to hotter bodies.

He didn't get to actually see me naked until Friday (3 weeks post op). Needless to say, we had sex, I was very careful not to put any pressure on my butt and he was very gentle, he really wanted to wait another week or 2 because he was afraid to hurt me but I had to instigate him lol. Overall my body felt good, but my stomach felt funny because it's a little numb, it wasn't painful, it was just a strange sensation.

I went shopping again on Friday and yesterday. I'm loving shopping again and it felt great to be out & about. My bf reminded me about the time I broke down, & said "see I told you it would be worth it." So future bbl sis, recovery is really hard, but you'll get through it & you'll be glad you did it. I know I'm still pretty early (to see final results) but I have hope that my results will continue to improve.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend, sorry for the long update but I had been very busy spending quality time with my bf :-)

1 month post

I can't believe it's been a month. I feel pretty good. I can bend down now, though I limit it because I feel constant bending can lead to volume loss. I'm sleeping much better. I can even say quite comfortably. I wake up a few times a night but that's normal, I used to toss & turn every hour or so when I slept on my back. My butt is slowly softening up.

Work is going good, I love standing up all day, the only challenges have been the commute & lunch time. The first day back I stood while I ate in our break room, which was a little ackward at first. The 2nd & 3rd day I ate in my truck, I kneeled in the back seat. The 4th & 5th day I ate in the breakroom again but I waited until almost everyone had lunch. Only 2 people walked in, one who knows about my bbl & the other just asked if I was even standing to eat. I said yes to build my stamina of standing up all day at my desk lol

My body is looking better each day. I feel my butt got smaller but I'm still big enough. My waist keeps shrinking and my backrollls are getting much better, I'm hoping it's swelling because they have gone down a lot. I'm really happy with how my body is turning out. Just hope I don't lose much more volume.

I am currently wearing my medium spanx with my medium vest on top & I wear a small vedette corset on top of everything when I get home from work, I keep it on about 3 hours. I'm not a big fan of it & will be buying a steel boned corset for my waist training. I've done a lot of research on waist training and that seems to be the best thing to wear. I ordered the vedette 136 (in medium) and I plan to switch to wearing that with my vest while I work and then add the corset when I get home.

Updated measurements
Before 1 month post
Under bust - 35.5 33.5
Waist 35 30
Hips 44.25 44
Weight 165 158

6 weeks post -- So happy!

Life is pretty much back to normal. I don't think I've lost much volume since week 3, I'm very happy with the size, my bf constantly tells me it's huge and so does my family. The other day my sister told me it looked perfect for my body, she said now I look very proportionate and even said she can see my butt from the front lol. I feel amazing even people who don't know I had sx tell me how great I look and ask me if I lost weight.

Dr Hughes confirmed that I can sit now but I think I'm going to avoid it as much as I can. I want to wait because I'm paranoid I'll lose volume but also because it doesn't feel too comfortable. So I'll just star sitting little by little. My butt has softened up lot, not like a marshmallow, but more like a filled up water ballon.

I still wear my spanx with vest 24/7. I started with a medium about 3 weeks ago and now I'm using a small. Sometimes I wear the vedette 136 instead, depending on what I wear. I plan to wear compression garments for at least a year. I want to keep my body molded and hoping to get my waist 2 inches smaller.

I am very happy with my results so far, I feel amazing, and everything I put on looks & feels good. The recovery was a little tough for me but it is so worth it and I would do it all over again. I'm also happy I chose Dr. Hughes. He gave me a body I would have never achieved through diet & exercise and I truly believe no one would have given me the results he gave me, everything looks so natural and I don't have any marks whatsoever. I can't even find my front incisions and the back one is hidden in my tattoo.

Sorry for the low quality pics but it was the bet I could do by myself, my sister aka photographer hasn't been around much. Will take better ones when I can.

Hoping everyone is enjoying the holiday season.


I've noticed there are several girls having sx with Dr. Hughes soon. Off the top of my head I've told a few of you what you might need, but I've finally come up with a list of everything I absolutely needed and what I found useful during recovery. I made this list with future Hughes' girls in mind because I feel the RS BBL prep list is geared towards girls that are going to the DR, I just read it to make sure I didn't miss anything but my list looks a lot different. If I had gotten the things listed there, I probably would have only used 2-3 things. For example, Dr. Hughes doesn't use drains, and the way he wraps you after sx, you get no leakage whatsoever. He gives you chux pads (which you put under your binder the second and maybe third day, depending on whether you continue to leak) and he also gives you gauze, so don't spend any money on this. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LIST ISN'T ONLY FOR HUGHES' PATIENTS. Only reason I created this list with Hughes' girls in mind is because I have firsthand experience. However, I think it can also work for girls whose Dr. doesn’t use drains. I'm not biased, I love you all the same regardless of whether you go with Dr. Hughes, or any other Dr., including going to other countries.

-Baby Wipes
-Arnica Montana 30x
-Maxi dresses (You can get some great bargains on eBay)
-Cotton T-shirts (you will need to wear some under binder, they don't have to be fitted, you can even use old ones, because they will be cut up anyway)
-Bending straws (otherwise very hard to drink anything while your laying on tummy)
-Antibacterial soap (dial or hibiclens, I got a 2-pack dial at dollar tree)
-Urinal (I used a plastic venti cup from Starbucks lol, some girls use the P-ez or funnels)
-Stool softeners (I used Dulcolax)
-Anti-itch gel/cream (I bought generic brand at dollar tree)
-Boppy pillow (I used the nursing one, it's bigger and more comfortable)
-Latex/vinyl gloves
-Feminine pads (for garment protection)
-Q-tips (to clean incision sites)
-Iron (You have to start taking iron at least 1 week prior to sx and continue for 4 weeks after sx. I used Feosol, as recommended in Dr. Hughes pre-op packet)

-pre-op/post-op vitamins. I bought the vitamedica kit but I hear/read the makemeheal kit is good as well. If you don't get any multivitamins at least get a bottle of vitamin C 500mg, and take one twice a day.
-Arnica gel
-Dressing bandages
-Thermometer (I began getting a fever at day 3, it was very helpful at monitoring my temperature)
-Neck roll (used for sitting, under thighs or for back support when you are sitting on boppy)
-Plush Robe (I wore mine every day, even over my clothes)
-Slippers (also used them every day)
-Baby powder (I was getting a rash from the binder under my boobs, the powder would make it feel more comfortable)
-Antibacterial wipes
-High density foam (if you are or will be in the LA area go to the fabric district in downtown, I got mine at the Murano store, or you can get it on Amazon, link below)
-Pick-Up Gripper/grabber/pick-up tool (you can't bend down for about the first 3 weeks, unfortunately I didn't get mine until about 3 weeks post op, however, my reach was a little limited so it was still helpful -- if you don't know what I'm talking about see link below)
-Mederma or any other scar fading treatment. (I didn’t use mine, my incisions are not very visible)
-big comfortable panties, maybe 1-2 sizes larger than normal, I couldn't fit in any of mine for the first 3 weeks, so I had to go comando lol
-husband pillow or body pillow (not necessary but it makes sleeping more comfortable)

-Gatorade (Very important to drink the first few days to rehydrate your body and restore electrolytes. I drank the low calorie one, if you drink the regular one, dilute with water 50:50 ratio)
-Protein powder (very important for cell regeneration/repair). I used the MuscleTech brand, as recommended by LadyB2011. I would mix mine with ½ banana or 4 strawberries.
-Jello (the only thing I could eat the first day, and ate a lot of it during recovery)
-Applesauce (not necessary but it's a nice snack to have the first couple of days)
-Yogurt (my mom would cut apples and mix them with greek yogurt and a little granola, it was my favorite breakfast and in fact it is now my breakfast 3-4x a week)
-Low salt crackers (helped tremendously with the nausea)
-Fresh fruit and veggies
-Chicken (you can make it into chicken soup or have it grilled with a salad or veggies)
-Low sodium soups (in case you can't get homemade soups)



Ok girls I don't want to make this too long so I'll end here for now. I have a few things I've been wanting to share but haven't had time or honestly been lazy lol. But I will be updating with random thoughts in the next couple of days. If you need links for any of the things I've listed please let me know. Also please feel free to post any questions or PM me, I'm always happy to help. Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday season. Good luck to all my loves that are having sx soon and happy healing to the newly post-op dolls!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Dolls! I want to take a little moment to stress how important it is to keep an accurate perspective of size. When I first thought of getting a bbl I wanted a nice round perky butt, nothing big. I remember my bf would show me pictures of big butts and I would tell him "ew that's too much" "too fake" "not for me". But as I got caught up with wish pics and seeing so many big butts, my perception changed. I got to the point of thinking Nikki Minaj & Coco weren't really that big. My cousins continuously tell me how huge my booty looks and so does my bf, yet sometimes I feel flat. This past week I've done a lot of reflection and I've stood away from certain profiles, most of which keep complaining their butt isn't big enough, but I think many people would agree it is. As a result I think my perception has gone back to reality and I now feel my butt is huge! I'm very happy with it and I don't know if it's in my head but I think I might even be fluffing. My butt is fully soft now, it jiggles and moves with my every movement. I love it!

So the moral of the story is, girls please don't get all caught up with getting a huge butt, please remember where you started and be happy with whatever improvement you get. I think it's very helpful to get good preop pictures so u can compare your results and see a true difference. Remember our doctors don't literally have a "doll factory", so don't expect to come out looking perfect.

I'm not being negative and I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, I just wish we stopped being so hard on ourselves and appreciate the major improvements we get with sx.

10 weeks post op

Let me start by saying that this update is going to be a bit long and might seem all over the place since I have a few things I've been wanting to say but haven't had time to update, so I apologize in advance if this makes you dizzy or if I seem like a hot mess lol.

I have a few confessions, first, I haven't worn a faja for 2 weeks now, partly because I've been lazy and partly because I became self-conscious of wearing it during an incident that happened a few days before New Year's eve, long story short I was at my aunt's house and her husband had family visiting from out of town, well my bf caught 2 of the men (whose wives were there) staring at me and checking me out excessively, and he said it was partly my fault because I was wearing my faja too tight (around the waist) with a thin dress, which made my butt look even bigger. That ruined my New Year's as I did not feel comfortable going to my family's, I knew my bf would end up picking a fight with them, it would have just been a big mess and I didn't want to ruin everyone else's time. But anyway, so second confession, I have been slacking in my healthy eating and can't give up sweets. My measurements and weight have been stable since around 4 weeks post but I do notice my tummy/waist is not as slender as it was a few weeks ago, so I need to get my act together, which brings me to the next point.

I went for my 2-month follow up this Tuesday. Olga said I looked great, she showed me my preop pictures again and wow have I come a long way! But she asked me if I gained weight and told me I need to watch what I eat and I need to start working out. I was going to wait until my 3 month mark but she said no to start already, so I'll be starting on Monday. I plan to walk on the treadmill 3-5x a week for 20-30 mins at 3 mph at the highest incline. I will start the 30-day squat challenge and plan on doing some ab workouts as well. Oh ladies, when you have your post op ask her when you are supposed to start self-massages. She told me that I was supposed to have been massaging my butt and the lipo'ed areas every day, she was adamant that she had told me before but she didn’t, I think I would remember such an important detail. So she massaged my butt and lipo'ed areas a little bit, to demonstrate how I'm supposed to do it. While she was doing that I noticed that my lower ab is really hard, so I think I'm going to start lymphatic massages once a week and also do them on my own daily. She also said I still have some swelling, which made me happy because that means that I can still shrink a little more. So I'm going to start wearing my fajas again (I have been working on a faja review, I will be posting it soon I promise)

At 10 weeks post op I can say life is pretty much back to normal. As I have said before, I adopted my stand up desk permanently so I stand at work all day. I still drive around with my boppy and a neck roll on my back because I feel more comfortable with them. I started sitting comfortably at around 7 weeks, but only when I'm in public, I don't sit when I'm at home, maybe I'm paranoid lol but little by little I will start sitting more. I don't lay on my back yet, it feels a little strange, the couple times I've tried my butt has felt a little hard, I don't know maybe I just have to get used to something being back there lol. I've mostly been a side sleeper all my life anyway so that doesn't bother me.

Looking at my preop pictures you girls would never believe that a few years ago I actually had a very nice body, so I had always been very confident about my body. I used to always walk around my house in my undies and I remember shortly before my sx my bf told me, if you like walking around like this all the time I can't imagine how you're going to be after lol. But let me tell you, this sx takes your confidence to a whole new level. Everything I try on fits well and most importantly feels good! I used to also have a very satisfying sex life before but that has also gotten better. My bf swears he is a boob man, but he has a whole new appreciation for my booty, he's always grabbing it and kissing it lol. I wore lingerie for the first time since sx this past weekend, and he was mesmerized, he didn't know where to start, his words, lol. I am so happy with my new and improved body and I don't think many other doctors could have done what Dr. Hughes did for me.

So the moral of this story is girls I know recovery is TOUGH, I've been there, it's even tougher when you had an extra procedure or 2 (in my case rhino) but I promise you it's worth it! Yes the binder is such a nightmare, I wanted to burn it! But if you wear it correctly you'll only wear it 2-3 weeks, and at the end you'll realize that the binder was your friend not your enemy.

As always, I'm here to answer any questions or help you girls in any way I can, sometimes it takes me a little while to reply but I always do, now if it takes me more than 3-4 days bring it up to my attention because sometimes I reply mentally and forget to write it down lol. Well that's all for now, stay tuned for the upcoming faja review, on that note, if anyone has used a faja they loved, please share with me so I can include it in my review (with due credit of course).

More pics that didn't attach

Compression Garment/Faja Review

I have been wanting to post about the infamous compression garments. I’m going to start by saying that I am not a doctor (obviously lol) and I am not giving anyone medical advice, I'm simply someone who has worn fajas/shapewear most of her adult life and someone whose tried/worn more than I'd like to admit lol. I'm sorry if this post seems all over the place, again, but I want to share as much info as I can.

Keep in mind that every doctor has a different technique and different recommendations when it comes to cgs. For example, Dr. Hughes uses a 3-part adjustable binder, which is to be used for 2-3 weeks following sx, he thereafter recommends shapewear. His office sells shapewear by Xess, I have heard from a few girls that they did not like it. I personally did not get that because I had an Ann Michell faja from years ago. It provided excellent compression all around, but I felt it put too much pressure on my butt, so after 2 days in that I started using Spanx (slim cognito mid-thigh body suit), with a vest on top (as seen on previous posts). This combination has been my favorite so far.

At around my first month PO, I started seeing a lot of positive reviews for the Vedette 136 (Megan). I decided to try it, I bought mine on amazon for like $46. I really liked it, it gives excellent compression (I don't think you need any squeem/waist cincher on top of this, more on this later) and the boyshort material is very stretchy so there is no unnecessary pressure on our precious booty. Now for those girls who are fresh out of sx (first month), I wouldn't recommend it, unless you get an ab board or sufficient foam to put in the lower ab area for extra compression. I also wouldn't recommend it to those who had thigh lipo, unless you wear something else, such as ace bandages to compress your thighs. I think the Vedette 136 is best for girls 6-weeks PO and after or as a maintenance garment. I only wore mine 3x because I have a very short torso (I'm 5'0) and I feel it stuck out a little bit, so I think this is best suited for girls that are around 5'2-5'6, if you are taller you might want to consider a bra extender (as I've read on a few girls' reviews)

Now the most exciting part! At least for me lol. About 10 years ago I bought a faja that shaped my body so nicely, it gave me a sick hourglass shape and actually made me look like I had a booty. I bought it off a lady that went into my office so I didn't know where else to get it. After much thinking, I remembered the name of the brand (Firm), I googled it and I couldn't find an online store. I kept trying and a few weeks ago I finally found a vendor located in Vegas. I placed an online order and got it within 2 days, but unfortunately I didn't follow the size chart. I got a 28 and it was way too small, it wouldn't go past my thighs! So I looked at the sizing chart again and it clearly indicated that if there is over a 10 inch difference in your waist/hip, you need to order a size up, I ended up changing it for a 32, I knew a 30 just wouldn't make it up my booty. They don't take returns, they do exchanges, you have to send in a $10 check, and silly me I forgot to sign the check, so it took a while for me to get the correct size. Well I finally got it yesterday and ladies, I'M IN LOVE! It makes my body look perfect and my booty looks amazing and much bigger! It has excellent compression, and it has hooks all around the thigh/crotch area so you can unhook to use the restroom, no need to take it off! I would recommend this faja hands down to anyone at any stage (however, if you have over a 10 inch difference in your waist/hip, maybe wait until 6 weeks PO because you are going to have to put some pressure on your booty to get it up). I paid around $145, the site can be converted to English, but for some reason it is more expensive on the English page. Girls this faja is worth every penny, so it's something you might want to strongly consider. Again, the brand is FIRM and the model is INTEGRITY. You can check it out at: (sometimes their website is down for maintenance, just try another day if it doesn't work)

If for any reason you feel my faja is just not for you, here are a few other suggestions, I'm listing them in the order I think they are best, please note I have not personally tried these myself but from my experience with fajas I can tell they are good.

First I will start with an explanation of stages, for those who do not know the difference, here are the two different explanations I found most useful:
First Explanation:
Stage One garments provide moderate compression immediately after surgery and may be worn for up to 2 weeks. This zippered garment with reinforced seams allows for easy application and durability during the critical immediate postoperative period. Stage Two garments provide continued healing compression and support during the second stage of recovery (typically 2-8 weeks post-op). This non-zippered, pull-on garment is sized smaller for additional support to the newly contoured body. Second stage garments also fit smoothly under clothing as patients become more active.
Second Explanation:
Stage 1 garments are worn up to 3 weeks post-op. They have hook-and-eye detail and or zipper closures for maximum control. Stage 2 garments pull on without zippers and are worn 3-8 weeks post-op. They provide all-day comfort under your clothing as foundation wear to improve skin tone and fight cellulite. Stage 3 garments are worn 8+ weeks post-op and continue to shape the body in stylish shapewear and activewear.

Despite the above explanation, I think garments with hooks and zippers also make good stage 2 garments, so here you go:
82.90 free shipping – MariaE brand - Below knee with hooks. This is a great stage 1/stage 2 garment, recommended if you had thigh lipo.
68.90 + 7.30 shipping – MariaE brand - Boyshort style with hooks. This is a great stage 1/stage 2 garment, recommended if you DID NOT have thigh lipo (unless you wear something else for thigh compression).
69.90 free shipping – MariaE brand - Boy short style with zipper. I feel this is more of a stage 2 garment, recommended if you DID NOT have thigh lipo.
75.90 free shipping – MariaE brand - Mid thigh with zipper. Another good stage 2 garment, good whether or not you had thigh lipo.
65.75 free shipping – Ann Chery/Ann Michel brand - Mid thigh with zipper. Another good stage 2 garment, good whether or not you had thigh lipo. I've used this brand, the compression and material is excellent. And the price is great.
$72.50 free shipping – FAJATE brand - boyshort style with zipper. Good stage 2 garment, if you DID NOT have thigh lipo. I have not used this brand but I've read good reviews and it looks good. Dr. Dass uses this brand…

You might notice all of these are butt-in fajas, that is because I don't like butt-out fajas, I don't like the way they shape your booty and I think it gives a fake look to it under clothes. This is my opinion of course and personal preference of course. I also did not include any thong ones because I've read that they are very uncomfortable, and I’m pretty sure they are.

Now as far as the infamous "waist cinchers." I have done A LOT of research, and I believe there is no need for us to be squeezed to death with squeems, vedettes, etc. Don't get me wrong compression is important, but not to the extent that we have been led to believe. I think the garments I've recommended provide enough compression and there is no need to wear any a waist cincher, unless you wear spanx, only in that case I would think it's a good idea to wear a waist cincher. In my research I found that there is strong consensus that the best (and only) way to properly waist train and really reduce your waist, is with steel boned corsets, here's a link to an educational video on them:
If this is something that interests you, you can purchase the corset here:
It is $79 with free shipping and you can get 15% off with offer code: Danielle15

I plan on starting a waist cinching regimen with steel boned corsets maybe at around 6-8 months post op.

I personally tried the Vedette waist cincher (Valerie). I have seen many positive reviews for this, but I feel that my vest provided more compression. Having said that, I only wore it twice for an hour or 2. I think this is best worn over a faja that might not have very strong compression or over shapewear. Many girls rave about it. If anyone would like to purchase it I'll sell it for $35, I believe it's a size 32 and it is beige, I'll pay for the shipping, including tracking. I'm also selling an extra spanx, I bought one too many, it's new, size medium, beige, $28, including shipping with tracking. Finally, I'd also like to sell my Vedette 136, it's a size medium, I only wore it 3x, it's been handwashed. Selling it for $35, shipping with tracking included. If anyone is interested PM me.

Ok girls so I'll wrap up here. In conclusion, I feel that the best brand options are MariaE, Ann Michel/Ann Cherry, and Fajate, in that order. I'm going to be buying a MariaE myself soon, I'll report on that once I do. Hoping this can be helpful, and as always I'm here to answer any questions.

4 months post

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been dealing with a lot over the past month. But I wanted to let you all know I’m still around and I plan to continue updating.

So it's been almost 4 months and I think my body is fully healed. The tingly/burning sensation in my back and flanks has greatly diminished, I still get some from time to time, which I'm sure will continue for a couple more weeks but that's about it. I no longer wear any garments. Occasionally if I want my stomach to look smoother and my butt a little bigger I wear spanx but nothing else. I don't believe my waist will magically get smaller by wearing a waist cincher. I believe the only way to really waist train is with a strict regimen of steel-boned corsets, once everything in my life is back in order (hopefully next month) I'll give that a try.

Ladies, although we are allowed to sit at 6 weeks, please limit your sitting until you hit the 3 month mark, that goes for sleeping on your back as well. I didn't really sit or lay in my back until 2.5 months. Coincidentally between 2.5 months and 3 months I had slight volume loss (1/2 inch). For a while I was steady at 44 but I am now 43.5. I don't want to scare anybody, it's just an observation I made. But I haven't lost any more volume and from what I've read whatever you keep at 3 months is permanent, so I think I can safely say this booty is here to stay! Plus it is still big. My bf cannot stop commenting on how big it is, he has cute little nicknames and I giggle like a schoolgirl every time he makes a comment about my butt, it just makes me so happy, I never thought I'd hear those things from him.

Words cannot describe how happy I am with my new body, yes body, not just my booty, this sx truly changes your whole body. I could have never achieved this body through diet and exercise. This journey is TOUGH, it comes with many sacrifices, emotional, physical, and financial but it is absolutely worth it. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Hughes, he is not just a surgeon, he's an artist! I've said it before and I will say it again, I don't think anyone else would have given me the results he gave me. I'm happy I found this site, which not only allowed me to prepare myself for sx, but led me to him. I know how hard it is to choose a dr., those of you who have read my entire review know how difficult it was for me to make a decision, but I am glad with how everything worked out.

I will be trying to take good pictures soon to do my usual side by side comparisons but for now here's a couple with clothes on so you can get an idea of how my results have kept up. Pictures truly don't do justice, my body looks so much better in person!

Ok dolls I can't think of much else but as always I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Feeling fabulous!

Just wanted to do a little update to show how great I'm doing. I'm about 4.5 months and I'm still occasionally getting a strange sensation on my flanks/lower back. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it feels like if I had on a waist cincher really tight, doesn't bother or hurt me, it just feels funny.

Other than that life is fabulous! I feel amazing. I ran into an old friend and his gf at the mall over the weekend. I last saw them a year or 2 ago. The gf immediately asked me "did u lose weight"? I said yeah I've lost about 20 pounds (I'm actually ~17 pounds lighter than preop weight). She was impressed with how I looked and asked what I was doing. Of course I said diet & exercise lol, if she only knew. And he actually asked me if I "put something in my rear" lol I said no just been doing tons of squats lol. So ladies trust & believe me that people who knew u before will know u had something done, this is actually the first time someone asks me about it, I've been getting the "wow you're losing weight" "you look good" "what are u doing" but no one had straight out asked me about my butt, I'm glad I had my poker face and didn't get caught slipping. I don't feel ashamed of having had "work" done, but I don't feel I should tell the whole world what I've done, and it feels damn good to tell people u work hard for how u look, after all I did work hard to earn the $ to pay for sx lol.

Ok I don't want to ramble, just wanted to share this to show how worth this sx is. I absolutely love the wonders Dr. Hughes worked on my body, to anyone considering the sx, I can only tell you it's the best thing u can ever do for yourself. You only live once, you might as well live in the best body possible!

5 months post - booty still there

It's been 5 months already and I'm still as happy as anyone can be. My booty hasn't lost any volume since my 3-month mark and I don't know if it's in my head but I think I experienced the famous "fluff." I am a very skeptical person and I used to believe that "fluffing" was nonsense, but I'm now a believer. My take on it is that your butt doesn’t magically grow overnight, but, at least in my experience and my point of view, I think my butt got a little rounder, meatier, and it gained some projection. So ladies, I know it's hard not to obsess, but just be patient and let your body do its thing, little by little your shape will come along.

Now let me brag, so on Sunday my bf and I were hanging out in my living room trying to decide what to do, I told him I had a new "casual" dress I wanted to wear, he said ok go get dressed. As soon as I came out the room he looked at me and his jaw literally dropped, and I've never seen his eyes open so wide lol, he was speechless for at least 10 seconds, then I turned around to show him my booty and he immediately said "will you marry me," lol ah I adore that man, he always puts a smile on my face. When we were out he wouldn't let me get too far from him and if we stood in line for something he would get behind me, he's so cute.

Also, I will mention again that you should prepare yourself for when the question about whether you had work done comes up, because trust me, it will! You should also have a talk with your significant other and agree on what you want to disclose and who you want to disclose to. As for me, all of my family knows as well as my best friend and one co-worker. Aside from them I refuse to let anyone know the truth, simply because I don't trust anyone else, and I don't want to give anyone ammunition against me. I'm telling you this because last weekend I went to a party with my bf and his friends (I'm not close to them, I only see them once in a while), I was wearing a black jumpsuit with a red belt and red heels, not to toot my own horn but I looked damn fine, the outfit made my booty look huge and my waist small. Well during the week he got to my house and told me that "someone," he wouldn't tell me who, asked him if I was all natural. I asked what he responded. He said "babe of course I said no, I'm just giving you the heads up in case next time we hang out someone asks you" then I said btw babe, I AM ALL NATURAL! I don't have anything fake in my body, I might not have been born with it but it is MY fat lol. I even told him look babe I'm like play doh, I had all this mass on my body, it was just redistributed, ain't nothing fake about that lol

I can't think of much else right now, just wanted to update to show that my booty is still holding strong, and that your results only get better with time. I hope my bragging didn't come across as my head getting too big, it's just my newly found confidence, which just goes to show what a confidence booster this sx is.

6 months post

I am sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been extremely busy and after the first couple of weeks you really don't have much to report other than to show progress. I can say I'm officially recovered. I stopped getting the tingly/pressure sensation that I was getting in my lower back and flanks at about 5 months post, and my body now feels completely normal.

In my last update I briefly mentioned how I used to think the fluffing was a bunch of nonsense but I am now convinced it is real. I have been comparing pictures at several stages and I can clearly see that my butt literally "fluffed." I think it's hard to see changes when you look at yourself every day and obsess about the size/shape, but once you take a step back, you get back to normal life and then take a fresh look, you can really see the differences. It's funny because from time to time I still think that my butt is not that big, then other times I think it is huge. Just the other day I was telling my bf about this and he made me realize that compared to how I used to be, I have an amazing butt now. So for those recently operated ladies, don't stress about the volume or shape of your butt, it slowly gets better.

I've mentioned this in a couple of comments and perhaps also in my review, I want to emphasize that you should compare your results to your own preop body. Don't compare yourself to wish pictures or other girls' results, while these doctors (specially Dr. Hughes lol) work wonders on our bodies, they can only do so much. I clearly remember Dr. Hughes telling me that he would take me my body as far as it would go, and that is exactly what he did. Do I wish I had a 24" waist and a Coco butt? Absolutely, but I know that is not realistic, at least not without several more procedures. Having said this, I am beyond happy with my results and I am determined to work hard at achieving a smaller waist naturally.

I want to remind you that it is our responsibility to maintain our results and further enhance them. I have to confess I stopped watching my diet for about a month and I quickly saw the changes in my body. I gained 5 pounds and gained 1 ½ inch in my waist. I have a lifelong struggle with weight control and I need to keep myself in check now. I did not pay all that money and went through all the sacrifices to see my body get back to the mess it used to be. So I am happy to report that I finally started hitting the gym last week, my goal is to go 3-5 times per week. I am scared of losing volume but I really want to lose at least 10 pounds. I'm doing classes that combine weight training and cardio, the classes range between 45-60 mins and I'm also doing between 20-45 mins of cardio after the class (combo of elliptical, Stairmaster and stationary bike). I'm going to take it week by week and see how my body changes.

I haven't taken many pictures anymore, but here are some that I took 2 weeks ago for my bf to decide which dress he wanted me to wear for his bday celebration. I will get my sister to take pictures of several angles soon so I can do my side by side comparisons.

I know there are several girls who've recently had surgery and several more who are having surgery soon, I want to tell you all that this is a very tough process, both physically and emotionally, but I promise you there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will have to make sacrifices and you will be miserable for the first couple of weeks, but after the second or third week time starts going by faster and next thing you know you are recovered and enjoying your new body like you would have never imagined, just be patient.

10 months post op

Hi girls sorry I haven't updated in so long but I've been busier than ever. However after the 6 months there really isn't much to report. You also stop taking pictures as much as you do in the beginning. But I'm committed to continue sharing my journey and I'm happy to report that my booty is still there! If I haven't said it before, having the bbl is one of the best things I've done in my life, I'm so happy with it, and I can't believe how many years I lived without it, wish this procedure was around when I was single & living it up lol.

I had gained a couple pounds at around 5 months but then I got my ass to the gym & lost them plus a few more. My back rolls almost disappeared & my booty was feeling amazing! Didn't loose volume, so don't be afraid to lose a few pounds. On the downside, I had to stop going for a while & I've gained 10 pounds, probably the reason I haven't taken as many pictures. But let me tell you my booty got slightly bigger & my waist is still small!

So I've been asked a few times if I added hips. I didn't. I've always had somewhat wide hips. I think my preop hips were 44" & right now I'm at 45 1/2. I had asked Dr. Hughes if I could get more, I figured it would make my waist look even smaller, but in my case he suggested against it, he said it would only make me look wider but wouldn't make my butt look bigger so that's why I didn't get any. Keep in mind though that he does do hips & from what I've seen he does them with great success.

Ok girls I can't think of much else. I'm sorry I don't have more pictures but I promise I'll post a lot more soon.

Take care & I'm still around if you have questions.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hughes is an excellent surgeon. I initially thought he was to good to be true, I was skeptical about him but he truly is the best. I went on 4 consultations and I just had a gut feeling he was the one. He has crazy sculpting skills, Ivy League education & training, experience, knowledge, consistent great results, and nothing but positive reviews. I'm so glad I found & chose him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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